Who needs this damn frying pan! Ooo yum, raw nuts…


What is the deal with this raw food craze? Whoever invented fire must die (oh wait, he or she probably already is!). You can say bye bye to foods like chicken, beef, eggs


Oh wait, that looks pretty raw to me!

Celebs like Alicia Silverstone have adopted this kooky diet because they feel it cleanses their bodies (thanks to not eating processed foods)… but eating a raw vegan diet can lead to serious malnourishment.


Whoops… I mean…

The diet is generally 75% fruits and vegetables, which is great (all you chickens out there can rest easy… well until I come along) because raw foodies love to devour seaweed, sprouts, seeds and beans.

 If you see Carol Alt, Uma Thurman or Woody Harrelson drinking alcohol, you can call them out because the raw diet also restricts this consumption.


Wait, Uma is drinking in this picture?

What’s the point of this diet? Rawists believe that heating food higher than 118 degrees will kill key enzymes and vitamins in the food they’re eating… I wonder if they go in saunas?


I don’t think they can wear these either.

So yeah, this diet sounds measly, right? Exactly… which is why many fear that people who follow this eating trend will not get the proper nutrients, which leads to deficiencies.

Vitamin B12, which is critical for nerve and red blood cell development, is ONLY found in those CUTE LITTLE FARM ANIMALS… and if you don’t eat them… you could acquire anemia (excessive tiredness and bruising) and could become neurologically impaired.

Where’s the mustard?

Not getting enough calcium and healthy fat is another problem with this diet… oh heck, there is just a whole lot of problems with this diet. If you really really do feel the need to go this route though, seek a nutritionist’s advice… not Demi Moores’!

I feel like taking my frying pan and hitting some sense into these raw food celebs! Alright, no, I cannot really tell them what to do… but I can tell myself to… sear up some steak RIGHT NOW!

I love cow


  1. Uma’s knockers look like balloons from hell! They scare me. I am a veggiebite, but I take a B12 supplement to replace what I am missing from the furry farm friends. Too many people go vegetarian/vegan without any knowledge of how to properly eat!

  2. anonymous says:

    Shit, I’d drink alcohol and start the raw food diet if I could have DD’s like Uma!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Uma looks pretty healthy to me in that picture…..not sure about her sobriety

  4. Some plants need to be cooked so we can absorb the nutrition, the cell wall is took thick for humans to break down in their digestive system….thus you will absorb more of the calcium from spinach and kale if you gently steam or saute in coconut oil…yum

  5. Lanny Creten says:

    Raw food diet is one of the best diet that you can get since it does not involve artifical chemicals on the foods that you will eat. :**’;

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  6. Alfred Wehmann says:

    Eating raw foods is natural. Our bodies thrive on all that is fresh and vital. A raw food diet (or increasing the amount of raw food that you eat) is bound to bring a feeling of increased wellbeing. –

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  7. Erin from Long Island says:

    My boyfriend eats a raw diet (except steamed veggies a few times a week). He seems to do well with it, he’s aced all recent physicals and checkups. I don’t really do it, I like proteins! After a weekend of eating mostly raw veg and a little egg white or turkey or whatever, I am usually pooping out salad. Like literally. It’s not pretty.

    • Ah ha ha ha! THANK YOU FIBER 😉

      Everyone functions differently! That’s why I hate the one-size fits all mentality! That’s not the case! I for one need animal proteins, but your boyfriend obviously doesn’t! I really do believe in the blood type diet – I am blood type O and you sound like you may be too… Blood type O = NEED ANIMAL protein! lol

      • Erin from Long Island says:

        Ah, but I am an A+ but I think I might need it according to that diet too

  8. I think the problem with the raw food diet is that you cannot get enough protein. You may get *some*, but not all essential proteins. Vegans and vegetarians can get enough protein as long as they eat complimentary proteins (hence, the beans and rice combo). I couldn’t live off the raw food diet…I’m with ya.

    • Exactly! I just don’t feel like the protein content in vegetarian/vegan diets is adequate, but of course this thinking is a cause for debate. Hemp seeds are a complete vegan protein, as is quinoa, but otherwise… I’m not buying it. lol

  9. Erin from Long Island says:

    The theory is, we need less than what Americans think they need or normally eat. IDK they also say the amino acids we need (the building blocks of protein, which we need to break meats down into) are in fruit and veg anyway.