What It’s Like To Run A Marathon Without Training AT ALL

My giraffe (read: fiance) is bat-shit crazy but I adore him more than salmon skin. Yep. I said it…

Wait… Wait… Can I have both… Yes? PHEW! Thank GOD!

He’s the type of guy that… When he wants something… He immediately goes after itIf only you knew “our story”… And below is just one such example of how SPUR OF THE MOMENT my “never a dull moment” fiance is…

I ran a marathon with absolutely no training.


I also ran it having the previous day done a heavy leg workout including squats, dips and lunges. Having researched marathon preparation post race, I discovered that my diet prior to running was a diet quite similar to what you might see on the TV show My 600 Pound Life; i.e. mixed cocktails, cake, beans and fried chicken.


What compelled me to run a marathon with no training you ask?

One word: spontaneity.

Growing up, I absolutely hated running. I was a high jumper in high school and my track coach forced all those on the track team who only competed in field events to also run at least one track event as well. Since I hoped I would slip through the cracks, there was only one event that no one had signed up for, which the coach put me in almost as a punishment.

The 3200-meter race. Two miles. Death.


I cleverly found ways to skip out on running with the cross-country team in preparation for that race, which made the races during actual track and field competitions all that much more miserable.


After high school, I gave up on running for years until I visited one of my cousins who is a competitive ultra athlete; i.e. runs Iron Mans, ultra marathons and ultra, ultra marathons. Psychotic.

I always looked up to him, though, so one early morning when he was going out for a training run, he invited me along and I agreed. We ran for an hour, which up to that point in my life was about forty minutes longer than I had ever run in one period of time. That being said, he told me that I did well, and I should start training for a marathon. My stomach was in knots, my knees, calves, and hips hurt beyond belief and I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I would never in a million years be interested in running a marathon.

running a marathon

Well, let’s flash forward ten years. In the four months prior to my marathon, I hadn’t so much as jogged to the refrigerator. I hate running. Actually, saying “I hate running” is an insult to the word HATE. The amount of loathing that I have for repetitively throwing one foot in front of the other for extended periods of time borders on repugnant.


The morning before the marathon, my fiancé (you know, the girl who runs this blog you’re on right now) encouraged me to do a leg workout since the previous three weeks, I had only done upper body and core workouts with free weights. I absolutely hate leg day, just as much as running, so I avoid it at all costs. Nevertheless, my mental strength took over and I did a 35-minute squat, lunge, and leg press workout. Now anyone who has ever done his or her first day of legs in months knows what it feels like the next day. However, before the soreness sunk in, I went upstairs and told my fiancé on a whim, “you know, I think I could run the Los Angeles marathon tomorrow, without training, in under five hours.” She looked online for articles about running a marathon with no training and found none because it’s stupid to ever think that it’s plausible. All the more reason for me to want to run it. My entire life has been lived consistently disproving people who told me “you can never do it”.

you cant do that

She and I drove to the Los Angeles convention center later that day; I got my race packet, paid the egregious $250 registration fee and then we went to a dinner party where I got drunk and ate cake.

Landon Ashworth

The next morning I woke up and my legs felt like jello. Squats pre-race, yeah not such a great idea. Regardless though my fiancé drove me to the staging area in bumper to bumper traffic at 4:30am (because she’s the BOMB). I stood in the queue, waiting for the starting gun and without stretching, warming up or eating anything for breakfast; I started the race off at a seven-minute mile pace for the first five miles.

Los Angeles Marathon 2016

I finished mile 16 without ever feeling any type of pain or exhaustion; however, my mile split time slowed down by a quarter. I was more concerned with what was happening to the characters of the book on tape I was listening to than I was the race, which made the miles fly by (I highly suggest not listening to music and instead listening to something narrative while running).

Around mile 20 though, my hips, calves, ankles and thighs started screaming at me louder than a Guantanamo Bay Prisoner. I stopped a few times over the next couple of miles to try and stretch out my calf muscles, which felt like they would cramp into a charley horse and was able to avoid that from happening.

Marathon Landon Mile 20

I vaguely remember my cousin telling me that when he ran his first Iron Man, someone gave him some salt pills half-way through the race and that cured his cramps. So at the next refreshment station, I grabbed a handful of pretzels the volunteers were handing out and I will be damned if the cramps didn’t go away.


I finished the race well under the five-hour goal that I had, found out my time was in the top 25% of my age group, got my metal and without stretching, or cooling down, hopped in an Uber to go back to my fiancé’s apartment.

Landon Finished Marathon

Since she is totally boss, she had a warm bubble bath waiting for me (I later found conflicting information online stating that warm baths are the devil after a marathon, and an ice bath is the only smart play). I then ate a bagel, a power energy gel packet, and drank a diet coke. Then I went to sleep, still having not stretched or really cooled down. I woke up from my nap two hours later feeling in no way shape or form physically exhausted. But the pain in my calves and hips was unworldly.


The next day every step felt like someone was stabbing hand blades into the middle of my calves and thighs, but again, I felt no physical exhaustion. I asked two of my friends who also ran the marathon what their times were, both told me they ran it right around the four-hour mark, both having trained for the marathon extensively and both having eaten the exact diet and stretched the exact amount of time that research suggests. The funny thing is, the pains that they experienced post-race, were the exact same as what I felt. They felt absolutely no worse and assured me they felt no better than I did having not trained a single step.


Do I suggest doing this? Running a marathon with no knowledge, base or training? Yes. Yes, I do. Training sucks. Running sucks. And both of my friends who ran the race actually had to take a month off during their training due to injuries. If I, in not even close to top physical shape, can complete in a marathon with a decent time and feel the exact same as my friends who trained for months prior, then what is the point?

Dedicated runners will take me to task and say training prevents injury. My rebuttal? I didn’t train and I in no way injured myself. It’s been a week since the race and my body is completely healed with no lingering pains. Suck it science.

My fiance ladies and gentleman… I F&$#ing LOVE THIS MAN!! 

So tell me…

  • Marathon… Who’s run one before? What was training like for you?
  • If you’ve run a marathon, at what mile did you feel like you were “going to die”?
  • Tell me a story about a time when you had a TERRIBLE running experience…
  • What do you like to feast on post-workout?
  • Do you think my giraffe should try running another marathon, this time, after he prepares for it? 
  • Have you checked out my giraffe’s YouTube channel? – His latest YouTube video will have you in tears; it’s too funny… If you’ve EVER BEEN PREGNANT… Have kids, etc… YOU WILL RELATE TO IT! 


  1. Haha wow congrats! I once signed up for a 90 mile bike ride for charity without training.. I too enjoyed some drinks the night before, hopped on a bike I never rode the next morning and about 40 miles later, said F this, I am taking a bus to the finish line where the beer and lobster await! For me, I probably should have trained… it was a pretty rough day. I am not sure I would recommend running a marathon without training, but you do make some valid points… training does suck. And running definitely sucks!

    • OMG that is so so so so so funny! I actually told my fiance that if he wants, he could text me and I will pick him up wherever and drive him to the finish line… But he’s a total badass and doesn’t give up ON ANYTHING – so… Yeah, he didn’t need me! Only after the fact…. Foot massages, but of course lol!!

  2. I can not believe you even did that without injury. I have just started running in my older years and it’s an adjustment.

  3. Haha this is awesome. How inspiring and amazing! I’m not sure this would work for everyone

  4. I really enjoyed this post! LOL! You’re a funny writer. I felt the exact same way. My hubbie is a diehard runner/marathoner and kept nagging me to join him on runs. “Hell to the no”, “Over my dead body”, “Not enough money in the world” were common phrases I used to fend him off. I got sick of him guilting me into running and hit the trails with him one day. No clowns chasing me with bloody knives (and do margaritas at the finish line – goddamit), but it was fun and I felt like a million bucks afterwards. “Fast forward” 10 years and I have dozens of 5Ks and 10Ks under my belt. He’s now nagging me to run a half marathon…never say never…

    Awesome post. Keep it up!

    • I have heard that when the running bug bites… The disease is incurable – haha! 😉 And I mean, feeling like a million bucks is a pretty friggin’ awesome “symptom” to have!

    • Wohooo You agreed to a Hubby dare? Good on you. Mine wont get me to do …Seriously Where are the Margaritas at te finishing line? its a crime that they dont serve them, and icecream, cake and all the lashings of cream…wouldnt that inspire more peopel to run..an dtrain for the marathon of course…
      Well it would for me coz I have never run a marathon. Athough I have WALKED does that count…walked for 6 hrs as a dare and y legs felt like fire aaayayayayaaay!

      GiGi you should Feckin love that dude…he does a dare for ya and gets in under your set time…did yo give him some some! Woot Congrats to the Fiance :)

      • OMG I have always said that… I will WALK a marathon, not run it… But it would so take me 8 hours to complete, LOL! At that point the finish line festivities would be over, so then um, what’s the point? LOL!!!!!

  5. What??? That’s insanity. He may be on to something, though. The only reason I’ve never thought about doing a 1/2 or full marathon is that all the training seems so time consuming and the thoughts of running that much seems awful. My attention span rarely lasts longer than 3-4 miles for me!

    • RIGHT?! That is how I feel – the training makes some people go crazy and get massive anxiety attacks… Which isn’t healthy AT ALL!!!

  6. Katie Nicholson says:

    He ‘s nuts

  7. This reminds me of the How I Met Your Mother episode where Barney runs the marathon and everything is fine until he sits down on the train and can’t get up.
    Some people are born with it. Others of us (myself included) have to fight for every lovin step! And I personally love the training 😀

    • OMG I LOVE HIMYM – why on earth did I not even think about it! I won’t lie to you….. Barney & Giraffe are slightly similar in some respects lol!

      And GOOD FOR YOU for loving training!!!! :) You totally spread that motivation on your blog :)

  8. Wow! He’s crazy! I just signed up for my first marathon and have 33 weeks to train. I couldn’t imagine running a marathon with no training. Especially the day after a leg workout! Congrats to him on an amazing achievement! He should definitely train for a marathon and do it again. If he’s already in the top 25% of his age group with no training, he’d be close to the top if he trained properly!

    • I really actually want him to train for a marathon and run another, just to see what the time difference would be…. I have a feeling, even though he said NEVER EVER AGAIN… I could convince him 😉 – I mean, he won’t say no to a challenge?? lol!

  9. True story?! That’s unbelievable! Bad *ss!!! :)

    And GiGi, you’re a good woman to do that 4:30 a.m. drop off at the last minute!

    • Girl, if only you saw me….. HA HA HA HA HA! And the drive home after – Yeahhhhhhh I may or may not have been talking to myself like a crazy woman. LMFAO

  10. Being someone who busts their butt to train for a marathon and does it way slower, I’m not going to lie this just makes me angry. I wish I had natural ability, but I don’t. I work for every step of a marathon.

    • Girl, I give you so so so so so much credit for busting your butt! SO MUCH! So keep doing what you’re doing :)

  11. You are too funny….LOL…I guess that throws the “myth” out the window that you have to bust your butt….I am sure many will take you to task for this but I found it hilarious.

    • 😉 I am glad you found it funny! I certainly did too… My giraffe has a way with the words. We shall see how he responds to the “haters”.

  12. HAHAHA!!! This is so funny – what a great read! And I loved the video at the end :)

  13. Wait. You weren’t at the finish line? So no one actually saw him cross the finish line?! Interesting.

    Forever his older and cynical 600 pound sister.

    • YOU MAKE AN EXCELLENT POINT – however, I was monitoring him on the internet (thanks technology) and it said he crossed it… So I am going to continue to believe that HE was the one wearing the bib and actually finished. ha!

  14. WOW! That’s impressive! People train for months on end for a marathon!!! My favorite quote from your fiance is that he “felt like someone was stabbing hand blades into the middle of my calves and thighs” – OMG soooooo terrible! Glad he finished and hopefully his legs don’t feel like that anymore!

    • Right? THAT does not sound motivating AT ALL to run a marathon LOL!!! Happy to report that his legs DO NOT feel that way anymore.

  15. Well, that’ll be a fun story to tell the grandkids. Congrats on him being a badass and natural athlete! What a gift. Seriously. I’ve heard many stories of folks who’ve done ultras or ironmans without really training and experienced no major damage to themselves. Of course it’s possible and if you’re physically fit and have some luck, no harm no foul. But I’m afraid I’m not that impressed with his accomplishment because clearly he’s gifted and…though amusing, his tone would seem to indicate he takes it for granted. I mean, I can naturally do the splits without stretching even at 39 weeks pregnant but it’s not that impressive because it’s just the body I was born with. My husband could do yoga for a decade and probably never get there. So what? I’m kind of sad that a man with his ability doesn’t seem to have any interest in seeing what he’s truly capable of, because I bet THAT would really be something.

    • I definitely see your point 110%… And I do think he’s proud of himself and doesn’t take it for granted, he’s just being modest.

      I do have to say that my mom couldn’t bend over and reach her hands past her knees to save her life way back when (before pilates) but after doing it for 6 months, she can touch the ground!!! So there is definitely something to be said about training/practicing!

  16. Hahahahha. You two are literally perfect for one another. Both crazy yet amazing! Good for him on finsihing the race, but I can only imagine the pain afterwards… must have been torture.
    I had a friend do the same thing, she decided she wanted to run a half marathon in Vancouver the night before. I dont even think she signed up, she just snuck in without a bib hahaha. I think she stayed in bed for the next week after that.
    Me on the other hand, would NEVER do this. EVER

    • Bah ha ha! Your friend = BAD ASS but I could totally see that happening, I feel like you could certainly do that – I mean, there are just SO MANY PEOPLE… It’s easy to slip through the cracks.


  17. That is insane and amazing! I’ve only done o e half marathon, with the recommended training and diet. And yep, felt it the next few days for sure. I’m not as spontaneous as your fiance, but wow. So cool :)

    • There is never a dull moment with this guy, and I love it! Ha! It’s still awesome that you kicked a 1/2 marathon’s butt though – so congrats to you!!!

  18. Kyle Kluge says:

    Honestly, this doesn’t suprise me. I’ve heard it’s been done before and I thought of doing it myself but just don’t recommend it for everyone. You can officially call your Giraffe the Happy Gilmore of running and I highly encourage you make a sketch comedy where everyone is training for a marathon and he does the exact opposite in this case. Maybe something were he borrows different vehicles from hoverboards to scooters to finish a marathon. Congrats on Landons Darwinistic feat but he would probably rathe stick to playing golf and walking.

    • Ah ha ha ha! That’s a sketch idea to definitely think about making! It could be so good – ha! Thanks for the idea 😉
      And honestly, he will DEFINITELY WANT TO stick to walking 18 holes – haha. That makes him far happier!

  19. HOW?!?! This is blowing my mind!! He def has a natural gift. I have never run a full marathon, only halfs, simply because of the time the training would entail. Plus I mean do I even WANT to run 26 miles?!?! He’s awesome.

    • It completely blew my mind. I tracked him as he ran on my computer and I was literally screaming at my computer cheering him on and also in shock. MY adrenaline was through the roof and I was hanging out in my PJs until he was done! LOL!

  20. Wow not only is he spontaneus but he’s a great story teller as well. I felt like I was right there with him every step of the way. I am currently on a weight loss journey and living a low carb lifestyle, a marathon is on my fitness goal bucket list but being a mom of three I cannot afford any injuries so I’d probably get some training in for it. Kudos to your fiance.

    • You do what’s best for you Trish, that’s for sure! I am proud of you for kicking your weight loss goal into high gear and planning for a marathon – that’s certainly a mind set change :)

  21. This is great. I would never, but I give two snaps and a twirl for this awesomeness!

    • You know I WOULD NEVER TOO! hahahahaha!
      Snaps and a Twirl huh?! That’s some high quality praise – HAHAHAHAHA!

  22. Wow, to think if you trained how well you would have done. Next time train and you might get a better time.

  23. TriGirl says:

    I’ve done 2 marathons, for which I trained my ass off and I’m slow as molasses. I hate him. I know he’s your fiance and I’m sure he’s a lovely person, he’s funny, smart, etc… but I hate him for making something I work so hard at sound like it’s no big deal. I guess for him it isn’t (insert your favourite gesture here). I will tell myself that he’s just a freak of nature. I’m sure I’d like him if I met him 😀

    • LOL! I knew that response was and is going to come from some. But I promise, you would like him if you met him! haha!

      Trust me, I am with you – if I were to train for 5 years and run a marathon I would be slower than a turtle with 3 legs! LMFAO!

  24. Wowsers, what a story! I have never run a marathom before and just the idea of it is terrifying! I think I even hated doing it in PE as a kid. I would be curious to see how your giraffe does if he prepared better, I wonder if it would make any difference!!

    • Heidi!! When I was in high school, my last two years – I forged a doctor’s note so I didn’t have to take PE !! Ridiculous right?! Clearly teachers/instructors did not care AT ALL!

  25. I love you two to the moon and back~

    • AWWWWW 😉 Well, L’s next goal is to get to the moon, so…. We shall see if he can get there, without any training! LOL!

  26. I have known people to do this but only with a zero carb diet. So I doubt he’s ZC considering he had a lot of alcohol the night before? Good for him tho.

    • Yep, he definitely had some carbs the night before – and lots of cake! Ha! I guess that’s his power fuel!

  27. I now know why you are marrying this guy. You know I love running more than my kids but I have to say, he makes excellent and valid points. This runner is all for someone running a marathon with zero training and coming out on the other end like a boss.
    Suck it science, indeed.

    • BAH HA HA! What’s funny is if/when we have kids – yeah….. My fiance will probably like GOLF more than them, lol… And me, well, er, um… Food? Tee he he he!

      I am glad you approve of his running tactics by the way, YOUR point of view means a lot!

  28. wow i wish this were an April Fool’s joke because i’m so envious of your man’s ability to just up and run a marathon like it ain’t no thing, and say he had no real lasting pain! gah. okay, so i’ve run 2 full marathons and trained for them both, and i definitely had anxiety and pain and soreness and all sorts of self-doubt along the way, but i hit my goals both times and didn’t have that much lasting soreness afterwards either… but to just up and run one with no prep?! what a stud. seriously, you chose well. :)

    • I totally should have posted this on April Fool’s Day! ha! That would have been great – alas, not a joke at all and honestly, when he told me he wanted to run it… I KNEW he would. This kid never give up!

      What were your marathon goals if you don’t mind me asking?! I can imagine you suffered from anxiety and what not – I feel like I would have a meltdown more than a few times!

      And yep… He’s my study giraffe 😉

  29. First of all congratulations! I’ve worked many marathons (and run a few) but the LA Marathon just has that spell over people who come out and run it for the heck of it! I’ve seen people run it in flip flops, skateboard shoes, etc. CRAZY! I say he should run another one after prepping for it. If he hates the training, do it for the camaraderie by joining a running group – or even a philanthropic one (www.teamintraining.org). They train you, you meet and run with amazing people and for amazing people! TOTALLY different experience! Still – big congratulations and ICE BATHS are heaven!

    • I couldn’t agree more Sarah, I really actually want him to train and run another one – I swear he could totally run it in 3 hours. I shall motivate him with ICE BATHS – lol!

  30. Loved reading this!!! I find the fact that he went out gangbusters for the first 5 miles hysterical!! Also, like that he had cake & got drunk the night before :-) I have done 5 marathons, 6 if you count the one tacked on at the end of an Ironman. A few I trained really hard for & a few I did something similar to your fiancee, so can totally relate. Cheers!!!

  31. Oh my word, this post was amazing, inspiring, painful, unbelievable and insane all at the same time! I really didn’t think running a marathon with no training was even possible unless you walked it!!! Mad props! I’m impressed.

    • LOL Melanie… Sounds like you just described his and my relationship? LOL jk! 😉
      And I agree with you! I have always said I would totally WALK a marathon, but even that kinda sucks… It would totally take me 8 hours!

  32. I’ve technically never run a marathon, but over my running life so far, I have run over 100,000 miles, and one day, just because, I ran a 35 mile run. I’ve run countless half marathons, and several 18 mile days in a row when living in France because my hotel room number was dix-huit. So I imagine I qualify as both a runner and crazy.

    Now, take a major league pitcher. If they do not warm up and throw a hard fastball, their arm is screwed. On the other hand, if you never threw a ball in your life, and you were protected by youth, you could throw all day and be fine…until the next day.

    So at any rate, good for you for running the marathon. I would suggest you do start doing some type of aerobic training, however, because you do want to live a long active life with your sweetie as she does with you.

    PS: I hated to run before I started doing it on a regular basis. Who knew?

    • Dr. J…. I too have run NUMEROUS MARATHONS if you count all my cardio jaunts! ha ha. WOO WOO! I do at least 35 miles a week!

      YOU NEED TO ACTUALLY RUN RUN a marathon though, your stats are PRETTY impressive! :)

  33. This is crazy impressive–and inspiring! Congrats to him! I don’t think I will take him up on the advice to run a marathon without training, but maybe I’ll go attempt some other badass feat I am unprepared for….

  34. Bahahahahaha – this is amazing! Training does suck. Maybe I should just stop…

  35. Hahahahaha, yes, I’ve been in marathons but I got so tired and sore reading about your fiance’s run that I can’t make my fingers work now. I’ll have to tell you more next time.
    LOVED this!

  36. Dave Hurd says:

    Hey Gigi, I kind of do the same thing, but with my 5K’s and the ocassional 5 miler. The most training I may do is running with my French Bulldog for a couple hundred feet. This Sunday, we (Bugaboo & I) are doing the Bagels & Biscuits 5K, in Manchester, NH.

    • Ah ha ha ha! That’s funny. Yes, bulldogs…. Not exactly notorious for being runners! lol

      • Dave Hurd says:

        Yes, and he is a male, so we just HAVE to stop at everything vertical! Our norm is to finish middle of my age group, 55!

        I cannot post a pic of him post-race, which is fairly funny, so I will Tweet it and tag you in it!

  37. The story behind marathons were that a messenger ran the 26 point whatever miles to deliver war news…the DIED! We never seem to learn from history…

  38. I’m glad he made it through. Under 5 hours!

  39. I do not run. I used to but not marathons. Morning jogs mainly but it often hurt my knees. Guess I was not doing it properly. Glad you got through without injury.

  40. THIS IS EPIC. Is it bad that I sort of want to attempt this?!

  41. I can’t believe he did that! I’ve only ever done half marathons so I can’t even imagine. Good for him! My worst running story was when I tripped in front of a bunch of Girl Scouts selling cookies and they all ran to get their moms to get me a bandaid. Pretty embarrassing.

  42. Your giraffe is cool as sh*t and I want to hang out with him…not because he ran a marathon with no training, but because he likes to get drunk and eat cake. I don’t run marathons because I would rather get drunk and eat cake. I think he should run another one but only if you run it with him. Post workout, I crave protein like mad and could literally eat a medium rare 24oz prime porterhouse steak after every class…or 3 pounds of raw salmon. Yes, I checked out his channel several weeks ago and he’s one funny giraffe. BTW, please thank him for me for the pretzels tip. Next time I’m cramping, I’m totally grabbing a handful of those babies. Oh wait, wrong cramping…

    • I am ALWAYS craving protein so if I were to run a marathon with him (gag me with a spoon) I would bring…. Salmon Skin Handrolls and a whole chicken with me. I’d make HIM wear a backpack for sure. LOL!!!! You made me want to bring a porterhouse now too! LOL!

      BAH HA HA! I wonder if science proves that PRETZELS can AID IN THOSE TYPES of cramps! 😉

  43. Now I am feeling like quite the slacker :)

  44. Are you fu*king me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to smack him up when I meet him! 😉 I work so hard for every little thing I do… FRIG! He is f’in thin too on top of it all!!!!

    I ran 5k’s in my youth – your age! It never got easy. I stopped!

    OK, you know I am giving you & him a hard time but I am really pissed about it all!!! 😉 xoxoxoxoxo

  45. he’s crazy. you’re crazy. can’t believe he did that! can’t believe he was ABLE to do that! I know i could not!! tell him to STRETCH MAN! lol.
    but CONGRATS! that’s freaking amazing haha
    (if you stretch and train, you shouldbe be that sore because you’ll be used to running that much 😉 )

  46. Wow, that’s just a little crazy! I don’t think I would ever do that. O_o

  47. Okay, I had to laugh because I watched the video where he tried all the health foods, and thought they were disgusting… and then in this post he says when he got home he ate “a power energy gel packet” – LOL what even is that?!?! Zero out of four dog bones. :p

    • BAH HA HA HA! Yes, he definitely HATES the gel, but he “thought” it was SUPPOSED TO BE consumed post work out – ahem, just another uneducated comment about marathons coming out of his mouth! lol! Just like the nori he spit out during the taste test! LOL!

  48. I have never done a full marathon and I also know how difficult it is. But this post is inspiring me again :-) WOW!

  49. WOW, you must have been fit already to have lasted the whole time and did it faster than some people who train!

  50. Well done! That’s a little insane haha 😀

  51. Oh wow. That’s crazy! I can’t even imagine running a marathon after training for it, yet alone doing it without training. Maybe that is the key haha.

    • I really think it was!! He was totally on to something. I would get too anxious with all the training!

  52. You know what’s the worst part GiGi? Reading about marathon running and feeding tired already. I keep reading about people doing lots of training before they do marathon running. The truth is that I only run when I have time and only around my neighborhood (I barely have any time with my new work projects) . My motivation? The stray cats and dogs that follow me. Cuteness overload! Cheers!


    • Ah ha ha ha! That is a DIFFERENT kind of motivation for sure, but hey, if it gets you out there, that’s great. Also, don’t underestimate the power of simply walking – it’s really very good for you too! :) I also heard through the grapevine that today is National Walking Day 😉

      • Also walking meditation works by doing breathing exercises during walking, I totally recommend that! As for the National Walking Day, I think I will celebrate one more day the National Caramel Day (April 5th) because well…. caramel is awesome! Join me. <3


  53. Hi Gigi,
    My brother tried this but doesn’t run anymore.

  54. This is hilarious! I love that he is so open about it! What a cute couple!

  55. Haha omg this is amazing. I can’t even imagine. I ran a couple halves last year that I didn’t really train for and I was not happy about it. I can’t even imagine a marathon!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA! I have a few friends who ran some 1/2s and were not too pleased – I really think the “pressure” and the word “RACE” has something to do with it. I do 1/2 marathons every day on the elliptical – but that’s no race so I give zero Fs how I do one day vs. the next!

  56. Valerie Robinson says:

    Funny post! I actually like running..it definitely takes a while to get used to!

    • Oh totally!! I am so in denial that I can run. I elliptical all day every day, but running is so intimidating!

  57. The idea of a marathon sounds horrible…getting drunk and eating cake sounds really fun lol
    I have friends who love running and I’m like not so much lol

    • BAH AH HA HA! Yeahhhh I think if I could choose… I’d run a marathon drunk? No No, I’d get drunk and eat cake too! LOL!

  58. OH my gosh, I love this so much! Yea I’ve done a half marathon and about mile 10 I thought, yep never doing this again and people who run marathons = Crazy! Although now with a few years of that behind me..I’m thinking, yea I could totally do that. But 26.2 miles is super crazy…although it would be nice to say you’ve done it once.

    • I feel like that happens to a lot of people – haha. They run and hate every second of it, and even hate it after for a few weeks but then they get bitten by the bug again and the whole cycle repeats itself! LOL! Let me know when you sign up for that marathon!

  59. This is crazy! I do tri’s and half’s without training, but a full? Whew!

    I actually jacked up my foot on my last half, so I realized maybe there is a reason to train 😉

  60. Really fun read. I’ve never done a marathon, and I’m not going to start now. But I’ll be happy to volunteer your finance to take my place! BTW, what were you doing while he was out there killing himself? Other than running that warm bubble bath, that is?

    • I actually went home and did 15 miles on the elliptical trainer, HA HA HA … And tracked his run on my computer! So I wasn’t completely lazy! 😉

  61. I tried to e mail you, but I got an undeliveralble error message.

    I love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that we featured you in a list of 100 best food blogs. You can find our article at the following link:


    We would appreciate it if you shared this with your readers, followers and fans.


      OK, they’re back!!! I am so beyond honored – thank you so much. I have shared it with PRIDE! :)

      By the way, what email did you try to reach me at?

  62. This.is.awesome. I have run a trail marathon without specifically training for it although I had been training for other things so why not. It was the most incredible experience and it was fun too not having the pressure of the training and the expectations of a certain finish time. It was actually quite an enjoyable adventure. Typically though I feel like I might die around miles 18-20 if I go out too fast and then the cramps in my legs just sucked and walking was a major problem the next day!

    • FUN! That is what I love to hear – running a marathon was fun! And I really think not feeling PRESSURE about doing well or what not truly HELPS YOU ENJOY the marathon experience! :)

      I have a feeling that if I ran a marathon, I would be wheel chair bound for the next 2 weeks! lol

  63. Congrats that is amazing. I run out of breath at the thought of running. Somehow I see this experience as really good life practice to being married to Gigi hahaha! Great post!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you saying that I am the equivalent of a marathon?!?!?! LMFAO AGAIN! I am crying from laughing so hard. I like that anaology!

  64. Good cardio amazing run !!!, try a GORUCK challenge next it’s fun you would like it. Be well

  65. Gigi- I can see why you and your fiancee are together…he’s hilarious, too. Obviously, he’s fit enough to even run let alone finish the marathon. Congrats. I have always wanted to run one, but like him, was off-put by the training since I don’t really like running. Hope he’s feeling better now. P.S. What book was he listening, too, that was so interesting.

    • HE IS ALWAYS MAKING me laugh. I can rarely keep a straight face around him, he’s friggin’ great….. And I think you should a run a marathon just for fun as opposed to getting a specific time!

      As for the book, I will have to ask him! Ha Ha… Lets hope it wasn’t some sort of erotic novel lol

  66. I guess you’re a superhero – no two ways about it.
    If you’re going to feel the same pain anyway, and not get to eat cake and get drunk the night before, well that just sucks.
    Do it your way.
    Special note – I’m not a doctor in any way, shape, or form! They would probably tell you to get active or something. I do love superheroes, though.

  67. You are amazing! Love the ‘had not run to the refridgerator’ pre-run. Clearly a born athlete and fab tip about the audio book too. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  68. My husband runs to not gain weight and also to get a competitive time. I’m pretty sure he’ll never run a marathon because he knows the mid-length distances are where he’s most competitive. He’s just getting back into running though, he was in the top 40 for his age group last race and he’s hoping to make it into top 20 for the next race. I actually do hate running and would never run a race without training because that would require running the length of the race. I can see why if you only liked running a little bit you would run races without training–but if you either love running (my husband) or hate running (me)….it wouldn’t sound like a good idea.

  69. Nicely done! Congratulations and enjoy the accomplishment. Some folks can just do things. Imagine what you could do if you trained? Your runner friends describing their pains afterwards are not indicative of all runners. I have run many miles including ultras and I can say I don’t have those feelings. Am I sore? Yes. Do I move a bit more tenderly? Yes but I’m back to normal within a few days, including shuffling through a mile the next day to keep up the streak. I run daily and I train and I’ve never had a running injury yet. Some people can just do things.

    Well done.

  70. Me? In a marathon? That’s hilarious. I bet you that it’s been three months since I last ran, and that was juts for ONE mile! Congratulations on such a huge feat–without training too!

    • BAH HA HA HA AH HA HA! GIRL – RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! RIGHT there with you for sure!!! You and I can go eat and WATCH the runners run by! LOL!

  71. Some people are just in okay shape and can pull long distance off without training. I’ve seen it many times.
    But there are risks involved with it besides just injury people can push themselves to dealth. But then so can trained individuals.
    Great job for him. But would I recommend it, absolutely not. There are too many risks associated with it.
    Besides half the fun of running a marathon is training for one and having the race as the reward and I think that’s the part most people enjoy the most about running them.

    • I agree with you. It always baffles and saddens me when I hear about a trained athlete passing away due to TOO MUCH stress on their heart! I won’t lie – when he was out there running, that thought crossed my mind a few times!

      Oh man, I have never heard anyone saying training for a marathon is fun, so I commend you for thinking it is! haha!>

  72. Loved reading this! I used to hate running when I was in middle/high school, but for some magical reason 3 1/2 years ago, I started to enjoy it! I actually like the whole training process, haha.

    I’m just impressed by the fact he ran at a 7 min pace for the first 16 miles!!!

    • I LOVE THAT MAGICAL REASON!! And you might be one of the only people who I have heard say they actually LIKE training 😉 I give you so much credit lady! You’re awesome :)

  73. Luckily, I am a bit of a runner. Never tried a marathon wthout training ‘though. Even so, I’ve often thought it must be quite possible. The craziest thing was probably drinking too much alcohol the night before! Well done on completing the race. #BeilliantBlogPosts

  74. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you’re cray! But way to go on the marathon!

    I have never run a marathon because this girl is NOT a runner – but running a Disney Marathon is on my bucket list simply because I love Disney and I want one of those darn medals 😛

    Jesse laughs because I said I’d only run a marathon if I got a nice medal… you’ve gotta have a perk, right?

    • While people think I am crazy in general, I definitely think they would think I were off my rocker if I ran a marathon for shits and giggles… But no, my fiance is the crazy one.

  75. I’m with you on the running. I know it’s so good to do, but I prefer swimming. I’m gradually running in though but it’s just not as fun as Zumba or kickboxing. Definitely brave of you to go for that marathon and complete it too.

  76. I did a half marathon about 15 years ago after a night on the wine and 20 smokes! Does that count? (I can’t remember much, probably because of the wine! Oh, except for the two elderly ladies helping me over the finish line. Eventually. :-)

    I enjoy running now, more than I did then, but would never do another Marathon, or Half Marathon. Just 10k runs. The memories of that one I mention above, and THAT EMBARASSING FINISH line are too much. 😆

    • Were you drunk when you ran it? I think it would call you NUTS if you decided to light up during the run too! hahaha! And if you were wearing a camelback full of the vino! 😉

  77. I can’t believe someone who loathes running decided to run a marathon on a whim, but more power to him for finishing AND making top 25% for his age group! I must say I loathe running too and would probably need to be being chased by a zombie lion foaming at the mouth to make me do it. lol

  78. I vote you challenge him to run a marathon after training! I’d be super curious to see what the time difference is!

  79. This is actually unbelievable haha. I could NEVER!

  80. I am totally laughing out loud right now. Can we say cray cray? But to his defense, training does suck so at least he got to skip that part! But the takeaway for me is, audio book. Genius.

  81. Both of you are crazy and that’s why I love me some gigieatscelebrites :) Congrats on killing that race and making it your bit%&. Who knew salt would work for craps? I surely didn’t but then again… I’m not a runner. :) I’m really digging the advice of listening to a book on tape instead of music, I love to jam out but I can see how listening to an awesome book might be just what the doctor ordered.

    • I cannot listen to music when I do cardio, because when a song is over, I get so bummed because only like 3 – 4 minutes went by… HA HA HA! I am sort of counting the minutes! WOMP!
      AND THANKS MARY! I am glad you love the crazy!! I have a screw loose I have been told, and I am too lazy to get it fixed lol.

  82. I hated running growing up as well. You just couldn’t get me to do it and you still can’t get me to do it lol. I will power walk like no ones business but not run. But I will say, this is the definition of inspiration girl… Loved this story.

    Kia / KTS

  83. Running is the best exercise ever.

  84. Love-hate relationship with running! I always feel wonderful afterwards but the during is SHITTY! I have never run a full marathon but I’ve run three or four half marathons – why can’t I remember? I’m actually running a half at the end of the month which I haven’t trained for…AH. It wasn’t too bad before Charlotte (the ones I’ve run in the past I haven’t trained for either); however, I’m still trying to get back into the cardiac shape I was in pre-Charlotte. We shall see… I guess the worst thing that can happen is I’ll have to run/walk intervals. Or death.

    • Girl, don’t train for the 1/2 marathon. Just go on runs because you want to go for a run and treat the 1/2 marathon as if it’s just a longer than normal run!! I feel like the stress of calling it a “race” really messes with people’s minds!

  85. Well done, I haven’t run a marathon yet, but I am trainning myself for a future marathon yes.

  86. This is crazy! In London, they do a walking, overnight marathon every year. A group of my friends did it without training at all, and it basically wiped them out for a week afterwards. They invited me, but I had absolutely no desire to walk 26 miles. Props to you!

    • A walking marathon…. Over night?! Uhhhhh That is 10000% opposite of me. I will walk a marathon, MAYBE… If someone paid me… But definitely not when I would much rather be cuddled up in bed! LOL!

  87. Such a great post. :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  88. Omg is this really a true story? You’re a boss for that!!!

    • It is 100% a true story! I drove him to the race… And I witnessed his pain after the race was over – ha ah! So I can attest to it! He’s bad ass for sure!

  89. This is amazing! I married a guy just like this. He actually ran the Houston marathon earlier this year without training, mind you he’s done 4 ironman races but STILL! I guess we’re both off our rockers. The first 100 mile bike ride I did was on whim, I registered without even owning a bike! But was enticed by beer and cute boys. My ass died about 30 miles in and I was the second to last cyclist to finish. It was so ridiculous, I couldn’t even drink a beer after. Oh the dumb things we do in youth.. cant say I’ve changed that much but at least I found my crazy partner in crime. I can’t imagine running a marathon without training though, but it did make me feel like I tend to over train since I’m always getting the injuries and the hubby’s always fine.
    Or maybe his bones are made of moon rocks and he’s got moonshine in his blood. That it.

    • OMF. OMF. OMF. I cannot believe this story even for a minute. You be CRAZY Danielle, CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY- Crazier than me! LOL!!!!!!!
      I used to competitively snowboard and I started snowboarding because… Drumroll please: Cute Boyz! LMFAO!!! Great minds, right?

  90. He is bat shit crazy. Is it weird that I read that and thought: “I could totally do that!” If my ACL would hurry up and heal, that is.

    Side note: my fastest 5K ever (sub 20 min) was done hung over as shit after a night of bubbly and red wine. And spicy Latin food. So there.

    • Girl, I legit expect nothing less of you! DRUNK 5k next. But seriously. I will run that shit with you! hahahahaha!

      Oh but wait. We gotta wait for your damn ACL to heal. That asshole.

  91. This. is. incredible. What an amazing story!! This is also a huge exception to the rule. training for a marathon is very very hard, and i TOTALLY get why he would want to skip it!! Good for you for being such an awesome fiance and taking care of him so wonderfully.

  92. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing tips on running a marathon with no training at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  93. I never tried a marathon distance but made a mud run with army obstacle course for 12K called the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in the middle of the winter, I can say I have some training but not enough because the first time I joined it I was totally hammered and nearly got sick, I think I nearly gave up on the 8K mark

    • Oh man! I was invited to do a Mud Run before… Turned that down in a heart-beat! hahaha! I am glad you made it through alive!

  94. Amazing story. Never really liked running as a kid. I was mostly into swimming that consisted less effort or so what I thought anyway lol. Thanks for sharing :)

  95. Damn! That’s a good time for marathon running at all, let alone without training or having really run at all. Congrats! I admire that.
    I ran one marathon once. I was told if I ran one, I would be hooked. I trained and trained. I ate a “marathon” training diet. I did everything I thought I should do to prep and was hoping to get it done in about 5 hours – got it done in just over 5. I will never run one again though. Tough stuff!
    Thanks for the amusing spin you put on it =)

    • LOL! I WOULD NEVER in 10000000000000000000 years run one, ha! So I give you credit Kimmy! And I give the Fiance credit too for sure!

  96. You might think this post is about some guy who magically ran a marathon, but I think it’s about yellow cake topped with fried chicken!

    • BAH HA HA HA!!! When he read this post, he definitely laughed and then stared at that chicken cake for quite some time 😉

  97. Well, I’m definitely not ever trying any of that, except maybe the chicken cake… Haha! I would definitely die within the first mile of a marathon. :p

    Thanks for sharing with us at Savoring Saturdays, GiGi! :)

  98. Great post, thanks for sharing

  99. This is awesome! What a spontaneous and adventurous guy who’ve got. I loved the diet of crappy foods pre-race. LOL! And the warm bath instead of ice bath post-race.
    I often imagine how I would do with the 100 metre dash against Usain Bolt. Maybe your fiancé should try and let me know.

    • Spontaneous and Adventurous are only 2 of the 10 THOUSAND adjectives to describe my absolutely ridiculous fiance. I love this man so much, ha ha!
      And OMG me VS. Usain Bolt. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… LMFAO!! Now I am picturing THAT epic fail!

  100. This is one of the craziest things I’ve read this week, and I read the comments sections on political news articles!!!! I can’t believe he (1) ran so quickly for such an extended time without training, (2) didn’t get totally dehydrated since he was drunk the night before, (3) didn’t injure himself! Holy guacamole!

    My college coach my freshman year ran the NYC Marathon without training for any distance longer than 6 miles. He was talking all this trash about how he was going to beat P Diddy (I’m dating myself, I know), and definitely did not. He literally could not stand at our practice the next day! He was propped up against the wall the entire practice (trying to trick us) until someone threw a ball at him and he fell over, and couldn’t get back up! He is the reason I’m taking training seriously for my first marathon!

    • Ah ha ha! THAT is what your cocky college coach gets! My fiance wasn’t cocky at all. He only wanted to do the best HE COULD – he didn’t compare himself to anyone else. It’s so funny because even though he SAID he wouldn’t run another one, I truly believe he will. We were in TN the other weekend and they were holding a marathon that Saturday and he most certainly wanted to run, however… He had to be in a wedding that Saturday but couldn’t. Also, let it be known that since this marathon, I think he’s maybe run 2 miles? LOL!

      GOOD LUCK with your marathon training!!!! When’s the race?