Carmen San Diego is So Jealous!


You THOUGHT I was going to say Carmen Sandiego now, didn’t you?

But no… I was going to say: is are GiGi and Tara (The Food Pervert)…

.@thefoodpervert & I have some HUGE NEWS to tell you!!!! #Watch! #Blogging #Travel #Adventure

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WE ARE ON OUR WAY (or maybe by the time you read this… IN) TO TAIWAN!!

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited Pervy and myself (along with blogger Lynn Chen of The Actor’s Diet) on a CULINARY TOUR of the COUNTRY and we will be EATING OUR WAY THROUGH IT until July 21st!

So if you’re reading this on July 15th… Tara and I will be taking mass amounts of sleeping pills and having in depth drugged-up political debates on our 13 hour plane ride to Taipei

Taipei Taiwan

If you’re scanning this blog post on July 17th… Tara and I may be wolfing down Shaoshing Wine Marinated Chicken, Longfeng Legs and Sweet Potato Vines… Or… Scouring the night markets for fake Rolexes. 

Taiwan Night Market

Visiting the blog on July 18th? Well then Tara and I may very well be helping the local Taiwanese plant vanilla, taro, yams and mushrooms… Or… I may be watching Tara get SLOSHED at the King Car Kavalan Whisky Distillery


If it’s the 19th… You may be reading this at the EXACT MOMENT that Tara and I are hiking the Changchun Temple Trail… Or… Taking a stroll along the Tropic of Cancer… Or even… TWERKING to the music played in the Tie Hua music villages!


Looking over this post on the 20th? Tara and I could possibly be biking along Sunset Bay… Sloshing through the wetlands of Qifong… Exploring the old town of Hencheng… Or… Stuffing ourselves silly with bluefin tuna, pork rice cakes (yeah, that would be Tara) and loads of OYSTERS!

Tuna in Taiwan

And if you’re (sadly) reading this blog on the 21st… Tara and I will be slightly heartbroken that it’s out last day in Taiwan… But our final day will be filled with… “high-fiving” Mazu/Matsu, the Chinese Patron Goddess at the Grand Matsu Temple… Getting sprinkled with salt at the Jingzaijio Tile-paved Salt Fields… And to cap off an awesome itinerary… Receiving Taiwanese FOOT MASSAGES… All before boarding our flight back to Los Angeles!







As we will be sharing photos and tid-bits as we soak in (yep, it will be raining!) the CULTURE! 

Tara Redfield and GiGi Dubois

We’re ready!


  • Have you ever been to Taiwan? What should we expect?
  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
  • How do you keep yourself sane on long-haul flights?
  • If you were going to Taiwan, what would you want to see?
  • When was the last time you traveled internationally?
  • Ever been on a culinary tour?


  1. Oh my goodness that’s so awesome! I’m excited, proud, hyped, you name it… For you guys! You better drench your social media with all sorts of updates and fun stuff. :) – Jerusha,

  2. Wow, sounds like an amazing trip! I’ve never been there before but my son has and had an amazing time. Enjoy!!

  3. Super fabulous!!!!

    No but one of my friends met a woman here from Taiwan and he now lives there! From the photos he’s sent, it’s a beautiful place!

    Every international flight has been different, and I’ve taken many. The fact that you two buddies are traveling together will make it so much easier.

    I would like to go inland and see the mountains!

    • YES! I think Tara and I will be 100% fine on the plane because we have each other to talk to! :)
      And what’s stopping you – GO SEE THOSE MOUNTAINS!!

  4. Food and twerking! LOL. I love it. Your blog is lively and I appreciate the humor so early in my workday! Keep eating and bring back some good suggestions because I’m always looking for something new to eat!

    • I have to twerk off all the calories I eat, but of course! 😉 I promise to bring back lots of tips and tricks … AND MASSIVE AMOUNTS of photos!! THANK YOU for stopping by! Love making new friends!

  5. How fun! Yes, I was in Taiwain for about 24 hours. I am so jealous of all the amazing food you’re going to eat! I miss authentic Chinese food like crazy. NO Panda Express and PF Changs do NOT count.

    • 24 hours?!?!?! Um, tell me more about this QUICK TRIP!?

      • Blahahaha. Okay so just graduated college and dating this guy who was from Taiwain. As I was on my way to China for a job, we had made plans to fly to Taiwan together, I could meet his parents, and then the next day I’d fly in to China for my job. Of course DAYS before our flight he confesses that he cheated on me, we break up, but there is no time to change travel plans so…most.awkward.trip.ever. I am 100% certain you will have 500% MORE fun in Taiwain than I did. 😉

        • BAHHH HA HA HA! I am so sorry I made you re-live that HORRIFIC experience. I had something similar happen to me, however……. I wasn’t traveling to a foreign country and I could stay with my parents, as opposed to staying with him…. BAH! Well, I am sure you learned from that MISTAKE – and at least you can cross Taiwan off your bucket list! lol


  7. What?!!! Can you fit me in your suitcase? Sounds like an amazing trip! Have a fantastic time :)

    • I could try, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to take you back to the states cause I plan on bringing back LOADS of souvenirs!!

  8. Michelle Drechsel says:

    First thought: The Taiwanese Tourism Bureau is super brave! Haha, have an amazing time. I am super impressed that you got such an awesome travel opportunity and your itinerary sounds spectacular. Chair Yoga on the flight is my only (too late) recommendation! That and plan enough time for the end of the super long movie. I still don’t know if Secretariat won or not, thanks Air New Zealand.


  10. This is amazing! Can’t wait to see the posts!!!

  11. Say whaaaaa?? I need for cool countries to invite me to come visit and eat all their food! Have so much fun for me ; )

  12. Wow! My mind is boggled at the thought of all of the culinary creations you lucky ladies are about to partake! Enjoy!!

  13. That’s so awesome GiGi, you guys are going to eat so much good food. I’m actually jealous!

  14. You should have postponed your trip. Because then we could have met. Suz > Taiwan

  15. This sounds like an amazing trip. I hope you guys have amazing fun and soak up the culture as much as you can before you leave.

    Kia / The House of KTS

  16. Hahahaha, I ALWAYS finish that line with “Carmen San Diego”… damn you, now that song is stuck in my head!!! –


  18. You will have a blast! Can’t wait to see what you eat or maybe I can?!?

  19. How fun, such an awesome trip you have planned! And I’m wondering why I wasn’t invited, don’t they know it’s my birthday (soonish)?!

    • HAPPY SOON TO BE BIRTHDAY!! Pissed that Taiwan did not get the memo :( I am pretending they knew about my birthday and this was their gift to me, ha ha ha!

  20. Oh my! I’m so jealous! I will definitely follow your adventure on instagram

  21. So cool, jealous and enjoy! Never been there and what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever put in my mouth? Depends is your blog R restricted or not 😉

  22. WOW!! This sounds so so exciting! Hope you are having fun!!

  23. Take a nice light fluffy blanket/shawl in your carry-on, you will think of me right around 2am ! Pack your own food woman !! That is a long long flight and again, you will think of me as all the haters around you will wanna jack your yummy food bahahha

    • Oh you best believe I am hitting up WHOLE FOODS before I head to the airport!!!!! HA HA! Gotta stock up for sure, because we all know with my food allergies… THERE WILL BE NOTHING on the airplane for me!!

      And trust me, I have done it before – I bring GOURMET meals and everyone gets mad jealous! he he he eh!

  24. So cool! How awesome! Have fun you guys. Can’t wait to read about it. My kids used to love that show btw

    • HA HA! I don’t even know if I remember that show… Although I remember playing a video game/computer game featuring her! 😉

  25. Never been to Taiwan and I’m so jelly of ya! Hope you had all of the boba you could handle!

  26. We’ll that’s a HUGE invite and honor. Your past history of food excellence and honest critiques speaks for itself. It’s going to be amazing !!!!! some of the most sinful and healthy treats you’ll ever see. Enjoy and keep s posted :) :) :) :)

  27. HOLY AWESOME-SAUCE!!! I can’t wait to see all of your eats and adventures!

  28. Holy cow, GiGi. Enjoy the heck out of it.
    I’ve never been to Taiwan and I’ve never been on a culinary tour. With my super-tasting, no one invites me on such things! Whereas I think a supertaster food blog would be awesome!
    Here I go.. making mac and cheese.. with pepperjack. Oh, the spices.

    Anyway, I want your life. Just for like.. a week. That’s probably all you could handle if we did Freaky Friday and you had to potty train Des.

    • HA HA HA! Hey, don’t knock that pepper jack – According to man friend, it’s the best thing on the face of the planet… On a burger 😉

      And hey, if that whole Freaky Friday thing does exist… We could totally swap lives… But ONCE Des is potty trained 😉

  29. I am so jealous right now––but also excited for you and Tara. I’ve never been to Taiwan or even that part of the world (It’s on my ‘Bucket List’). I can’t wait to see all the pictures on Instagram! 😀 Have a fun and safe trip. Be careful what you put in your mouth. 😮

    • I hopefully can MOTIVATE you to go to that side of the country when I come back and show you all my photos!!! :)

  30. Yes, I used to live in Kao Hsiung

  31. Sounds like a dream trip! I love to travel and experience new countries– enjoy!!

  32. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! Safe travels!!!!!

  33. Words cannot express my jealously. I’ve never been to Asia, but I just got back from Greece. Maybe next trip…

    Weirdest thing I ever put in my mouth (and I’m assuming this needs to be PG-13) is probably uni. Only because we just learned it’s actually urchin gonads. Tasty, silky gonads.

    • NEXT TRIP = TOTALLY ASIA!!! I went to Hong Kong 9 years ago (holy hell I am old)… and it was PHENOMENAL!!! Obviously I will keep you posted about Taiwan, but I mean, if you think positively about everything, then nothing can go WRONG…

      AND UM… Since when is my blog PG-13? LOL!

  34. Wow! What a great adventure for you. I’ll send you a wave from mainland China :)

  35. Oh. My. Goodness! What an exciting adventure! The last time I traveled internationally was a trip to Shanghai several years ago. 18 hours from Newark to Hong Kong – ugh. We had several adult beverages and watched movies to pass the time. Safe travels and have a blast!

    • I remember flying from Newark to Hong Kong 10 years ago!!!! OMG – I remember it not being so bad, but who knows, I could have hated it, I just don’t remember 😉

  36. Omg you are a freaking rock star!! Enjoy Gigi!!!

  37. Taiwan is definitely on my list of places to visit. Your photos make me want to go there right now. The night market looks awesome.

    • OH I will be posting a TON of photos starting TOMORROW Doreen!!! Just you wait :) And I will post the whole itinerary too so you can hopefully one day plan a Taiwan trip for yourself :)

  38. That’s so exciting!! Have a great time and have some yummy exotic fruit for me!

  39. WHAT WHAT!? You’re going to Taiwan!? Oh em gee, I hope you have a ton of fun, and that you get to eat the world!!! (Figuratively, of course!) I went there for the first time in 2012 and the street food is so yummy! <3

    There is a super special awesome buffet there filled with ALLLLL sorts of goodies and amazingness called "馬辣" (literal translation = "horse spicy," but no, they don't serve horse there–at least not to my knowledge, haha).

  40. I’m so excited for you and so selfishly sorry for myself. I thought you’d be at Blogfest. Oh well, someday…In the meantime, have a marvelous time!

    • I know! I am bummed that these two events had to happen at the same time, but when it rains, it pours, right? I cannot wait to read your recaps!

  41. Come to THAILAND and visit me!!! Have fun!!!

    • GIRL! So many people have asked me why I didn’t decide to EXTEND my stay and travel other places – DAMMIT! If I did, we totally would have stayed with you, even if you said no! LOL!!!

  42. I LOVELOVELOVE how you SEIZE LIFE!!!!!

  43. wow, how fun. You are going to have an awesome time. Enjoy ALL the food!

    • THANK YOU! SO far I have eaten all the food I brought with me on the plane, and we still have 10 hours and 30 minutes! ha ha ah ah!

  44. Wow! Sounds fantastic! I have never been to any Asian country and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be too courageous about the food. But you only live once! Have a fabulous time!

    • RIGHT?! You have to live with that motto – you do only live once, so you might as well try and experience EVERYTHING!!!

  45. So jealous this looks like an amazing trip! Enjoy!

  46. Woohoo! What an amazing trip! Never been to Taiwan, it’s on the bucket list so I’m looking forward to keeping up with you on Instagram. Have a great time! 😀

    Me and Lynne will be off Gorilla Trekking in Uganda in December, you’ll have to keep up with US then. 😉

    • YES! Hopefully my photos will be so amazing, it will feel like you’re there, thus you can X Taiwan off your list! LOL! Just kidding, you’ll still have to go!

      AND OMG – UGANDA! You’re joking!!!!! I AM TOTALLYYYYYY going to be keeping up with you! Africa is a huge deal to me!

  47. Wow that sounds like an amazing trip! I can’t wait to see what you gals end up eating/experiencing!

  48. Wow! You guys are having so much fun! I too wish to come with you! Can I? :)

    • Well we are currently on the plane… So you might have to jump on the next flight 😉 But you’re more than welcome to bunk with us in the same hotel rooms! lol

  49. that sounds amazing! Have a great time!

  50. You scored! What a fun trip. I’ve never been to Taiwan, but would love to go sometime. We expect pictures — lots and lots of pictures — and detailed notes on everything you eat. 😉 Have a great time!

    • Oh you better believe LOTS of pictures and videos are to come. Tara and I have already made… Ohhh about 10 videos, and we have only been on the flight for 3 hours!

  51. I’m so jealous! I’ve never been to Taiwan but I imagine the food there will be amazing. I always love to visit the local markets whenever I’m traveling. In Thailand, we came across a ton of exotic fruit I’ve never heard of. Hope you enjoy your trip!

    • Oh tomorrow night we are headed to the Night Markets and we are so pumped! :) Currently on the plane right now – thank goodness for the WiFi!

  52. You will have fun. You are fun. I want to hear about everything you don’t eat!

    • HA HA HA HA! OH yes, I will certainly be taking pictures of ALL the food… I DO NOT EAT, lol! Just took one of the first in-flight meal…. Yep. Didn’t eat that 😉

  53. AHHHHHH! I am so jealous and excited for you! Eat up and HAVE FUN! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!

  54. I’ve been through the airport many times– filled with Hello Kitty! It cracks me up. Never actually stepped outside the airport though :) Lots of Taiwanese come to Malaysia for the “nightlife” — always a bunch of crazy kids! Welcome to Asia!

  55. I’ve never been to Taiwan, but what an amazing adventure!!! Eating my way through a country sounds like a great way to get an authentic experience. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • OMG IT IS THE BEST THUS FAR… But just so filling too! ha ha ha! I hope you’re following us on Social Media cause hot damn, there are some interesting photos! 😉 #ItsOnTaiwan – ha ha!

  56. Gurrrl, I haven’t even been to Little Taiwan in New York City. Never head of it? Me either.

    • BAH AH! Well after this trip, I may be able to start one in NYC & LA … Thanks to everything I am learning about the food and culture! HOT DAMN.

  57. Sounds amazing!! I bet you both are having such a blast right now! Take lots of pictures!

  58. Eek! So jealous! What a fantastic trip! I am jealous of all the delicious food you will eat, can’t wait to vicariously live through your pics 😉
    I’ll be jamming to the Carmen San Diego theme song for the remainder of the day. Ah what an awesome game/show.

    • Go follow the HASHTAG #ItsOnTaiwan on Instagram & Twitter and you will see the food. OMG I am so friggin’ full… It’s only been 2 days but I swear I already put on 10 pounds, lol!!!

  59. Ahhh!! So excited for you! Aaaaand slightly jealous ;).

  60. That’s AWESOME!! Can’t wait to see all your photos and adventures :) I’ve never been to Taiwan or on a Culinary Tour but I’m not interested in travel really and am not a Chef. I’m really a very boring, dull person 😛 Haha I am watching Seinfeld and that makes me happy LOL! Hope you guys have a safe journey! Can’t wait to hear all about it – take care GiGI! Have a great one lovely -Iva

    • Girl, each to their own! Sometimes chillin’ on the couch is the BOMB and I am actually pretty pumped to do that when I get home cause MAN I am exhausted from the epic-ness that has been this trip! ha! 😉

  61. So fun and exciting, can’t wait to follow you two on Instagram! Congrats on scoring such an awesome trip!

  62. Only been to Canada twice. Last time was the summer before high school.

  63. Oh my gosh!! That is amazing! Have the best time!

  64. Wow. This sounds so exciting. No, I haven’t been to Taiwan. I’ve only traveled to countries in North America and Europe but many of them. I’m so excited to hear you may be planting mushrooms and vanilla on July 18 (my birthday!) I’d love to hear how you do it. I wonder if the climate is ok for us to plant both in our back yard. I will be looking forward to a video or quick mention on it. Safe travels.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The climate here is VERY humid…… And mushrooms LOVE the heat for sure! 😉

  65. How fun! What a great experience!

  66. I’m so jealous! Taiwan is definitely on my travel list once I’m done with Europe.

  67. WOW GIRL, what an experience!! I’ve never been to Tawian or been on a culinary tour – didn’t even know there was such a thing! LOVE seeing your journey via IG. Keep it up!!

  68. I’m just finally catching up with last week’s posts and you’re already off in Taiwan! I’ve never been but have travelled quite extensively. Last place was Phuket.
    I haven’t been on a culinary tour but have an invitation for one in Jordan in September that I’m seriously considering. Been on many wine tours and have begged friends to burn the pics, lol.
    Have a great time, girl – I’m SO jealous!!

    • OMG Jordan?!?!?!?! How did this invite come about? I WANNA GO? I wonder what kinda food they’d SERVE!

  69. How cooool!! Congrats!! Can’t wait for the updates. Safe travels.

    • I hope you’ve been following along in IG & Twitter & Facebook 😉 – Will be posting a blog review (of course) when I return! I mean, what else am I going to do on a 13 hour flight…. Cause we ALL KNOW I won’t be sleeping, lol!

  70. Hope you girls are having fun! Whiskey distillery? Yes please! 😀

  71. What an amazing trip and opportunity!! I’m sure you’re having one helluva an adventure, can’t wait to read more about it. Safe travels!

    • The update will be posted later this week…. Depending on how jet lagged and DEAD to the world I am, considering how epic this trip has been! ha! 😉

  72. Can’t wait to see the posts, FedEx me some dumplings. I will also accept anything duck related.

  73. Hi GiGi, There’s nothing better than travelling with a girlfriend to a wonderful location like Taiwan!Thanks for sharing highlights of yourTaiwan trip with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  74. Sounds like you both are having a blast on your trip!! Hope it is amazing. Weirdest meal I ever had was probably reindeer in Iceland. Not weird from a taste standpoint (kind of like steak or vension) but just a strange thing to order.

    PS – Now I can’t get the carmen sandiego theme song out of my head. “She put the miss in misdemeanor when she stole the beans from Lima!…”

    PPS – I may have done a lip synching contest that involved the Carmen Sandiego theme song several years ago, along with the Fresh Prince theme song and Saved by the Bell.

    • LMFAO!!! We just did karaoke in our tour bus for 2 hours – but NONE of those songs were on the song roster, dammit!!!

  75. Not sure how much longer you’re there for, but I hope you’re having a blast! I loved Taiwan! Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy it so much. Weirdest thing I’ve eaten (and don’t be mad) lamb brains- that was in Tokyo I think. I’d love to go on a culinary tour! I’d be a good person to go on one, too. I eat everything and have no food allergies or aversions. So jealous!

    • BOOM! You would have been a GREATTTT person to go on this trip, no allergies or aversions! 😉 I… Well, you know! But tomorrow I am posting a FOOD round-up game from Taiwan, so you’ll see that I was able to eat my way through Taiwan without a problem… And in fact, too much food went down the hatch, ha ha.

      And girl – I would try lamb’s brain too if I got a chance 😉

  76. I missed following your whole trip!! Shame on me! But looking at those photos makes me want to travel again instead of tinkering away at home, haha. Taiwan looks quite crowded though
    Hope you two had a good trip!!

  77. So exciting! Thank you for sharing this at the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!

  78. OMG! This is so exciting! I’m late getting to this as I was off on my own travels, but loved reading this and seeing the pictures =) How fun!

  79. Switzerland!!!! =D
    ps. am super jealous of your taro eating. OMG!! And the beautiful hikes, biking & walking!!

  80. That’s amazing that the Taiwan Tourism Bureau sponsored your trip! Hope you had a fabulous time! :)