The Pig of the Fish World


Can you guess…


What kind of fish this is?

Let me give you some hints:

  • This fish eats anything (this is why I am calling it the PIGGY of the fish world), including poop (yep, you read correctly!) 
  • Its omega-6 to omega-3 ratio is 11:3
  • This fish may be worse for your health than hamburgers and donuts
  • Native to Africa, this fish is now farmed around the world

Give up? Well, watch the latest GiGi Eats video to find out!



  • Did you know that THIS FISH is not so good?
  • What’s your favorite fish/seafood?
  • Do you even like fish or eat it?
  • Did you have a pet fish when you were younger, or wait, do you have one NOW?
  • Aren’t Narwhals AWESOME!?
  • Share a fish recipe! 
  • What celebrity do you think this MYSTERY FISH looks like?




GiGi Dubois and Salmon Head



  1. Loved This Blog! Thanks for the priceless advice!

  2. What and interesting and informational blog post. I’ve never been keen on Tilapia. Now, I know why. Thanks for writing this post. I’m sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this I had no idea and I love Tilapia…this will make me think twice in eating it.

  4. Ok, I have the urge to get in my car, drive home and throw away the tilapia that is sitting in my freezer. Ewww! Ok, I do eat pork but for some reason this piggy fishy news is kind of grossing me out because I love tilapia!

  5. I had no idea about this! I’m not a huge fan of fish anyway but who knew tilapia wasn’t good for you?! Thanks for sharing!

  6. HAHAH oh my gosh, you have like, an actual fish, in your hands. I die. Americans get PLENTY of omega 6 in all the other crap we eat (well, the average American that is), so yeah, we don’t need all that. And farm-raised fishies? A big NO NO. I love wild atlantic salmon. Nom

    • Ah ha! Yes… And let me tell you, that fish head smelled SOOOOOOOOO BAD! Obviously I am in love with making weird videos. LOL!

      And I am right there with you – WILD SALMON for the WIN!

  7. I have eaten a lot of tilapia over the years, also caught them in the drainage ditch behind my house in Florida :) But now we prefer salmon and swai (poor man’s mahi I heard?) Maybe I’ll think twice before getting more tilapia.

    • OMG you caught them in the drainage ditch behind your house?!?! How crazy! Did you fry them up? LOL jk!

      I much prefer salmon – To be honest, I cannot even remember if I have ever EATEN tilapia before! I certainly hope you do think twice the next time you have the option of purchasing it!

      • I know, weird, huh! I guess they were either escapees from a fish farm or dumped from an aquarium. My ex used to put them in our tank and let them grow, LOL. I like the taste of tilapia, I have to admit, but I like swai just as well and even pollock isn’t bad. Salmon is awesome!

        • ah ha ha! That’s sooo funny! You had pet Tilapia, not everyone can say that, that’s for sure!

          Oh and Sammy and I are BFF – so much so, that he LOVES when I eat him – Ah! Did that come out wrong?

  8. The most important question is: does it taste good? :)

  9. Very good Gigi…very good!! I am proud of you 😛

  10. I have never been a tilapia fan…perhaps these is a reason!

  11. Sammy needs a booty enhancement, lol!!

    My favorite fish is Salmon, of course! However, Steelhead trout is also very good. Sorta a salmon impersonator. Try it if you haven’t.

    Several years ago the best president my university (UF) ever had was fired because of a poor joke he told at a private dinner party! The main course at the dinner was tilapia! I can’t get that connection out of my mind. Probably if I ate more omega 6 I would forget it, but my omega 3 fortified mind can’t.

    Congratulations on your recent educational endeavor! You’ve always had cred in my book, GiGi!

    • Your FAVE fish is my FAVE fish! Salmon all around!! 😀 And I adore steelhead trout, sometimes more than salmon. But shhhhhh… Don’t tell salmon I cheat on him sometimes, that’s our little secret!

      My omega-3 fortified mind helps me remember every last detail – people always ask me how I remember such crazy things, I just look at my fillet of fish and say, THERE IS YOUR ANSWER!

      And thank you Dr. J – that means a lot to me! More cred coming my way 😉

  12. I actually DID know this…but not before I ate a whole shit ton of it. Get it? Ok that was horrible. Great video and I’m tempted to count how many times you actually said “Talapia” because it was A LOT!! Thanks for always being the voice of reason GiGi!!!

    • BAH HA HA HA! Shit Ton! YES I DO – and I LOVE IT!!!!! 😉

      Now I am curious, I have to count how many times I say tilapia now – I just wanted to EMPHASIZE the fish I am DEMEANING!! I don’t want people to think SABLEFISH is unhealthy now! 😉

  13. Precisely why the hubs and I travel to Pulaski, NY every year to catch our own salmon right out of Lake Ontario! Just say no to tilapia! :)

    • OMG can I be invited on your next trip – ORRRRR can you send me some of your catch!! What’s your favorite part of salmon? I love salmon belly!

  14. Good info, I see stickers on the back of the fisherman’s trucks in the area I live that say
    ” Tilapia is not seafood” I hardly ever eat fresh fish although canned tuna, lox and sable I do enjoy. One of your sponsors has a good product line for canned tuna. Miley Cyrus and the mystery fish have the same hair cut. Sammy was a great very, well mannered.

    • AHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh Miley and Tilapia = BOTH TOXIC! What a phenomenal comparison!!

      I had some canned Tuna today – it was delicious. It was Bumble (which I don’t typically eat EVER) but this was different. It was packed in olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes and it was white tuna. Just don’t eat it in your car like I did. The oil went EVERYWHERE and now my car smells like sun-dried tomato fish, lol!

      Sammy BIT ME! He was not well mannered – ha ha!

  15. Tilapia was actually one of the first types of seafood I could eat… I don’t eat it anymore. I’ll purchase tuna and shrimp, that’s about it! I’ve had scallops out at a restaurant and liked them. I’m also a fan of sushi now!

    • I am glad you don’t eat it anymore. Keep on eating those scallops – SO GOOD!! :) When you sear them to perfection, they taste sweet, I love it! Sadly they’re so expensive – my wallet HATES ME when I buy them.

  16. I’m very bummed about this information!!! Tilapia has been my favorite seafood for a long time now I’m feeling pretty ill!!! Salmon is not my favorite but I like MahiMahi, orange roughy and several others.
    Thanks (I guess) for sharing this info so that I will probably never physically be able to put tilapia in my mouth again!

    • I am THRILLED I exposed the truth to you! I am not always going to say things you might like 😉

      Mahi mahi isn’t a bad replacement though. I would be weary about Orange Roughy. Some websites denote it as being high in mercury or have other issues, but only specific types – seafood can be so confusing! Have you ever tried black cod? Halibut is also great!

  17. Ah! I had no idea! .. I stick to Shrimp and Salmon .. but usually like chicken and steak 😉

  18. Oh no! Because tilapia can be delicious in a pinch. Cutting back now!

  19. Good thing I haven’t had tilapia in awhile then! I’ve been enjoying a lot of other different fish recently though :)

    Oh boy. More corn fed foods to watch out for. I had no idea that farm-raised fish were fed corn… Makes complete sense though! I don’t know what I thought they were fed… Fish? Lol. No, that would just make SENSE.

    • What’s your favorite fishy? I’m glad you haven’t had tilapia in awhile, and now you will NO LONGER eat it, right?! LOL! 😉

      Ah ha ha! It’s funny how we never really think about what farmed fish eat – but yep, they eat corn! All farmed animals and fish eat it (if they’re in those feed lots where the farmers just don’t give a crap)… And it’s sad. :( I love my WILD and GRASS-FED animals!

  20. Admittedly, I don’t eat enough fish…but I don’t like tilapia, it tastes like dirt to me…well, it probably tastes like fish poop, haha! I am very un-creative when it comes to cooking fish, so I need to find some good recipes I guess. I did have some home smoked salmon last night at my parents house – so good!!!

    • You are correct, it tastes like FISH FECES!! Okay GROSS. I do NOT even want to know what that tastes like. I cannot even recall if I have ever had tilapia before in my life!

      mmmm Salmon is my life – hence why Sammy is in my video 😉 Roasted salmon is by far the best and the easiest!

  21. I actually knew this! Read it a year or so ago – I am not a fish fan though – wish I was but I get my omegas thru other sources.. A GREAT informative video GiGi!!!! Glad you got the word out!

  22. Thank you for this! I am big on the no fish game because of that I also do not eat shellfish or any other bottom feeder I stick to salmon organic of course on the occasion just because I enjoy it otherwise I stay away from the seafood. Lots of love Gigi!

  23. I actually did know this about Tilapia aka the poop eaters. I stay far away from them!

  24. YAY!!
    I Knew I was smart for not liking it—now I know why :-)

  25. I actually found this information out a few months ago and STOPPED eating tilapia. In fact, I stopped eating any farmed fish. Most grocery stores will have their fish labeled as “farmed” or “wild” so I just wait until the “wild” goes on sale. A lot of shrimp and cod sold at grocery stores are also farmed….not good!

    • I love that grocery stores now label all of the fish, however, even if it’s not labeled, you can TELL what is wild and what isn’t just by the prices! Ha!

  26. Interesting–i didn’t know this! I knew some fish were healthier than others, but I guess I’ve never thought about one type being unhealthy. Good info!

  27. No wonder tilapia tasted like fried chicken when I had it in college.

    My favorite is swordfish, hands down. It tastes kind of like a steak…kind of. Hmm, I see a pattern here.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE SWORDFISH!!! So very much. Sadly, it’s so high in mercury, I just cannot get myself to eat it – I feel too guilty!

  28. That is interesting to know! Didn’t realize there are fish out there that are so bad for you. :/ Is tuna a good option?
    Thanks for sharing at the hop!

    • Tuna is an interesting debate too actually as some varieties are better than others. Slipjack & Tongol tunas are best as they’re lowest in mercury!

  29. Then it’s decided! I’m swimming to the coasts of the Africans to harvest my own Tilapia. There is no other way.

  30. Tilapia with a tinny bit of butter, cumin and lime and baked in the oven…perfection!!!

  31. I’m not a big fish eater at all. Even if we did have fish I usually stayed away from Tilapia. It smelled funny to me, Now I know why! LOL

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  32. You know I”m all about the salmon right. Like, I didn’t even have to tell you that! 😉

  33. First of all. I just upgraded my internet so I can finally freaking watch Youtube inside my own home. HELL YES GIGI IS BACK IN MY LIFEEEE!! Second- I never knew any of that about Tilapia. I don’t wanna be shit.

    • OMG YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!! 😀 I am thrilled you updated your internet, there is NOTHING WORSE than slowwwwwwww internet (okay, maybe I am exaggerating, LOL!!!)

      And I am GLAD you don’t want to be shit – While some might think “being the shit” is a good thing, it’s really not – you just smell funny.

  34. hahahaha…. oink oink, followed up by SHIT, do you want to be SHIT…. you are the best. LOVE me some salmon too, sorry sammy.

  35. Good thing I really don’t like tilapia!

  36. No way? I like tilapia but now I’m second guessing that one!

  37. Who knew? I never would have guessed this about tilapia. But I also love lobster and I don’t think that’s the best for you either. But I could do without tilapia and lobster is just a treat!

    • I adore Lobster but it is a “bottom feeder” and there is a lot of… Not so healthy things… Lurking at the bottom of the ocean :( However, eating it every so often is definitely not as bad as eating tilapia a lot!

  38. I love fish. I used to hate it when I was younger, now I really don’t discriminate I like it all…ok fine I’ve never tried sardines even though every says they are good for me :) I may have to rethink loving all fish now though. In fact I made catfish yesterday and I am getting some salmon this weekend!

    • I adore salmon, by far my favorite! I eat it pretty much daily! 😀 It’s definitely smart to read labels though, just to make sure you know EXACTLY what you’re sinking your teeth into! 😉

  39. Holy fish crap! I had no idea. I do love fish, but I will think twice or really just once about tilapia. Now if it’s wild and not farmed is it healthy?

    • Wild Tilapia is definitely healthier and OKAY to eat, however, it’s pretty hard to find in the states, but if you do find it, feel free to jump on it – That being said, there are healthier fish out there 😉

  40. Wow I had no idea about tilapia! I’ve never been a big fish lover so I suppose it’s good I’ve never tried it. Thanks for the advice! Love your blog!

    • I am thrilled you never tried it, and now you really wont! 😉 I am glad you stopped by! I post every Tuesday so feel free to come back for more! I just discovered your blog last night too! NEW BLOG BUDDIES!!

  41. Personally I love this news because I hate tilapia after eating so much in my first competition prep. These days I live for swordfish and sea bass. And trout. And salmon sushi. Really, anything but tilapia.

    • BA H HA AH! Then I am GLAD I could tell you this – No, not just glad, THRILLED! 😀 Swordfish is KILLER – except………. the mercury, UGH!

  42. Ahhhhh what?!?!?! I like tilapia :( Hmmm well salmon is better anyway I guess. I’m really surprised at this. Too bad….pig fishy :(

  43. Not a massive fan of fish! Certainly wouldn’t be eating this one lol.

    • Well since you don’t like fish too much, you definitely don’t have to worry, however, if you eat red meat, make sure that it’s grass-fed/grass-finished! 😉

  44. OMG! I didn’t know! Yikes I didn’t know and we buy it all the time in Costco, in huge packages!!! Thanks for the info!

    • You’re very welcome! Costco has a lot of other fish options, definitely scope them out! They even sell Wild Sockeye Salmon in mass quantities! 😀

  45. Great video, super informative! Thanks so much for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday (pssst, would you mind adding a link back to the party? Thanks! )

  46. hahahahaha!
    I think I just fell in love with your blog…

    • Awww I think I just fell in love with you! 😀 You are adorable! If you lived in LA we would be besties, LOL!! And I don’t just throw that word out often!

  47. I AM THE WORST BLOG FRIEND EVER FOR MISSING THIS POST!! AHH! OK ok ok, well I don’t eat fish at all so I am safe, but I still had no idea that tilapia ate shit, and was so nasty. EW! These fish should just be left alone to swim and eat shit all day long. I used to have pet fish, but I don’t anymoreeeee. I wish I had a narwhal as a pet though.


      JUSTTTTTT KIDDING!!! I could NEVER fire you!!! You are me just with Brown hair and different eating preferences! 😉

      You’re LUCKY you don’t have to deal with this POOP eating fish, DISGUSTING – The whole “Eat Shit” phrase has a whole new MEANING! We will all be screaming at people “EAT TILAPIA!”

  48. I don’t particularly remember ever seeing “tilapia” on menus until just a few years ago. The farming of this fish would explain it. Unless I’m mistaken, there really isn’t a farmed fish that anyone should eat. But your info about the terrible balance of omega 6s to omega 3s should steer ANYONE away from tilapia. It’ll keep me away from it, that’s for sure.

    • I don’t really see it on regular menus but sometimes Mexican restaurants have it as the filler of their fish tacos and sometimes it’s the fish in “fish and chips” – not that anyone should be eating that fries business! ha.

      Farmed fish, minus trout and arctic char for some reason, should definitely be avoided! Hopefully ONE DAY, farming practices can actually be healthy!

  49. My boyfriend is a big seafood eater so I’ll have to send him this!

  50. No fish or piggy fish for me :) Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Hope your week is great!

    Cindy from

  51. Definitely interesting information. It will make me think twice before
    eating it again.
    I eat fish everyday and tend to stick to flounder, tuna, salmon, hake, cod
    and sole.
    I try and stick mostly with white fish but also get in some of the fattier
    Omega 3 fishes as well.
    Fish is quicker to make and eat than my other animal proteins and that is one of the main reasons I like it as I eat a lot of food in a day.
    Found you on Friday Linkup. Looking forward to delving further into your site!
    Oh and great looking gravatar :)


  52. This is amazing! I love the video! You are hysterical!!!! PS- you are very pretty too:)

  53. You’re so hilarious! And I just ate tilapia so if we are what we eat then…. oh no!!!! Thanks for sharing on Friday’s Five Features!!!!

  54. That was tilapia fish..

    The reasons why those fish is worse is because of what they feed on them. Fish is good actually. Don’t buy the farmed one. :)

  55. That’s really interesting! I’m not a big fish eater but that’s good to know. And props to you for your vlog. I need to do more of them. Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty.

  56. Loved the video!!!–my favorite fish is the Salmon. I caught a salmon and steelhead on a flyrod while being guided by my Native American friend (Yurok)on the Klamath River recently!–I had to eat some raw… (brined and sliced the belly while cleaning them)
    ….I love me some raw fish…plus the baked salmon or amberjack head @ Sushi in the Raw in Nevada City is just plain divine!
    fyi-tilapia wild caught on a natural diet and NOT farm raised on the cheap ,should be o.k. to eat…..keep’em coming Grrrrl,the food videos are funtastic.–%((((c={


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