Don’t Do That! Do This!

I bet you’re guilty of doing something this past week that… I find to be a complete and utter TRAVESTY…


Something that actually might even bring me TO TEARS.

And let me tell you… It’s easier to bring the Mona Lisa to tears than it is me.

Did you happen to roast, grill, bake, sauté, or even poach in the dishwasher, salmon, this past week…


Then… Cram it in your mouth with a huge, happy smirk on your face… Only to… DISPOSE OF ITS SKIN?!?




Oh you know… Just KINDA going BAT SHIT BONKERS right now because I am pretty sure all of you (except for one or two of you) said….


Whew. Flatlined there for a minute. But I’m back now.

I know. You were all… SOOO worried (or thrilled?)!

What can you thank for my rapid revival?


Primal Essence Coconut Oil… Because it’s a miracle product!


Sure… Claiming something to be a “miracle” sounds rather hokeyThat goes for you too Kayne


But common now… I’m sure you’ve ALL read how friggin’ STELLAR coconut oil is for your overall HEALTH!

That being said… If you COMPLETELY MISSED THAT MEMO… I’ve got you covered because I made a video ALL ABOUT THE SATURATED FAT LADEN INGREDIENT

GiGi Eats A Spoonful of Coconut Oil

No such video was made about Kanye… 

Primal Essence isn’t just ANOTHER coconut oil company trying to capitalize off of the innumerable benefits of coconut oil though… It actually takes coconut oil to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL by infusing the creamy GOODNESS with savory or sweet herbs and spices.


And in today’s video… I use one of their NINE flavors to accompany my BELOVED SALMON SKIN… In a GiGi-Diet approved rendition of a Salmon, Asparagus Roll!  

Rollin’ With Asparagus & Salmon Skin

I see you rollin…

  • Steam asparagus for roughly 3 minutes. 
  • Remove asparagus from pot immediately. Feel free to submerge in ice water, or put in the fridge for a few minutes. 
  • When cooled, take three or four asparagus and wrap the salmon skin square around them (meat side up or skin side up – whatever you prefer). 
  • Place bundles on a lined with tin foil broiling pan that’s been sprayed with non-stick olive oil spray. 
  • Coat the salmon, asparagus bundles with a bit more cooking spray and broil in the oven for about 20 – 25 minutes. 
  • After about 10 minutes in the broiler, carefully turn the bundles over so they can cook on the other side. 
  • When serving, spread Primal Essence over the top of the salmon bundles and… Well… You’ll see! YOU WILL SEE! 


So Tell Me…

  • Are you GUILTY of perpetrating said TRAVESTY?! 
  • Are you as obsessed with salmon as I am?
  • What’s your go-to roll/order at a sushi restaurant?
  • Would you vote for Kanye West if he ACTUALLY runs in 2020? 
  • Do you believe coconut oil to be the marvel that so many believe it to be? How do you include it in your life?
  • Have you ever thought of Primal Essence? Which flavor would you want to try first? 
  • Food or Sex? 


  1. I think that anyone who grew up seeing Clueless has used the word travesty. And dreaming of thigh high socks.

    • There is a store here in LA that ONLY SELLS thigh high socks. Perhaps I should make my way on over there and get you a few pairs! 😉

  2. Tons ways to use this product. Will have to look for it in store

    • Right now you can only buy it on line! Click on the link I supplied you and you will be one step closer to deliciousness! They’re having an awesome sale right now too! :)

  3. I’ve been waiting all week for this, and you did not disappoint!!

    Nobody is as obsessed with Sammy as you are, but it is my favorite protein.

    I’ve gotten Tuna sushi.


    I merely like food…

  4. This recipe seem so good! I’m going to have to try it out!


  5. Um, I made salmon last night and got rid of the skin, I’m guilty as charged! I can’t wait to try this though!


      At least MAYBE you know better now?! LOL!

      • Lolol I was reading the comments and found the GiGi yes swearing and ranting at someone who threw the skin away. I knew someone did. I never throw away my fish skin…I do throw the scales away tho lolol! From scaly fish duh…I used to be a fan of salmon…somehow I got off it when I had some from a resy and got ill…i blamed it on the sammy…bah. be Is should get back in <3

        • OH MAN SCALES MAKE ME SOOOOO QUEASY so I am 100000% okay with you throwing those away FOR SURE!!!

          And UGH about getting sick from salmon. I honestly think though that if I got food poisoning from salmon, I wouldn’t be turned off by it – ha! It’s so weird.

          AND FUNNY you should call it SAMMY! I made a video about Tilapia like 2 years ago and I had SAMMY THE SALMON by my side!

  6. This looks awesome and easy. I will definitely be trying this. I am a big fan of coconut oil but did’t realize I could get it in all these flavors. Thank you for sharing.

    • You’re welcome! But seriously Christine – these coconut oils, UGHHHHHHH, you will seriously have NO WORDS when you try them! 😉

  7. Hi Gigi,
    I love salmon

  8. Yum! I need to get some of that coconut oil! I haven’t heard of flavor infused coconut oils before. Thank you for informing me!

    • You’re very welcome! It’s only avail on line at the moment, so go check their website out! I PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed!!

  9. I usually eat the skin when it sticks to my salmon and I’m too lazy to separate them haha. This reminds me I need to get more salmon in my life. I used to eat it every day for lunch like a crazy person.

    • YES YOU DO !! I eat salmon like a crazy person then because I eat it EVERY DAY – most of the time for both lunch AND dinner! 😀

  10. Grilled salmon skin sushi rolls are yummy! They’re crispy and tasty ; ) If you’re interested in sashimi’s and wanted to see how to make octopus sashimi, check out my blog : D

  11. What a great idea to flavour the coconut oil. I haven’t seen that anywhere yet.

    • It’s only sold online at the moment, so go check out their website! The Vanilla Sweet one…. GAAGAGAGAGAGGA! SOOOOOO GOOD! I eat it out of the jar with a spoon – it’s so amazing!

  12. Erica C. says:

    “Did you happen to roast, grill, bake, sauté, or even poach in the dishwasher, salmon, this past week…”

    What does my dishwasher have to do with cooking salmon? You lost me after I couldn’t make sense of your sentence.

    • As you know now – you know what I am talking about and I am totally making a video where I poach fish in the dishwasher – because I need to REALLY SEE if this works! 😉

  13. First of all – food AND sex! Haven’t you seen 9 1/2 weeks? If not, youtube the food scene and you’ll never look at food the same again, lol.
    Yes, I love salmon skin and when I’m in BC, we catch fresh salmon from the boat, build a fire on the beach and roast the salmon skin wrapped around hot peppers – awesome! And another good reason for a cold drink :) We only do this when we have an abundance of salmon catch but we’re pretty lucky most of the time!
    I’m definitely as obsessed as you are and eat it probably 3 times a week. On the nights I’m not eating shrimp, lol.
    Love LOVE this recipe!! FUN video, kooky girl!

    • AH HA HA HA AH HA HA! Ohhhhh Robyn, we are sooo on the same page. I would bring food into the bedroom no problem… HE HE HE! 😉

      And um, when are you going on another salmon fishing boat trip? I want, no I demand, an invite – ha ha ha!

  14. If cooked properly I’m all over salmon skin. But when it lays there all limp I’m not such a fan :)

    • Oh I will cook it properly for you! If you came over on Friday, you would have gotten to experience this deliciousness! ha ah ah! Did I just bum you out? 😉

  15. I love the skin of the fish. It is so juicy and good.

    • Right?! I typically order so many salmon skin handrolls at sushi restaurants, they think I am crazy! I am so glad I found salmon skin at the market – so I can hide my crazy in my house… However, I just revealed my obsession on the blog and I am OWNING IT! ha ha!

  16. Sorry to say I am not guilty of that. 😛 But probably as obsessed with tempeh as you are with salmon. :-) And pretty much any sushi roll with avocado and lots of veggies. Awesome info and use for coconut oil, thanks!

  17. Thank You for sharing. Very entertaining post, We love coconut oil. It’s great for eating and beauty! It’s a dream product!

  18. Yummm this looks amazing!!! I have to admit I just peeled the skin off of mine last night🙊🙊 but now I know and I’m definitely going to give this a try😉

    • I…… WONT… Hold it against you **wipes tears from eyes** – ha! Just as long as you don’t throw it out again! 😉

  19. Ok first off where are the Adidas’s !!!!!!!!! say it isn’t so they need to be in a glass case not a dumpster. :(
    These oils look great :) I use coconut all the time and will most definitely look for these. I have never eaten sushi and sadly can’t eat salmon. This oil will be great for me making sautéed asparagus and steak. Believe it or not a great dinner is my choice the other can leave you with heartburn. I wouldn’t vote for that fool for anything, how brilliant get into debt over your head than cry for help. Some people cannot handle free will.

    • Oh man, don’t talk to me about the Adidas. That’s a touchy subject :( :(

      And why can you not eat salmon, did you tell me before? I am sorry if you did and I forgot! I am so sorry that you cannot eat it either because AS YOU KNOW I am too obsessed almost for words! ha!

      You’ll adore primal essence – you can only find it online for now – I swear! And have I ever steered you in the wrong direction?

      • The two times I ate it I did not do well, possibly the way it was cooked or lack there of.

  20. ahahaha Oh my gosh, I can’t stop laughing from the picture you are eating the coconut oil!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  21. I am so obsessed with salmon. I was freaked out the first time I ate it with skin but now I won’t eat it any other way. It adds so much flavor and texture.

    • RIGHT!? It just lends a whole other ELEMENT to salmon in general, it’s a MUST MUST!!! When the fish mongers ask me if I want the skin on my salmon fillets, I look at them like they’re bat shit insane! LOL!

  22. Seems like such a food for a party or get together too!:)

  23. I am so damn stoked about this — which tells you two things: I need a life, and I am obsessed with salmon. Thank you!

  24. Primal Essence? Glad it wasn’t herbal essence! Sounds like a great idea though and I bet tasty. And for the record, my salmon skin is disposed in my dog’s mouth. Good for the coat, they say.

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! THAT would make for some INTERESTING albeit FRUITY (??) flavors? HA HA HA HA!

      OMG it pains me so much when people feed their dogs salmon skin too though because… I WANT TO EAT IT! HA HA AH!

  25. Love salmon, and LOVE asparagus…especially at this time of year! But I have to say…I’m guilty of disposing of the salmon skin!! :)

    • Naughty! I am virtually slapping your wrists? LOL!! Nah, I’m actually not – but DOOOOO try it next time! Crisp it up a little bit :) SO GOOD!

  26. I just love watching you although I wish I liked fish 0 I KNOW!!! :)

    Those flavors sound amazing!!!!!

    Kenye – I would vote to send him away – far far way – I can’t stand him!!!!! :)

    • I’m kind of happy you don’t like fish because, well, um, MORE FOR ME? lol!!!!!!!!

      This coconut oil is just hands down amazing though, you will adore it! The vanilla one – OHHHH man, I swoon over it! LOL! I found them at the Natural Food Expo last year – I do believe they will be there again this year too!

  27. Food or sex? Hmm. Depends on my mood. Also the food. And the lover. I almost wrote liver. I suppose if the food option was liver I’d definitely take the liver though;)


      • Whoops and also posted my reply to this under another comment. My bad. At any rate I meant to say I’d take the lover over liver!

        • Ah ha ha no worries, I knew what you meant and where you wanted to reply and I was only kidding with you! 😉

  28. girllll, I was NERVOUS about salmon skin, but you showed me the light this summer in LA and now I’m hooked! My mom freaked out when I ate it back home instead of throwing it away last time 😛

    Sarah Grace

    • HA HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA HA! FREAK OUT ALL YOU WANT MOM – but you don’t know WHAT you’re missing! I loveeeeee that my entire family and ALL my friends ALWAYS offer me their salmon skin if they don’t eat it.. And if I know they’re going to eat it – I get really sad when they wolf down their skin, because lets me real, I was done eating like 30 minutes before them! LOL!

      • Oh crud! No no no. I meant to say I’d take the lover. Definitely the lover. Still no meat for me lol. Why oh why must O be next to I on the keyboard…ack. I must proofread more carefully:)

  29. Yum! This looks so easy and healthy! Love it.

  30. My puppy would be sad if I didn’t give her my salmon skin! But she cannot have my coconut oil!

    • If I was next to your puppy whimpering for your extra salmon skin……… Who would you give it to? LOL!

  31. Feels so good to see the video. This sounds so interesting. I love salmon!

  32. Gee, Gigi, you’re all over my favorite fish bae! I actually LOVE ordering salmon skin salads at sushi restaurants, and I hear that salmon skin gets a bad rep because of contamination, but it’s just so delicious! This is a great idea! And that Kanye meme….SPOT ON.

    • So when the heck are we going to sushi then because I ALWAYS order salmon skin handrolls…… And um, I totally had 5 of them this evening! 😉
      And yes, I have heard about the contamination complaint too… But you know what? There are so many restrictions in my life that sometimes I just say TO HECK WITH IT! ha ah ah! And I do believe salmon skin is 10x healthier than…. Uh, candy bars?! Chips? All the processes CRAP at the grocery store? LOL!

      • Well, we have to make that trip ASAP FOR SURE! We’ll see who can outeat each other ;D
        And yes, it is MUCH better than most foods marketed to us. Besides, salmon skin salad is DA BOMB!

  33. That picture of you with the spoonful of coconut oil! Love it haha!

    I have a HUGE jar of coconut oil literally the size of my head that I have yet to open up. In fact I’m kind of intimidated by it because I feel like once I open it I’ll have to use it everyday lol

    • OMG OPEN IT RIGHT NOW!! LOL!! I was intimidated by coconut oil for such a long time, but I got over it and now I go through those HUGE JARS in about 2 weeks 😉 You need to jump on board – immediately!!

      *Coconut oil keeps FOREVER! So don’t worry about “having to use it”!

  34. Okay, I seriously need to give this a try. I love salmon and asparagus! Two of my favs!

  35. I grew up on coconut oil (Jamaican) so this is a more than familiar product to me. As a citizen of Canada for over a decade now, I have my fair bit of salmon. Actually ate the fish for the first time in this country. I can honestly say though, I have never brought the two together!!!! That will change this weekend as I always have coconut oil in my house so I just need to go get some salmon. Thanks.

    • Oh man, your life is about to change… FOR THE GOOD!! I swear!!! Report back your thoughts on the combo! :)

  36. Interesting read I’m not a huge fan of fish but that does look good to eat. Thanks for sharing :)

  37. Oh, I actually had salmon tonight — but it didn’t have skin 😉

  38. OMGGGGGG this roll is my DREAMS AND HOPES all wrapped into a foodpile <3
    I do love me some salmon.

  39. Can I skip the salmon and just have all the asparagus please? 😉

  40. Oh my gosh, big salmon craving over here now! Those coconut oils, though. They sound amazing! I just have plain ol’ regular coconut oil at my house and I mainly just use it on my face…I’m obviously missing out on the many other uses!

    • OH MAN YES YOU ARE! I highly recommend Primal Essence – it’s only available on line, so go check them out – I swear you’ll be even more intrigued when you see all the flavors.

      As for coconut oil on your face…. I tried that and TOTALLY broke out! I am thrilled it works for you though because coconut oil really is an awesome moisturizer!

  41. My husband would love that salmon skin! I’d stick to the coconut oil 😉 haha

  42. Always learning something new when I swing by here. I didn’t even salmon had skin, I assumed they just had scales. But now that I think about it they obvi had to have the scales attached to something. But I digress, this looks tasty and I might be able to wrap the asparagus while the husband isn’t home and then quickly unwrap it and then maybe he’d still eat it…

    • BAH HA HA AH AH AHA! That’s so funny to me, it’s funny how we just kind of .. Eat blindly sometimes, right?! But now you know and NOW you need to consume ALL THE SKIN (just take the scales off!)

  43. TOTALLLLLLY guilty! I’m so ashamed. This is crazy – I was clueless! This looks and asparagus is finally coming back in season meaning I don’t have to spend my 401k on it anymore!! hehehehe.

  44. Give me that skin roll. GIVE IT.

    Let’s ignore the fact that saying “skin roll” makes me squirm.

    • I was WAITING FOR YOU TO COMMENT – when I mentioned “except for a few” I was thinking of YOU!

      And yes, “skin roll”… That sort of made me gag a little bit, but I am over it now! lol

  45. Salmon skin roll! Wowzer! Totally brilliant. I admit, I don’t often like the skin of poached salmon; but grilled? Yes. Anyway, this is really a wonderful recipe — I’m on it like a tiger on a zebra. :-)

    • Yeah, poached skin is not the best, I eat it – but I like is CRISPY more than anything else! :)
      And I am glad you pounce on your food much like I do! ha ha ha!

  46. Love salmon but not sure about salmon skin.
    I did see something that made me go hmm and who did I think of to research and test it…..YOU! Have you ever heard of eating the avocado pit? Apparently it should be ground up and eaten.Yeah I’m sure that will be the next thing I will be walking through Expo West and see “avocado pit flour or powder”.

    • WHERE ARE WE MEETING UP AT EXPO WEST?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?

      And yes, we are soooo going to see Avocado Pit Cricket Bars! BAH HA HA HA!

      • Oh we have to meet up! Are you there the whole time? I will have to send you my info!
        Avocado pit bars ok, crickets….. ummm NO!

  47. I AM NOT GUILTY, no fish last week, oops! I am very curious about these coconut oils though. What? Food or Sex? More like Sex and Food hi hi

    • RIGHT?! HI HI! Food and Sex for me too! LOL! One does not choose between the two… One gets BETWEEN THE TWO! ha ha ah ah aha ha ha!! 😉

      And you need to check out the coconut oils, IMMEDIATELY!! They’re only sold on line, so click on the link I supplied for ya!

  48. To be honest – I don’t fish but my husband loves salmon :) So I guess I will have to try this recipe – seems like a terrific one :)

  49. The recipe sounds really good!

    Southern Soul

  50. I love salmon and that I guess is my favorite fish. I love then in teriyaki but raw sushi or sashimi is even better. Obsessed? Might be near the threshold

  51. i havent had salmon in forever..and most of the time, i end up throwing it tooo. the idea of wrapped aspagarus sounds really good!

    • You need salmon in your life RIGHT NOW 😉 AND when you do it, DO NOT dispose of that skin – or SEND IT TO ME! LOL!

  52. Sounds delicious!

  53. Totally guilty here. All skins from fish and poultry skeeve me out. I have to get over this, I should think!
    As for food or sex, I choose sex and then food and then sleep. The perfect order of things.

    • Well we would compliment each other because you can just give me your salmon skin 😉

      AND I COULD NOT AGREE MORE… THAT ORDER = IDEAL!! Because I mean, who the heck feels sexy on a FULLLLLLL stomach! LMFAO

  54. Ok so you got me…I have been guilty of throwing away the salmon skin sometimes but only if I cook it because I can never get it to crisp up beautifully like they do in restaurants. Loving the flavor infusions in these coconut oils. These rolls are pretty great to, I just love the salmon and asparagus combo!

    • The trick to crispy skin = broiling it, but not for too long that you burn it! I swear, that’s the trick! :)

      And definitely check out those infused coconut oils – they are ON point!!

  55. I hadn’t heard of primal essence before. I think you got me too. We need to eat more fish. I would say sex, sleep, then food are my priorities.

    • I like that order of priorities! However, I think I would eat before I sleep! ha ah! But I guess if the cuddles after sex lead to falling asleep, then I get it 😉

  56. I love those primal essence coconut oils!! I haven’t tried them yet but they look soooooo good! I would never, never, ever, never, ever in a million years throw away salmon skin. There is nothing more perfect in this world than a crispy piece of fish skin. Mmmmm, mmm! My two doggies like to stare at me as I’m eating it and sometimes I give a little piece to them, but it’s just a little piece and only because I really love them a lot. Gotta go get some more salmon this weekend so I can make your deliciously yummy recipe 😉

    • OMG ONCE AGAIN – WE ARE SOUL MATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH ha ha ha ha! When are you coming to Los Angeles so we can feast on salmon skin together?!?!!?

  57. What a fun post – I really enjoyed reading it – and the salmon roll looks great!! Thanks for sharing on the “What’s for Dinner” linky!

  58. Those look so good!

  59. I love salmon and it is one of my favorites! The salmon and asparagus roll looks so healthy and tasty! I really need to try cooking with coconut oil as I am always hearing so many good things about it.

    • Oh you most certainly do!!! And it’s super tasty too, so that makes it easy to get down the hatch 😉

  60. I need that coconut oil! What a great idea! I bet it would be great on chicken too :)

  61. You tryin to catch me ridin’ dirty, GiGi? I know you are. Quit lying. What a fun recipe, though! I’ve never thought about using salmon skin as a roll up. Can you make fruit roll ups out of salmon skin next? :-)

    • Mixing salmon and fruit…. Hmmmm that would be something I would do, huh? LOL!

      And I am always trying to catch you ridin’ dirty?! 😉

  62. I love, love, love coconut oil, and that’s what I saute my (wild caught, Alaskan :) salmon in. All of my dogs get a tablespoon a day too! The health benefits truly are amazing. We can sometimes fudge on what we’re seeing in ourselves, but you should see these Labrador coats! They don’t lie.
    Will try primal! Thank you.

  63. Haha. I look forward to these each week. :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  64. bahaha i had no ideaaa where you were going with this post. but salmon skin eh?? i give it to my cat. even he doesn’t eat it. NO ONE EATS IT IN MY HOUSE. But i’ll try. For you <3

  65. I don’t want to alarm you, but yes. I have committed the travesty of disposing of salmon skin. I know, I know. I’m hanging my head in shame as we speak.
    I do think coconut oil is a gift from the Gods.

  66. So I totally had smoked salmon and asparagus rolls for lunch today! But I rolled them up sushi style. I haven’t ever made rolls with the salmon skin, but what you’ve made looks damn delicious!! And I LOVE the combo of salmon + asparagus. I can tell you are onto something!

    • Oh and it IS DAMN DELICIOUS I kid you not, kid you not 😉
      And isn’t the salmon/asparagus combo just MAGICAL… It’s out of this world!!!

  67. Oh yummy! This looks so good! …and yes! I’m a salmon lover! I had some on my salad at lunch! SO good. :) Hope that you have a great weekend GiGi!
    xoxo Cailee!

    • SALMON LOVERS UNITEEE! And swim upstream?! LOL!

      You have a delicious weekend Cailee and thank you for coming on by!

  68. you seriously find the best products! i so want the essence of oil of coconut goodness. and that salmon… swoon.. skin roll.

    • I found this coconut oil at the Natural Food Expo last year (it’s happening again last week)… It’s seriously the best stuff on earth – SUCK IT Snapple. LOL!!!

      I definitely thought of you when making and photography and DEVOURING this recipe too by the way. BECAUSE YOU NEEDED TO BE HELPING ME EAT IT!! 😉 I would have shared……… Maybe?

  69. I love salmon but I’m not guilt because I haven’t had any this week lol
    I haven’t heard of these oils. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing Gigi

  70. What a fun recipe! We love making salmon so I’m definitely going to be giving this recipe a try asap! Thanks!

  71. My wife loves salmon skin sushi, but it never occurred to me to try making something with salmon skin at home! I’ll have to try this!

  72. This looks super awesome and super easy, Gigi. Love coconut oil. This is definitely going on my ‘to-make’ list.

  73. Hahaha another LOL post – yes I am also a huge salmon fan esp when it’s grilled! OMG so scared if ever Kanye runs haha! Have a lovely weekend!


    • GIRL I WENT TO KABUKI last night and died…. Got their salmon skin handrolls, among other things. WHY THE HECK I HAD BEEN AVOIDING THAT PLACE FOR SO LONG is beyond me! I should be thrown in jail – lol!

  74. I love coconut oil for its health purposes – you know – oil pulling, I put it on my face as a cream at night, etc. (and it has helped)…. and my daughter started cooking with it, too! Looks like a great recipe – mom loved Salmon… I miss her so!

    • I BET if you used primal essence to OIL PULL, you would oil pull for an hour straight because it’s so tasty – that being said, you might not want to waste it because the tastiness is just to the max!!

      You’re lucky coconut oil on your face has helped too by the way… For me, it made me break out! 😮

  75. Lol you made me laugh! I am a newbow to coconut oil. So far I’ve used it to condition my skin and to feed my dog.

  76. I did eat salmon this week, I would never vote for Kanye, and I’m not convinced coconut oil is the panacea of health…but I do love cooking with it :) These infused oils sound so tasty. I’ll definitely have to give ’em a try!

  77. I just checked out Primal Essence right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE infused oils. There flavors are awesome, too. I can see myself making a zucchini noodles with chipotle chili or italian and then creating some apple slices dessert with vanilla oil. Yum…sweet dreams are going through my head now. Thanks for the introduction to them.

    • You’re very very welcome!!!!! I am always trying to promote delicious health ha ha! I hope you order some, YOU WILL NOT be disappointed!

  78. That looks SO delicious! I need to try this!

    Oh, and girl, no worries, the skin of the salmon is my favorite!

    • THANK GOODNESS YOU AGREE Rach!!! So many people have told me they throw it out and I am almost in tears over it! ha!

  79. I love the idea of infused oils? have you tried them for “Oil pulling?” I heard that was a “Thing”

    • I haven’t tried them for oil pulling because they’re so good, I don’t want to waste them like that! ha ah!

  80. All I can think about with this is how you told me NOT to eat the skin when I tried that salmon. HAAAHAHA. This looks lovely, as I told you when you first showed me the photo. I feel like an insider.

    • I just knowwwwww that if you’re a FISH NEWBIE… you might be a little SKEEZED out about it! But.. Um… If you want to go for it – YESSSS DOOOO! I mean, we are twins so I am assuming you’d ADORE THE CRAP out of it!!!

      And you are a TOTAL insider – DUH! #BridesmaidBitch

  81. I think you should call this dish “Silence of the Asparagus.”

    • LOL yeah, the asparagus is silent because it’s so happy being all wrapped up in that delicious salmon skin! ha ha!

  82. I love coconut oil! It is good for just about, skin, beauty products…the possibilities are endless!

    • Right?!?! And to think it was SHUNNED BY ALL for the longest time because everyone was so scared of saturated fat!

  83. Hi GiGi
    You really scared me for a minute when you flat lined – I’m getting to old for those scares. You sure make me laugh – I am never sure what its coming next in your posts! I actually ate baked salmon this past week & I use coconut oil on it.. I don’t eat it every week because its just too expensive where i live, but I do like it and it great treat. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • Isn’t coconut oil on salmon just the best?! It brings out even more of it’s amazing flavor! 😀

      You know what’s funny? I never have a clue what’s coming in my posts too. I give my fingers all the credit – they take over when they’re are the keyboard, LOL!

  84. I am just waiting for my asparagus to start popping up in my garden so I can enjoy it in fabulous dishes like this. Thanks for sharing on the Creative K Kids Tasty Tuesdays party. I hope you will join us again next week.

  85. I wish I loved fish more, dang it! I do like salmon, but don’t know what I think of the skin. Ewwww. I LOVE asparagus though! This flavored coconut oil looks amazing too! I didn’t know there was such a thing!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME YOUR SKIN then 😉 But I mean, if you don’t eat salmon that much – then you’re not really wasting the skin, so I cannot get “mad” at you!!

      And YES – the coconut oil is TOP NOTCH!! I highly recommend you check it out and get some! 😀

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    • HA HA! I conquered a hard feat huh?! I feel pretty BAD ASS right now if you ask me!!!

      And you MUST try those coconut oils, ASAP! – SOOOO friggin’ bomb!

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    • YOU PUSHED A BABY OUT OF YOUR … Cave of wonders?… WITHOUT MED?!?!? Oh we ain’t talking about salmon skin anymore. I now bow down to your greatness. You can do whatever you damn well please!

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    First off you have an awesome website. I like your writing style and how you really add so much friggin personality to it! I literally laughed out loud at a coffee shop when I saw that Kanye meme! With all the Kanye madness going on, it couldn’t have came at a better time! LMAO!!! I love the idea of the salmon wrapped asparagus, would have never thought of this. The girly and I grilled out the other night and did bacon wrapped asparagus and it would pretty awesome. Speaking of guilty, pretty sure i obliterated over a pound of steak in one sitting along with the bacon wrapped asparagus!

    I appreciate the tutorial, Im going to use this idea this week to surprise my lady! Major points will be scored! Take it easy! I look forward to reading more of your work and checking out your videos!



    • OMG YOU ARE MY KINDA DUDE!! I throw back a pound if not MORE in one sitting, NO JOKE – and you know what? I am NOT GUILTY about it AT ALL ha ha ha! And Bacon wrapped asparagus, nothing wrong with that BLISS – just think, you need some fat with your vegetables in order to absorb more of the antioxidants/vitamins/minerals! WINK WINK!

      And um… LET ME KNOW HOW MANY POINTS are scored in the very near future 😉

      Oh and I AM PUMPED you stopped by! Loveeee making new blog friends! New food fesh every TUESDAY – he he!

      • No doubt!! Totally agree! Good to know home girl, I will be back Tuesday with my note pad ready! And will let you know what the scoreboard looks like soon 😉 Later girly!

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    • Debbie, you do realize how appreciative I am of you for always stopping by even if the recipe I am sharing isn’t EXACTLY up your alley… SO thank you! :) I of course, I LOVE YOU TOO! Roasted asparagus for the win! This coming week’s recipe should fit your taste buds perfectly!

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    • INVESTIGATE and discover the deliciousness that is Primal Essence!! 😉
      And hey, if it’s growing on you and no one else… At least you don’t have to share with anyone – lol!

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    • HOLY LOUD ASS F-BOMB!!!!!!! YOU TOTALLY READ MY MIND! I was thinking about you this MORNING … Wondering where and how you are – and BAM! YOU LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And no, this is meant for EATING, not sticking it on your face – lol!

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    • You need to find Primal Essence!! :) It’s avail on line… It will definitely make you want to cook with it more!

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    • Isn’t asparagus AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! You’re like me with avocado! I only recently discovered just how AMAZING it is! 😀 😀 :D!!!

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