Teenage Mutant Mint Chip Ice Cream

Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael would most certainly be exorbitantly flabbergasted by the absolute inventive brilliance I am about to reveal to you.


That’s because the creation is engineered and sculpted to the highest degree of perfection.


I have a SLIGHT feeling Leonardo would have said: Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticationIf he had the chance to gaze upon the masterpiece.

And Donatello might have actually wanted to hire me (or Vianessa, who helped me in the kitchen this week) as one of his sculpting assistants.


But uh… Yeahhhhh. This is GiGi Eats CelebritiesNot GiGi Eats Polymaths… So, er, um… I am actually not talking about THOSE gifted gentlemen…


The dudes I am really talking about: those anthropomorphic green “guys”… That you might find in a tank at the pet store … However, in this case, you’d find them in a sewer, scarfing down a crap ton of oddly-topped pizzas.


The Leonardo I am actually talking about would probably say upon seeing my “kitchen procreation”: COWABUNGA! 

And Donatello would most likely be jealous because he’s known for being the one to invent complete and utter “awesomeness” and this time… I beat him to it!

If you want to know exactly what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wished they could order as a topping for one of their pizza creations [Hint, Hint DOMINO’S]… Well, watch the radical recipe get WHIPPED UP below! 

TEENAGE Mutant Mint Chip Ice Cream


WHAT are you waiting for? Get your ice cream maker…

  • Freeze ice cream maker bowl for roughly 18 to 24 hours prior to making this recipe.
  • When ready… Turn on ice cream maker (after putting the mixer and cover on top… And start pouring in the ingredients. Coconut milk first, then sweetener, followed by protein powder, dark chocolate, stevia and food coloring.
  • Grab a spoon and help the ingredients churn together by getting your utensil in there and help with the mixing process. 
  • Add the water and continue to help machine stir. 
  • Let the machine churn the combination for roughly 20 – 25 minutes. 
  • Then if you feel like not sharing with anyone and eating it straight out of the ice cream maker… GO FOR IT… I ain’t judging! 


So Tell Me…

  • Who wants an ice cream maker now?
  • What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  • TMNT… Fan? If so… What era did you like those slimy green guys best?! (Me: 1980s & 90s)
  • If you were a fan… Which turtle do you like best?
  • Do you remember anything from grade school history class?
  • What summer movies are you most excited to see?


  1. Yum!!! My kids are obsessed with TMNT!! Apparently today is a TMNT day for them (as they dress head to toe in TMNT stuff), so this is perfect!!

    • OMG really?! Well then, I released this recipe on THE PERFECT day!!! I highly recommend you serve this treat up later today, I KNOW they’ll love it! It’s seriously an amazing ice cream replacement… :) Happy TMNT DAY! haha!

  2. Yes, I am a TMNT fan! Looking forward to the new movie! The ice cream look delish! I love ice cream with any kind of chocolate chips in it! Love your shirts! #bestofblogs

    • :) The shaved chocolate worked amazingly well in this, there weren’t huge chunks, but the perfect accent to the ice cream!

  3. Sharareh Drury says:

    I massively need an ice cream maker if its this easy to make delicious and guilt-free ice cream. =P!! My fav flavor actually is mint chocolate chip so you nailed this one for me girl!

    • OMG YES YOU DO! Register for an ice cream maker, or 5… So you can make 5 different flavors at a TIME!!!!!!

      Can you please make this recipe this week and let me know what you think?!??!! It will be like we are making it together. Except – not? LOL

  4. Whoa! That ice cream is so bright! What an amazing color!

  5. This is perfect!!!! I want some now!

    • Oh me too! ME TOO! And I could totally make it again RIGHT NOW!! Gotta love when you remember to put the ice cream bowl in the freezer! 😉

  6. This would have been perfect yesterday instead of the ice cream cone I ate. I suffered with indigestion all night from the lactose.

    • UGH! That episode will just remind you never to tamper with lactose again, ha! Hopefully you enjoy this recipe of mine!

  7. Gigi, this ice cream looks amazing! Although I’m going to use the vanilla stevia instead, because I can’t deal with mint (not even in toothpaste, I get the strawberry kind for kids, lol). Speaking of kids, I’m LOVING the TMNT t-shirts! And I’m with you—I’m an 80s/90s TMNT gal. Anything after that feels like a mere shadow of the cool original.

    Anyhow, I’m stoked to see Ghostbusters, even if people didn’t like the trailer. Melissa McCarthy cracks me up every time, not to mention…Ghostbusters!

    • Oh yes, you can totally nix the peppermint, I have made straight up vanilla ice cream with this exact recipe and it’s amazing… If I do say so myself (bias much? lol). I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

      Ohhh and I just saw an AD for the Ghostbusters movie!I won’t lie to you, it kinda looked like it might freak me out – LOL!! #wimpy!

  8. Give me alllllll the ice cream! Since getting my Vitamix, I literally have it every day. The weirdest one I’ve ever made was cabbage. It really was good though!

    • Cabbage…. Er. Um. Well, I mean, I did see some people posting ice cream recipes with spinach at one point, so I guess cabbage isn’t all that FAR OFF. Granted, um… It’s a little more pungent. HA! I am going to need to examine said recipe. PS: if you come next week – I think after you may need to stop by my kitchen and we MAY need to film something. #justsaying!

  9. Ok I am gonna need my own ice cream maker now!

  10. I do love me some TMNT. Donatello is my favorite. GiGi – you have made my dye! Natural food coloring! I knew it had to exist, but I didn’t know we could buy it. I hate hate hate artificial dyes. My kids seem ok after consumption, but I’ve heard the horror stories. I don’t trust it.

    • I agree x 1000000!! I totally was going to go the 1000% natural approach with juicing spinach or what not, but then … I found these food colorings and I really think the universe had my back that day, wanting to make my ice cream making that much easier! LOL!

  11. I never thought of purchasing an ice cream maker until this post…but oh my goodness now I need to!

  12. I’ve made ice cream, but it’s been a while. I definitely would try yours!

    Chocolate chip or pralines and cream.

    Not a ninja. but I am a Ronin.

  13. I just went for a walk outside and its HOT. now I see this and I’m jealous. Looks delish!

  14. Cool! You even have it as a prefect Color of green too

  15. mint chocolate chip is one of my faves! Now, if only I had an ice cream maker…..Also, I used to love TMNT. I’ve only seen the old-school version that I watched as a kid, but I remember liking Donatello the best. Nerds for the win!

    • I have only seen the old school version too, and I friggin’ loved it… I don’t know if I want to potentially “ruin” it?? LOL!! You should try making this with a blender and let me know how it turns out! 😛

  16. I so need an ice cream maker!!! This looks fab!

  17. That looks quite yummy actually, and I have a friend that is a big fan of ninja turtles, so she would probably love this post!

  18. YUMMMMMMM! This sounds awesome sauce =D

  19. So very cool! We are big Ninja Turtle fans here and I know the kiddos would love it! Love your shirsts too!!

  20. Oh my gosh! Incredible, luxury treat!

  21. While im not a mutant ninja fan, i definitely am a fan of this icecream woop woop :) Sounds and looks super yummy!

  22. I used to love the cartoons as a kid in the 90’s, lol! Your recipe looks soooo good and you guys had my cracking up from your video!

  23. I love love ice cream (unfortunately for me :) :) ) and it’s summertime… looks so so good!

  24. Hilarious video Gigi! This is totally me and my friends trying to do…anything that requires skill together.
    I still haven’t seen the most recent Ninja Turtles so I need to see that before the new one lol
    I am looking forward to checking out x-men.

    • HA HA! YEAHHHHHHH – me in the kitchen is KINDA a hot mess, I must say, but hey, what comes out is pretty friggin’ tasty! 😉

      And I saw XMEN this past weekend – AWESOME!!

  25. I used to eat ice cream but now I do Arctic Zero :) COFFEE flavor!!! I do love a lot of their flavors though. I have to be careful of the Erythriol. Small doses only.

    As a kid back east, mocha chip was my fave flavor!!!

    • Arctic Zero just sent me a gift box. But I cannot eat whey/dairy. Want it? LOL! I am actually dead serious though.

  26. what a cute post! the ice cream looks amazing. we have an ice cream maker and it NEVER gets used. maybe it is time to remedy that!

    • OH MAN YES! REMEDY THAT!!!! You will thank me, I promise! I sometimes make ice cream for dinner 😉 Cause I am an adult and all!

  27. While your ice cream looked delicious, I don’t think I am going to take on this challenge of making my own – I love ice cream too much to spoil it! Liked your videos a lot. :)

    • OMG no way. You would not spoil it at all, you would “sweeten” it… Because you would be making it healthier, but your taste buds would NEVER know because it tastes so close to the real deal!

  28. Mint chip ice cream? It’s been way too long!

    • Right? I have not had it in about a decade and a half (prior to making this recipe) and it brought back some delicious memories! :)

  29. My Brother and I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And I’ve always adored ice cream Going to have to pull out that wedding gift to try this!
    Thanks for linking up to #BestofBlogs Tweeting for you!

  30. Yum! That recipe looks great! Heroes in a half shell…turtle power!

  31. Yes I want an ice cream maker! But more so I just want the ice cream from this recipe because it is literally my favorite since I was a kid. I can’t explain it, Mint Chocolate Chip stole my heart at age 3. It was love at first site, or more at first taste. LOL. I’m kind of a TMNT fan but it was more so my brother who was in to it growing up. I don’t really know all of their names either.. just being honest. And History class? Uh not really. Just that Columbus is a jerk off who aided in killing millions of Native Americans…lol. And we give this fool a holiday. smh. And movies this summer? Not sure…anything good with hot actors preferably. Want to go see one with me?

    • Last night I was asked some History Questions… And I stupidly did not remember the answers. It’s rather sad how my selective memory has cut off all retention of factual and “important” information about our country’s history… However, my retention of loving MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM – STILL THERE! hahaha!!! Now I need to know HOW MCCI stole your heart at the age of three! 😉 So if J was sitting on a counter and a carton of Mint Chip was sitting on the counter… WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!?!?!? lol!

  32. I recently bought an Instant Pot which is a pressure cooker, slow cooker and ice cream maker all in one. I took it out of the box and realized I probably need an engineering degree to operate it and put it BACK in the box, lol. I’ll get it out eventually.
    Me and the turtles are not friends. I was forced to watch them so much when my nephews were little that I can’t take another single episode! lol
    I do, however, LOVE this ice cream! Did you know that you can get stevia plants now? I want to check it out. Apparently most garden centers carry them.
    You guys are really fun together! The photo rocks!!

    • STFU! INSTANT POT… GOING ON THE REGISTRY – but seriously. I want to make 2 different ice cream concoctions at the same time…. And then MAYBE try my hand at using a pressure cooker… Not sure what to do with that but it’s all about experimentation, AM I RIGHT?! HA! That sounded slightly sexual because my brain ALWAYS goes in THAT direction, he he he!

      Funny that you don’t like THE TURTLES – Loved them when I was younger. Haven’t seen the most recent movies to be honest… And I don’t know if I want to “ruin” my experience – but I am thankful they spurred up my desire to make MINT CHIP i the kitchen!! :)

      AND YES! Grow a stevia plant and let me know how it turns out! It would probably be a waste for me as I kill everything! LOL!

      • I bought it for the pressure cooker but after reading a little bit about it, I’m terrified to use it! hahaha! My partner tells me to be sure I video it when I do cos it will go viral on youtube. I’m so scared of some gadgets!
        I recently bought a culinary torch and managed to set off the smoke detectors in record time! I’m a disaster, ha!

        • OMG YES PLEASE VIDEO IT! PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!! I have a few videos that I have not posted that I KNOW would go VIRAL – ha, but…… Not sure if I want to reveal them! 😉 I get it, however, THIS WOULD BE HYSTERICAL!!

          And you think YOU are a disaster. If only you really saw what happens in my kitchen – I mean, I am a video editing QUEEN!

  33. I’m a fan of mint ice cream, mostly nostalgia from eating it as a child. These days I prefer Vanilla Bean with a handful of Dark chocolate espresso beans.

    Donatello was my favorite. I liked the gadgets. Perhaps that’s why I’m an Engineer in WoW?

    I remember a lot from all of my history classes. It’s one of my favorite subjects and I still read history books for fun. What does that say about my Saturday nights?

    • Donatello can be thanked for your current profession. HA! See – cartoons do help development??? 😉

      Oh and while I do love history… My memory is embarrassingly horrible. Last night = prime example. UGH!

      • Wait? What happened last night?

        • Let’s just say Trivia + Me = a HOT HOT HOT MESS.
          If you were held ransom and the ransom was for me to answer a HISTORY TRIVIA question…. Yeah, you would never see the light of day again, LMFAO!

  34. Mint chocolate chip ice cream has always been a favorite of mine, and I love this mutation! lol

  35. I LOVE TMNT, and chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite! I need to put the ice cream maker drum in the freezer so I can make this!

  36. It would be SO dangerous for me to own an ice cream maker! however, this green goodness is actually GOOD for ya, so yeah…I’ll be making this soon :) Cowabunga, dude!

  37. I do want an ice cream maker but am confused as to which one to get. Ideas?

    I met these turtles at Disney World many years ago and when getting autographs for my nephew, I had to remind Donatello how to spell his name!


    • I actually link to the EXACT ice cream maker above when I describe how to make the recipe – and I have had ZERO problems with it, it’s been amazing! :)

      Here: http://amzn.to/1sMM92k

      • Thank you. I did click on the link when I read the post but I was using my smart phone and I couldn’t enlarge the screen enough to read it. Sorry! Will check out the ice cream maker you have.

  38. I want an ice cream maker–I do! I do!

    That is some delicious looking ice cream. Also? Mint chocolate chip happens to be my favorite flavor AND i love the color intensity in your photos. Thanks for sharing this :)

  39. Oh my gosh, soooo freaking fun!!!! Mint Chocolate Chip is hands down my fave ice cream on the planet!!!! Ok, ok, I know I say this every time but Mint Chocolate chip pancakes OMGGGGGGGGG!


  40. My son watches these turtles! I am going to make this and give it to him while he watches! Haha

  41. This sounds all sorts of amazing! I need to dig out my ice cream maker once I move into my new apartment! <3 (I love that this uses protein powder too, because I've been meaning to find things to throw some more protein into! 😛 )

    • YES!!!! You could always use a little more protein 😉 I have soooooo many protein sample packs all around my house I need to use in this recipe. I have only used SunWarrior thus far and it’s amazing – so I am kinda scared to use other brands (aside from NuZest)… But we shall see! It’s all about experimenting, right?!

  42. An icecream maker has been on my list of things to acquire by the end of this year. I love the color of this ice cream

  43. Checking in for my dose of laughs and yummy ice cream!!!

    Come check out the 3rd installment of my collab with Los Angeles based brand TOBI – I’m sure you’ll love it!!

    Happy Wednesday!!


  44. I’ve never seen TMNT – i must have came right in-between the original and the re-boot(s). To be honest we didn’t watch a lot of TV but when I baby sat the kids would play with TMNT lego!

    • Ah ha! Actually, it’s good you didn’t watch a lot of TV – you probably par-took in OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES which is something this society lacks in doing these days! WOMP!

  45. I need to share this with my Sister-In-Law! My nephew loves TMNT everything!

  46. Dude…yes. This looks so good hahaha. I approve. Make dis shiat fo me!

    • I want it as my “wedding cake” – LOL! But I actually wouldn’t want to share and I would most likely drip it ALL OVER my dress, so… Maybe not?

  47. I totally laughed out loud at your introduction to the recipe! I think I’d love tis.

  48. Don’t you just love saying cowabunga? Such an expressive word. Dude. Anyway, love mint. Love chocolate. Love green. You really scored a win with this one. Thanks!

  49. This sounds amazing. I seriously wish I had an ice cream maker, but since I don’t I’m determined to find a way to recreate this without one.

    • In the video, I mention the way you could make this with a BLENDER 😀
      But … I highly recommend you invest in an ice cream maker Giselle. Seriously!

  50. Hey Ladies! I love chocolate chip mind, but ya know what I love more? The way you gals made it! yep Sugar free and packed with protein, and you even got me to watch the whole video! I have a very short attention span! Definitely asking for an ice-cream maker for my b-day!!!!! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

    • Holy Moly! I got you to watch the WHOLE video?! That is an insane feat because people’s attention spans these days are not what they used to and I mean, 7 minutes of your life was gifted to me, so I appreciate you far more than you know… Which is why I am gifting you with this HEALTHIFIED ice cream recipe that I KNOW you will adore! :) Thanks Candace!!

  51. I used to LOVE cookie dough but now I love tons of flavors–chocolate, cinnamon, pistachio, strawberry sorbet, mango sorbet, or anything CRAZY! LOL! I can’t wait to make more healthified ice creams in the future!
    ALSO I’ll keep in touch with our collaboration too! CANNOT wait to whip up something magical with you!

    • YES!! I was actually thinking about our Collab Cassie… Perhaps we should do something a bit more SUMMERY, more “MERICA” cause we will be filming and I will most likely be posting this video around 4th of July!! Lets think outside of the box when it comes to burgers and what not! OMG I JUST GOT AN IDEA! hahahaha!

  52. Ahhh I really do need one of these. I would be eating ice cream everyday all day and part of the night. I don’t drink but how about two shots amaretto and a half measured cup of strong expresso mixed in in place of mint ????? I do love mint chip bought some coconut milk ice cream the other day. When is the crispy salmon skin / bacon chip version coming out :)

    • That rendition of ice cream is coming out in one of my upcoming videos – or when I release the Coconut Milk Ice Cream line I am working on! hahaha!

  53. I need this in my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    It’s really freaking cold in Sydney right now but I would totally eat this (in front of a fireplace, hahaha) because I am all for mint flavoured anything… and icecream.

    I have an icecream maker as well as a single serve icecream maker (yup, it’s like a mini bowl with a mini blade for making single sized portions) and when do I use either? Pretty much NEVER… because I never have room in the freezer for the bowls. FAIL 😛

    • Girl, weather NEVER EVER stops me from the types of food I eat 😉 I have been known to eat COLDDDDDDDD treats in the dead of winter when it’s in the NEGATIVE degrees! Just drink tea right after, or crank up the heat – haha! IT IS WORTH THE EXTRA $$ on the utility bill, I PROMISE!

      Uhhh my ice cream maker is a single serve ice cream maker – LOL….. Does that make me a bad person? 😉

  54. I would write the words ‘Ice Cream’ in the picture, in the same font as the Turtles :)

  55. I have that same ice cream maker, in the same color. It was a wedding present. I love it. Mint chocolate is my favorite favor and Vianessa is right on, shaved chocolate is where it’s at! I’m still not eating dairy (and feelin’ amazing!!) but totally missing ice cream. I can have it now with your recipe. YAY!!! 😉 ps: the 80s TMNT were the best…like everything in the 80s. lol!

    • No but seriously. You can have it now with this recipe. Vianessa was utterly shocked with how amazing this tasted – she legit thought it tasted just like actual ice cream!!! And she definitely does NOT lock up the truth! haha!!! So pleaseeeee make it Karrie, enjoy and never ever ever miss ice cream ever again. Make your sexy red ice cream maker WORK IT!

  56. I’ve been meaning to attempt some ice cream making, especially with the summer months looming.
    And mint choc chip is my favourite!! One to add to my to do list for certain!

  57. Oh wishing I had an ice cream maker right now!! This looks so good and I love the color! Can you bring me a few pints to sneak into the movie? This might make it worth watching. While I grew up with the turtles I’m just not feeling them anymore…

    • Wait wait wait, YOU do not have an ice cream maker?! I am not believing this at all right now! HA!
      And you know what? Why don’t you just make the ice cream and sit down to a cute chick flick?! 😉

  58. Well you know I have an ice cream maker since I just posted a recipe. And this is the next one I want to try, love mint choco and I have peppermint stevia at home! OK you know way to much about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! How old are you ? 😉

    • YES! You have ZERO EXCUSES missy, you have to make this and let me know what you think by NEXT TUESDAY – okay?!?!
      And um, er, well… What if I told you I was… 40 years old? haha!

  59. I love all things 80’s! I also love that you were able to make this amazingly green mint chocolate chip ice cream with all these good for you natural ingredients! Cowabunga!

  60. Love your T-shirts. This ice cream recipe looks so delicious. I love that it’s vegan too. Want to have it right now :-)

  61. I so need to pull out my ice cream maker!! You are inspiring me!

  62. I love MINT ice-cream, and this one here looks super yummy and so refreshing. I wish I could have a GIANT bowl of this beauty for breakfast today. :)

  63. I’ve got to get an ice cream maker as this recipe looks fabulous. And mint chocolate chip IS my favourite!

  64. My 7 year old Ninja Turtle-Loving nephew would think I am the COOLEST AUNT EVER if I made this for him – so you know I am making this for him. And eating my fair share. :)

  65. A couple of weeks ago I had a HUGE pregnancy craving for mint choc chip ice cream and I couldn’t find it anywhere! I really need to make my own.

  66. This is actually my FAVOURITE ice-cream flavour! And I love how it’s a healthier version. Woo hoo! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I remember when they first came out years ago and now they are totally back again. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles….now that song is stuck in my head, lol.

    • AH HA HA! AND NOW you got the song stuck in MY HEADDDDD! Ah ha ha! I guess I just need to go give myself brain freeze too while I am at it 😉

  67. My oldest was obsessed with the TMNT! We had to chase them down at Disneyworld when he was a tot! I’d be very content with mint chocolate chip ice cream but my favorite flavor has to be coffee :)

    • Ohhhh you’re like my mom – however she doesn’t eat ice cream anymore, but if she had to pick, it would be coffee too! I am actually not a fan of that flavor – ha! 😉

  68. SUCH a fun idea! Now I neeeed ice cream haha!

  69. Whoa – that is some bright green ice cream! Thanks for sharing your post with us at #CCBG http://tryit-likeit.com/link-party-it

  70. Love your shirts! We love TMNT so I know this would be a hit in our house! Thanks for sharing with us at The Wednesday Showcase!

    • Oh yes!! If it can be a hit with people who don’t even know what TMNT are… Then it will TOTALLY KICK BUTT with people that do!! :)

  71. Wow!! This green ice cream looks amazing! I love the vibrant green :)

  72. YUMMMM, I NEED! Love making homemade ice cream out of coconut milk, so I know I’d be all over this!
    ummm, let’s make a flavor when I stay over?!


  73. So fun! Believe it or not, my kids think TMNT are awesome and they’d probably totally dig into this super green mint chip ice cream!

  74. Melissa says:

    Yummy!! Looks so delicious!!!

  75. HI GiGi,
    Yum! Ice-cream! I love it. I make homemade ice cream with the unsweetened full fat coconut milk with raw honey, maple syrup and/or coconut nectar and some kind of fruit. This mint chocolate chip looks and sounds delicious. By the way I want one of those T-shirts! Love your video. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

  76. omg my nephew would LOVE this! He loves the turtles!

  77. This sounds so tasty! YUM!

    I’d love for you to share it with my Recipe and Crafts Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  78. The way to this woman’s heart is through her stomach and you got it! I’m a real sucker for ice cream and this recipe is scrumptious! I’ll definitely be checking out your future articles.

  79. Oooo…. Yum!!!!!!! This sounds so tasty!

  80. I cannot take my eyes off the screen! Haha. How did you figure out 35 drops would get that shade?

    • RIGHT?! And it’s all about trial and error – we just kept adding more and more drops until we came to that amount! haha!

  81. Hi Gigi,
    My son in law played one of the Mutant Ninja Turtles on television.

  82. I love this recipe and just adore mint chip, can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

  83. This looks so awesome! I love how refreshing the mint chip flavor is !

  84. Love this. Your videos are hysterical. Since I have recently discovered dairy ice cream and me are not friends this looks like a yummy alternative.

    • I am so happy you enjoy my videos 😉 I will just have to keep making them now won’t I!
      And honestly, so many people have dairy allergies or do not get along very well with it, I am sorry to hear that but at the same time, I’ve come to the rescue!

  85. I am so making this recipe :) Thanks for sharing it in time for summer!

  86. You have no idea how much I love this ice cream recipe – especially for my little Ninja Turtles here at home! The color looks super yummy! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you added all natural food coloring! Pinning and stumbling for later! Yum!

    • YAY! You will NOT be disappointed ATTTTT ALL! I absolutely, positively have no doubt in my mind!! 😉

  87. I totally missed out on TMNT, but I am a 90’s kid. I swear the cartoons were so much better back then!! This ice cream looks fab, and I totally NEED an ice cream maker now!

    • OH 10000000% better! I don’t know WTF the kids are watching these days – it all looks ridiculous in my opinion.

  88. I would definitely try your ice cream, especially if you deliver it by drone. ha!
    Thanks for linking up with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg. Giving you all kinds of social media love :)

    • HAHA !! if the drone was also a freezer, then I could – if I didn’t DEVOUR IT before then! 😉

  89. You two look adorable in your Ninja turtles shirts. I grew up obsessed with this show and I love that they are making movies staring my cute strong turtles. That is a fancy can opener, they are getting more and more advanced, I would have overlooked it also. “Frozen base… Put it on your face…” I freaking love you Gigi! I need an ice cream maker in my life. My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream :)

    • YOU NEED AN ICE CREAM maker in your life – just don’t put the frozen bowl on your face – LOL!!!! 😉

  90. Hi GiGi,
    So healthy and delicious! My friends and family will eat this up! I am so delighted that you shared your delectable Teenage Mutant Mint Chip Ice Cream with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  91. What a wonderful color! I actually thought it was pistachio ice cream…that being said, yes I want an ice cream maker and my favorite flavor is pistachio! Featuring you for tomorrow’s party!

    Thank you so much for sharing this over at Healthy Living Link Party, I do appreciate it and I hope to see you again! Pinned :)

    • OMG you’re featuring me!!! I AM SO SO SO excited and thrilled and honored! THANK YOu Cristina!!! :)

  92. What a treat! Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious TEENAGE Mutant Mint Chip Ice Cream recipe with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  93. If I had an ice cream maker at home, we would ALL be in big trouble! I have a weakness for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and the thought of being able to have it at my fingertips… well, that’s a thought I should not be having!

    Thanks for linking up with us, GiGi! Not to be like Shredder or anything, but don’t forget to link back to us when you link up. :-) Hope you’ll join us again this week! http://www.flecksoflex.com/2016/06/thursday-throwdown-summer-is-coming.html #ttlinkup

    • You can make this recipe and then you wouldn’t be in trouble because it’s SO HEALTHY!!! I make this ice cream for dinner ALL the time! hahahahaha!

  94. This would be awesome. I teach history so I hope I remember a lot. I remember ecto cooler…oh wait that was ghost busters ! Would try this if I had an ice cream maker and eat it every night

  95. Hi GiGi,
    Just a note to let you know that I have chosen your posts as one of my features for this weeks Real Food Fridays blog hop that goes live every Thursday @ 7pm EST. Thank you for being part of Real Food Fridays and sharing your valuable information. Have a healthy happy & blessed week!

    • MARLA! I AM SO SO SO PUMPED!!! THANK YOU so soso sosososo much for wanting and actually SHOWCASING my recipe starting this evening. 😀 This recipe is so friggin’ good – I make it for dinner on the regular now (mixing up the flavors here and there).

  96. You better believe I remember the odd bits from 7th grade history class. Mostly because we had an awesome young teacher who performed the magic of making boring history sound interesting. And maaaaybe because he gave me as one of only two students a 1/A in a class test.
    What I don’t remember a thing about? TMNT. We didn’t have cable yet when it was on TV. I need that ice cream in my life to soothe my soul about the memories I don’t have ;).

    • Ummm can you remind me of 7th grade history please LMFAO!! I need to beat the fiance in trivia night!! We can go in on this together! 😉
      I will gift you with this ice cream as a THANK YOU!!!

  97. This looks amazing! Love me some TMNT and green ice cream!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us for #HealthyVeganFridays! I’m Pinning and sharing!

  98. WOWWWW
    This ice cream looks GOOD
    And I think, no – I’m sure, it’s calling my name!

  99. Those t-shirts are soooo cool! I need them too! And this ice cream, I love the combo of mint and chocolate :)

    • Head on over to TARGET ASAP! 😉 The t’s are super comfy!! They’re a must buy IMPULSIVE purchase – hahaha!

  100. Mint chip is my absolute favorite, so I wish I had a huge bowl of this right now!

  101. What a pleasure it will be to make this mint chocolate chip ice cream in my own kitchen!
    I am so delighted that you shared this healthy and delicious treat with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m Pinning and sharing this!