So Long Peanuts

Well what do you know!

This week is Food Allergy Awareness week, which means… we will all probably find out what other foods Miley Cyrus is “allergic” to!

Well, her microphone is gluten-free

Instead of paying attention to Miley’s retort after the media claimed she lost too much weight, go on and take a gander at a few celebrities who have actually been diagnosed with food allergies.

These celebrities are not just trying to GAIN more media attention by following some… “fad diet claim”.

Serena Williams: Peanuts

Ekaterina Makarova spiked Serena’s protein drink!

Billy Bob Thornton:  Shellfish, Wheat and Dairy

His eyes are swelling shut! Someone get him to the hospital! Oh wait, it may just be the botox.

Drew Barrymore: Coffee and Garlic

Someone get this woman an epi-pen, STAT!

Halle Berry: Shrimp

Halle could roll around in cow shit and still look hot

Joshua Jackson: Peanuts

Joshua has a personal aid when he goes into anaphylactic shock

Clay Aiken: Mint, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Mushrooms and Chocolate.

Don’t give me any shellfish b****

Food allergies really are no laughing matter though because some cases can be fatal… Clearly if you try and feed Clay any of the foods his body can’t handle, you run the risk of death too.

If you feel as though you may suffer just like these celebrities (Miley not included), check out some food allergy symptoms and consult your doctor right away.

So… Tell me:

  • Do you suffer from food allergies?
  • What symptoms arise when you eat the suspected foods?
  • Do you think Miley Cyrus is a complete and utter joke?
  • Do the Chuckie movies scare the PA-JESUS out of you? 




  1. OMFG that Chuckey picture was hilarious. HAHAHA IT does look like Clay Aiken!! BAHAH! Only allergy for me is dark chocolate..BUTTTT I don’t swell up and die, I just sneeze like I am trying to achieve an orgasm.

  2. Just had this scary thought of being allergic to chocolate cake. GASP! may that never happen to my food trap . Will have to carry the medical “epi-cake-pen” device to save me.

  3. I have no allergies to any sort of food. Actually, I have no allergies that I know of. Phew!

  4. Bell peppers are my only food allergy that I know. I feel sorry for Drew – can’t imagine being allergic to garlic. I practically main line that stuff!

    • OMG bell peppers, really! I love bell peppers, I am so sorry! What about hot peppers? And yeah, being allergic to garlic would be really hard, especially out at restaurants considering every dish these days has garlic in it! I think I would be unhappy if I were allergic to coffee too!

      • I can do hot peppers – go figure! I grew up eating bell peppers but in my late teens started reacting badly to them. Many many years later – still can’t eat them. But I lovvveee spicy food – ie – Korean!

  5. Wow, those are some random allergies! I am personally allergic to pineapple and kiwi which is sad because they’re so delicious. But at least they don’t really affect my every day life like some allergies that seem to be in everything.

  6. I do not know if I am allergic to anything. Gigi, what are you allergic to?

  7. I love that you used Chucky for Clay Aiken. Nice!

  8. Annice Gades says:

    A multitude of symptoms characterize the signs of allergic reactions, these may include running nose, constant sneezing and even itching. You need to understand however that these are very normal in life and should not be taken as the end of the world for you or the beginning of suffering.^

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  10. Love, love, love Halle… and leaving it at that.

    No allergies here, but am very aware how serious they can be (friends/family). Thanks for the share and laughs.

    • You’re lucky you don’t have allergies – it can be quite obnoxious when I go out to eat, lol… But I always get what I want because I mean, I am the one paying! 😀

      Glad I made you laugh – I have a ridiculous video coming tomorrow, stay tuned 😉

  11. I used to be terrified of Chucky!

    I have food intolerances…mostly vegetable related!

    • I am still terrified of Chucky! LOL. I wake up sometimes thinking… OMG he is under my bed, or in my closet!! And which veggies don’t settle well in your stomach? I have my fare share of intestine shredding veggies too! LOL!