Top 10 Daily Tips for a Healthy and Fit 2016, Guest Post

Maybe you know me as the delicious recipe creator, pumpkin-loving, graduate school girl who’s on her way to be a registered dietitian over here in the blog atmosphere…


Or the girl that challenges bouncers to push up contests…


More probable though, you remember me as THIS girl who made an appearance in Gigi’s Top 10 Fit Foods post and video…

Or our video of taste testing Whole Foods Frozen Meals that ended in this…


But honestly, the most likely situation is that you DON’T HAVE ANY CLUE who I am…


I won’t take it personally. You’re forgiven.

All that matters is that you know who I am NOW. Oh wait, I guess I better tell you then, huh?

I’m Sarah Grace, the lover of all things fresh, fit AND healthy. With the occasional {and by occasional I mean frequent} addition of any foods pumpkin, chocolate, coffee or wine flavored. Oh and I run this cool little bloggity blog, Instagram, and Youtube Channel along with coaching lots of fun peeps as a certified personal trainer! Not to mention I get to meet cool friends across the nation from me like this beauty…


ANYWAYS. With all my blabbing… You’re probably just wondering, where’s GiGi?!

Well in case you haven’t heard…she {& her NOW FIANCE} decided to take a selfish trip to Europe. I say “selfish” because she didn’t follow through about fitting me in her bag. RUDE.


But I, being the gracious soul that I am, offered to come make an appearance over here again to bring you another TOP list. Since you loved GiGi and my Fit Foods list… And her baseball hitting skills.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve come out of this holiday season a little more… Plump. Was I the only one that had a house full of heavenly chocolates and baked goods every corner I turned?! Not to mention, ice cream with it being 85 degrees in SouthWest Florida…


Forget the Freshman 15, more like the #Holiday15.


Which is why I thought that sharing some tips you can be doing daily to have a fit and healthy 2016 would be of interest… 

But I’ve taken enough of your precious time. Let’s just get to the…

Top 10 Daily Tips to have a Fit and Healthy 2016!

Prep Your Breakfast the Night Before

  1. All of us are on crazy schedules typically. If you wait until the morning of to make something, you are much more likely to skip breakfast just based on time constraints.
  2. I’ve got MANY healthy options over here. But I’ll also be including a GiGi-approved one below!

EAT Breakfast

  1. The diet mentality in this age tells you to skip breakfast to decrease your calorie intake. Don’t listen. When skipping breakfast, you just tend to overeat at other meals later in the day, which then only leads to feelings of guilt and failure (along with an unhappy, too-full stomach).

Keep Moving Outside of the Gym

  1. As someone who is typically good about working out, I thought I could consider myself having an “active lifestyle”. WRONG. As a graduate student, I’m sitting on my BUTT almost all hours of the day in class or studying OR blogging, except for my one hour at the gym.
  2. Sedentary job or a student like me? Take walk breaks.
  3. Going to the store? Park farthest away in the parking lot.
  4. Live on the top floor of your apartment like me? NEVER take the elevator.

Incorporate some of the fit foods GiGi and I mentioned in this post daily 

  1. Sticking to the same ole’ foods every single day can lead to not getting certain minerals and vitamins in your diet.
  2. Try some of our favorites like salmon, nori seaweed snacks, pumpkin, greek yogurt, or winter squashes!

Meal Prep for the Week

  1. Along with prepping your breakfast the night before, try to meal prep some meal staples so that you don’t come home from a long day exhausted and just order takeout.
  2. Grilling a ton of chicken breasts, making a huge batch of turkey meatballs, cooking a huge squash or a few sweet potatoes at once, or making some snacks for your week (like these gigi-approved pumpkin protein donuts) can be a huge help in putting a meal together quickly and staying healthy throughout the week!

Set a Workout Goal of at least 4x/week

  1. There’s not much explanation needed with this one. To have a healthy new year, it’s important to have a constant exercise regimen in your day to day life.
  2. Don’t have time to go to the gym? There are PLENTY of at-home workouts you can find on the web that only cost you about 20 minutes.

Be a Mindful Eater

  1. When eating, sit down and enjoy it.
  2. Eating mindlessly tends to lead to overeating, which then of course leads ultimately to weight gain in the end.
  3. Become an intuitive eater, listening to your body signals. Eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full.

Fill your plate every meal with COLOR

  1. Try to get at much color on your plate as you can by adding colorful veggies, fruits, and even unique starches like purple sweet potatoes!

Separate Work and Home Life

  1. If you’re like me, you find it hard to STOP working when you come home, as there is always more to be done. Don’t allow work to cut into time spent with your family or friends. Keep your work mindset and life separate from your home life and mindset.

Set a Shut Down Time

  1. Going along with the above, it’s so hard to shut down at night and stop checking emails, responding to comments (if you’re a blogger), and other “work”.
  2. Make a time every night where you shut down your computer and phone, so that you can unwind, evaluate your day, and relax before going to bed!


I’ll get you started on completing this list by sharing the recipe to these delicious, make ahead brownie protein bars {GiGi-approved variation} for a quick breakfast on the go!


Sea Salt Brownie Protein Bars

*Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir until everything comes together. Every protein brand will need a little different ratio of liquid, so start with ½ cup, and then add by the tablespoon until getting a dough like mixture that will come together and mold into bars. But be careful not to add too much liquid, you want a “bread dough” consistency versus a brownie batter consistency. Then, spray a bread loaf pan or small square pan with nonstick spray, and put the dough into it, pushing it dough and shaping it to get an even, bar-like thickness. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, and then cut into 4 bars. Store in refrigerator until eating.


Hope you all have a wonderful 2016!

I’d love for you to come stop by, say hi, and let me know you’re coming over from GiGi’s blog

PS: GiGi will be back NEXT WEEK! 

So Tell Us…

  • Where on this earth is your favorite place to travel?
  • What advice would you give to newly engaged GiGi?
  • If you’re engaged/married… Recount when your man/woman asked you!
  • How many of you are trying to re-start your life this year? 
  • What’s your ultimate goal for 2016? 
  • Would you rather own a mini giraffe or a white unicorn with a purple horn?


  1. Great tips! I a huge fan of meal planning; I think it makes it so much easier to make healthy choices when you have healthy food at your finger tips

    • Right?! Everyone really should be a fan of meal planning! It makes life SO MUCH EASIER!!!! And then, when you do get hungry, you don’t have to FLIP OUT trying to figure out what to eat, because you already KNOW what you’re going to eat!

    • amen to that Andrea! having food ready is a necessity :)

  2. Awesome tips. Meal planning is essential. I’m getting back on the workout ratting better grind. This is my year like Oprah says lol

  3. I get super grumpy if I don’t eat breakfast, that’s a must for me. Hehe.

  4. Congrats Gigi! My biggest goal is to leave my job and hopefully work for myself full time by 2017 or at least find a job I love.
    As far as the tips for staying healthy and fit I’ve been having trouble with the shutdown time. I have an alarm set for 10:30 that tells me to turn off my computer but I normally ignore it… I need start listening to it.

    • It’s definitely not the easiest to do, I struggle with it too Dia! work in progress is better than no effort at all :)

    • Working for yourself is the best goal ever! I have been working for myself for the past 2 years and it kicks some SERIOUS BUTT!! If you ever need help trying to figure it out, let me know :)

  5. I find that if I miss my work out for the day I literally feel that PC Butt growing, like Pinocchio’s nose lol…Yes I do a power 45 min workout no excuses 5 days a week. I tend to eat mindlessly even tho I eat healthy stuff like veg and fruit I still indulge on them to cover my sweet tooth…am I forgiven :p

    But I spend close to 10 hrs on my butt, either blogging, moderating, having a coffee with a mate, checking out my fav Program you name it.

    Its not common to do most stuff standing up. we tend to it down…So These tips for a healthy and fit 2016 sound simply SOUND advice and Must be included in one’s life :)

    That you go spoil it with that yummy recipe…what are you like huh Bring back GiGi already lol lol Jox :)

    • Oh man, if I miss my work out, I too feel like CRAP-O-LA!!!!!!! But when I get that work out in, even if I don’t feel well, I always feel better after! 😉 There are NO excuses to not getting a work out in, in my mind! he he.

      I used to spend a lot of time on my butt, but then I got a STAND UP DESK – makes all the difference, I recommend it hard core!
      -PS: this is GiGi, he he! I will be backkkkk next week!

  6. Had fun writing this post up for ya girl! So happy you’re back home now…but you forgot to stop in Florida on your way back!!

    Sarah Grace

  7. Excellent tips!! My goal this year is this year is to train for a full marathon and keep building my blog to be more helpful.

    • OMG YES!!! GOOD LUCK – that’s an AWESOME – I know a ton of people who are training right now!! I will send them links to your blog for motivation!

  8. I dig this recipe, because…coffee.

  9. I’ve been on a cookie and ice cream cleanse since GiGi left :(. I’m glad you posted this it will get me back on track :) The protein bars look good, I would sneak some shredded coconut on top.

  10. I would love to travel back to Budapest, Amsterdam and South of France they are my favourite places in Europe

    • I love the South of FRANCE… And I am itching to go to Budapest and Amsterdam!!! Hopefully you can get back there SOON!

  11. Advice – enjoy the engaged part of the relationship, it is awesome!
    My goal this year is to be very fit, kill of my cancer and make loads of money! hehehehe

      CANCER SUCKS – Being FIT rocks and money… Well, we all love rollin’ in the DOUGH yo! 😛

  12. At 58, I pretty much learned to live this! :)

  13. Great tips, thanks! Especially moving outside of the gym which is a challenge with a desk job – ugh! Tough call on favorite places to travel, I need to travel more!

    • Walking on your lunch break or any other break – even if you just walk around the office or take the stairs! That’s a great way to GET moving!

  14. great tips and awesome protein bars! Never will i EVER skip breakfast!

  15. Lovely protein bars and great advices, Gigi! I do workout every day but i definitely must work on separating work and home life….

    • Right?! It is definitely HARD to separate the two! I struggle with it every day. TRUST ME! When I was traveling for the past 3 weeks….. Er, um… Every time I could find WiFi I would be checking my emails to make sure I wasn’t missing anything! LOL!

  16. I find that if I bring my meal with me to my desk, I eat a lot slower and get fuller a lot faster because I stop and work in between bites. That has been working well for me!

    • YAY! I am thrilled you’ve found something that works for you!! :) There is no one-size-fits-all so experimenting with yourself is paramount!

  17. Oh my goodness – these are GREAT tips, and you are SO FUN!!! Gigi, we missed you, but Sarah did a fantastic job!!

  18. Great tips! As for me “set a shout down time” is the most hard part. Instagram feed updates is never enough, you know 😀

    • Oh I couldn’t agree more – shutting down the computer and social media is SOOOOOO hard for me! And right now I am a bit jet lagged so what’s the first thing I do when my eyes pry open in the AM… Log on! HA!

    I do leap out of bed still but then I leap back in :-)

  20. Great tips! I’ve never looked back on the day I decided to start meal planning and putting a weekly schedule for our meals together. It altogether means less stress and less hassle.

    Hey, and congratulations GiGi! 😀 (As usual I’m behind in such news. Sorry 😉 )

    • Right?! Trying to get that certain someone to start PLANNING meals a bit… Slowly but surely I know I am going to convert him, that is, if he really wants to take eating healthfully SERIOUSLY! ha!

      And THANK YOU 😉 No worries about being “behind”… So don’t you apologize!

  21. GiGi how dare you not pack your friend! geez!!!! Congratulations!
    Great tips from the friend 😉 Only one not happening for sure is the NEVER take the elevator at home, I am on the 18th floor lol. Hey I was just looking for a protein bar recipe!

    • For a second there, when you said “not taking the elevator at home” I was like…. Well, hot damn, now aren’t you fancy with an elevator in your mansion… HA HA HA! Then you said 18th floor and I thought, well either you live in Abu Dhabi and have the most incredible 20 floor mansion…. Or… You live in an apartment complex. Which one is it? lol

  22. Love this inspired and made me laugh in equal measure. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays on

  23. Fun post! Yes eating a good breakfast sets me up for a better day of making healthy eating choices. Plus I am always hungry. Hope you are having a fun trip Gigi

  24. Those brownies look amazing! Shame I can’t have one with my lunch!

    • You could always make them later so you can have one for TOMORROW’S lunch! I actually think I am going to make them today since I have a little time — being back from the moon and all! 😛

  25. Mega congratulations, GiGi!!!

    Enjoy the present! “The best time in your life is when you know you are going to get married, but you haven’t yet!” — Dr. J

    But then I never eat breakfast.

    • I am enjoying every second! And now that I am back to reality… I am enjoying it even more because now he and I are really talking about what we want in a wedding! 😮

      And you and me both. I actually never eat breakfast either so I trust what you say Dr J 😉

  26. Well, first–CONGRATS TO GIGI!!! Hope she’s having the time of her life in GiGi. I can’t believe she wouldn’t fit you in her suitcase :p Hmph!

    Thank you so much for this list. I totally needed it… and I’m starting the new year strong (so far–fingers crossed I continue this trend!) but “plump” really is the best way to describe how I felt once January rolled around :) Happy New Year to you! This post was a joy to read :) XOXO

    • Thank you Charlotte! I am pretty excited, I won’t lie to you there… Or ever for that matter – ha ha!

      AND HECK YES TO STARTING THE NEW YEAR STRONG… Keep it up!!! Feeling good should motivate you to KEEP AT IT 😛 Happy New Year!

  27. Congrats, Gigi!!! So exciting!! Enjoy this time. and those brownie bars look delicious! such a fun post.

  28. As someone who works from home, I definietly sit on my butt all day apart from my 1 hour workout. It is easy to think Im pretty active, but then I remember how stiff I am when I stand up from my chair. Definietly growing roots out of my butt and into my chair.
    I need a treadmill desk.
    Or a new job.

    • I work from home too Kat, but for the past 3 years I have used a STAND UP desk and it has SAVED MY BACK! I remember when I used to sit in front of my computer for HOURS on end, I would have such horrible back pain, but standing has changed that… Plus it motivates me to do squats every so often too ha ha ha!!! You need a stand up desk… Or if you’ve got the space…. A TREADMILL DESK! Always wanted one of those, but honestly…. I only see that as a recipe for disaster for me cause I am clumsy! HA HA!

  29. I love that you guys are friends, and I’m forever jealous that I live in boring CT where no other foodie/health bloggers live :( These brownies look aaaamazing,and I love all of these tips – they’re easy to do, and so important :)

    • Where in CT again??? Have I ever told you that I was BORN in CT…. So….. THERE WAS a Foodie/Health Blogger there (other than you) at one point, he he he!

  30. Continuing to move around after working out is hard for me! I’m trying to do better with it though.

    • I always work out in the morning before the day starts because I know me…. At day end, I just wanna sit on my booty and go to bed! 😉

  31. You two are adorable!! Gigi, can I see that chicken dance again? Lol! Yes to the winter squash. Always my favorite to swap in for pasta dishes!

    • Girl, you’re gunna need to come to LA and film a video with me… If you want to see that chicken dance again 😛

  32. Some great tips. I wish I could be more organised about meal planning. I seem to manage a few days then lapse again #TastyTuesdays

    • Hmmm you should try and get into a routine – maybe plan a weeks’ worth of meals on Sunday… And shop the same day? That could set you up for a WIN each week!

  33. These are great tips! I love the one about adding colorful fresh foods! …and I love your video. Glad that you guys love coffee too because I’m OBSESSED!! <3 Pecan Maple spice coffee sounds amazing!!

    • Coffee is only unhealthy if you add loads of sugar to it… I hate that is gets a bad rap because it’s actually QUITE HEALTHY for you and full of antioxidants!

  34. Great tips that are easy to do! Fun post Sarah and GiGi 😘 and your protein brownie bars sound delicious x

  35. Awesome guest post Sarah! The bars look A-MAZ-ING! I’m all about meal prep and a healthy breakfast (it really is the most important meal of the day). On a side note, that’s so lame that GiGI didn’t bring you to Europe with her. Uh-oh, I hope she doesn’t read this, but just in case she does- CONGRATS GiGi, that’s so frickin’ exciting!!!

    • Reading this right now Sonali … HA HA HA! Yes, yes, call me lame all you want! I packed my bag so full of crap, there was zero space for Sarah to squeeze in, regardless of the fact that she is SUPER TINY! ha ha!

      I made the bars this morning and … Um. YUM! Sarah is BRILLIANT. Enough said!

  36. Congrats, GiGi! I’ve been married 45 years, and I think you should have put ME in your bag but….whatever. Can I add a tip? #11? Please? WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU EAT (and how much). That, more than just about anything else, helped me with weight loss. When you see your latest binge written in black and white, it does make you hesitate. Many people don’t realize just how much they are taking in until it’s all there for your review.

    • 45 years! OMG THAT IS CRAZY and amazing and I idolize you!!!!!! Finace told me the other day how excited he is to grow old with me, so I cannot wait to celebrate our 45th and beyond wedding anniversary!

      AND YOUR TIP # 11 is SPOT ON! Seriously SPOT ON! I help and coach people in regards to their diets and I ALWAYS tell everyone I help… WRITE WHAT YOU EAT DOWN because I am pretty sure you’re eating FAR MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! And you know what? Within the first week of my helping others, they always LOSE WEIGHT because they realize they’re eating more than they think! BAM!

  37. This is hilarious! Amen to eating breakfast!

  38. So many congrats!!!
    These brownies belong in my mouth.

    • I made these brownie bars this morning. My mouth wanted all over them like a…. BLANK on a BLANK…. You replace BLANK with whatever words come to mind!


  39. This recipe looks so easy! I like how there’s no weird ingredients to buy too lol, also those are good tips :)

  40. Great guest post, Sarah! I loved your intro (definitely made me crack up 😛 ), and I do indeed know who you are (thankfully)! <3 I think I discovered your instagram way back in the day when mine was still private and I'd only joined IG for food/recipe inspiration! 😛 These are awesome tips! <3

    • Isn’t it kinda fun to think back to when you first started blogging and then realize the evolution to where you are now!? :)

  41. I don’t have a health or fitness goal for 2016. I’m trying to work on my business so that I can have that secondary income. I think I’d like the unicorn 😉

  42. I told myself that I would do better at eating a better breakfast this year and so far I have been. I also find myself eating better in general because I am watching what I feed to my kids. So what I give them, I also eat. It really puts a diet into perspective when you eat like a kid!!

  43. Great tips.

  44. Ha! I love the bouncer challenge! So I think I gained a wine baby while on my holiday Hawaiian vacay…and since I’m DONE having babies, I’m working hard to get rid of it…plus this last of the real baby weight. I do pretty much everything on your list so off to a good start!!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Wine baby…. Yeah, those can sneak up on you… And there is not “protection” from them sometimes 😉

  45. Great tips! Thank you!

  46. How dare she take a puffy jacket instead of you to Europe?! ha ha!

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing on the Creative K. Kids Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party. I hope you will join us again next week.

    • Ha Ha! The puffy jacket was SOOOOOOOO necessary though Audrey! SO NECESSARY!! Sarah would honestly have THANKED ME for not taking her if she knew how cold it was! LOL!

  47. Oh my goodness – these bars look so good (and I actually have all of the ingredients, for once! Hooray!) Also, one of my little goals for the year is to try yoga. I’ve never done it before and keep putting it off. I hope to try it at least a handful of times.

    PS – CONGRATS on the engagement! So very exciting :) You are going to be one hot bride!

    • THANK YOU DIANE!!!! :)
      And hot bride… Hmmm I will take it! LOL!

      You’ve never done yoga before? I have to say, I actually HATE YOGA… But PILATES – now PILATES is kick ass, I highly recommend it!

  48. Mmmmm those protein bars sound delish! Gotta have them 😀
    Loving those daily health tips – implementing them would be a fabulous base for daily health and happiness :)

  49. Thanks so much for the tips! I need to meal prep, but most importantly I need to make my breakfast the night before. I’m loving that recipe for the brownies! They look delicious. Anything chocolate is perfect in my book!

  50. Such great tips! I agree with moving outside of the gym. It does not good to be a couch potato even if you workout!

    • EXACTLY! Agree 100% with that. Go to the gym and run for 20 minutes and then go home and sit on the couch the rest of the day… Yeah… No.

  51. Wow those brownies look amazing! and since they are basically healthy it’s how I am going to justify them :p Fab tips and a great recipe so thanks for linking up to the YumTum linky :) hope to see you back again next week, don’t forget to check out some of the other recipes linked up and share some love :)

  52. Fantastic tips! I really struggle with shutting down, my mind is constantly racing. Something that needs to be worked on in 2016!

    • Oh man, I am always wanting to WORK too – I never can stop!! Fiance gets a little annoyed with me, especially when we were on vacation, but I was pretty much forced to stop doing things because of the lack of WiFi.

      Here’s to 2016 and disconnecting every so often!

  53. Love all these tips! I’ve been a lazy ass for the past month 😀

  54. Love these great tips and reminders. The two of you are a great team and your pics crack me up. I’d rather have a giraffe cos they just crack me up with their big silly heads and gangly legs.
    Always a pleasure to see you, Sarah Grace. Have a blast with your man, GiGi!

    • Robyn! HAPPY NEW YEAR 😀 😀 😀

      I am right there with you about wanting a GIRAFFE!! Although, I think I already found one 😉

  55. Meal prep is a must! And having a healthy breakfast is the best tip. Thanks Gigi!

  56. These are great tips!! I definitely want to take a step back and look at my overall health and fitness this year. I would love to work on meal prep a week ahead of time – mason jar salads anyone? And separating work and home life which can be so hard to do when I work for myself and from home. Goals for 2016!

    • Mason jar salads look so dang good… Well at least the ones I have seen on fellow blogs! Ha! Bloggers are geniuses, I swear! What’s your favorite type of salad?

      As for work vs. home life… Ugh, I hear you! I work from home, so that makes it… EVEN HARDER.

  57. I was SO CONFUSED at first!! I read that first paragraph like 5 times thinking that Gigi put in the wrong photo hahahah. Jesus.
    Those bars look sooo moist and chocolately. And the addition of almond butter is fab! mmm

    • Ha Ha Ha! I am glad we could give your brain a little EXERCISE 😉 That’s what confusion is, right?! he he he!

      Now go eat a bar as a treat for figuring it out! LOL!

  58. these are wonderful tips and all so important.

  59. Great tips. I totally agree with the eat breakfast and move outside of the gym advice.

  60. Hi GiGi,
    Great tips! I definitely agree with not skipping breakfast and planning your meals. I love the Brownie Protein bar recipes – sounds delicious & healthy. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • Thanks for hosting such a BOMB link up Marla! :)

      What do you like to eat for breakfast?

      • Hi GiGi,
        Actually I many times eat what I have leftover from my supper the night before. It quick & easy and I just have to warm it up. It always a protein and usually vegetables. I have many food allergies so I have to be very careful of what I eat and whatever it is its almost always made from scratch so I can control the ingredients.

        • THAT is what I would do!! Eating dinner leftovers (if I ever have any) is the best for breakfast. I don’t know why people think they MUST eat “breakfast foods” at breakfast. Who on earth said that cereal, pancakes, etc are BREAKFAST FOODS anyways?! ha!

          And YOU AND ME BOTH MARLA… Food Allergies… YEP – I cannot eat ANYTHING pretty much, ha ha!

  61. Hi Sarah Grace – nice to meet ya!
    These are some awesome tips – and I need to probably a white unicorn with a purple horn to get me to go to bed at a set time or a cow?!? :)
    Hope newly engaged GiGi is having a blast travelling around!

  62. I will never skip breakfast. I love it too much! I think about it the night before so I am one of those people who prep my breakfast ahead. Good to know that’s good practice. :-)

  63. Breakfast is definitely my weak point, I usually skip it unless you count 3 cups of coffee as breakfast. 😉 Nice post, thanks for sharing…. and nice to meet you 😉

    • I actually DO NOT eat breakfast. I can’t. So if it doesn’t work for you, then you don’t have to force yourself! Ha!

  64. As someone who need dessert after basically every meal, I must have this chocolate deliciousness! I have a hard time shutting down at night… but I think these will at least shut my mouth. Maybe…

  65. Great tips and inspiration. Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersLinky party. I hope you will join us again next week.

  66. Even though I’m not making New Year’s resolutions EVER it looks like 2016 was the year I actually started doing at-home workouts on the regular. I still prefer going to the gym but when there’s none around a girl’s gotta find other solutions. And if the [literal] pain in my butt is any indication the current workout video was a good choice ;).
    And GiGi, you knew I’d say it: Your next trip would better lead you to Germany!

    • I don’t make resolutions either… I make GOALS. And I have to say, I looked at my 2015 goals list on Dec 31st and I was SHOCKED at everything I accomplished… So I have written my 2016 goals list (and I will totally add to it if I want)… And it will be interested to see what I can check off the list come Dec 31 2016! 😮

      And yes, Germany is on the list to visit again… However I do know one of my upcoming trips is to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong! 😮 — not close to Germany at all, LOL!!

  67. The worst thing about planning is that it requires so much planning!

  68. These bars look delicious!

  69. Great tips, I am guilty of doing so many of those things that are wrong. Like the fact that it’s 9.45 pm and I’m checking emails, when I should be making my lunch for work and getting ready for bed…

    I also plan to run at least 4 times this week, which is something I haven’t done in a while…

  70. I love these tips to stay healthy! I hope you are having a great time in Europe Gigi! I have to admit; I’m jealous too!! :)

    • Hey Renee! :) I am back and yes I did have a good time in Europe, but now … It’s TIME TO START the new year!! New post inspired by my travels hitting the blog TOMORROW! woo woo!! Hope you’re New YEAR is kicking butt thus far! :)

  71. I hope Gigi is having an awesome time in Europe!! Those protein bars look so delicious and easy to make! So much so that I might just make a batch of them tomorrow!

    • Alicia! I am back, and Europe was GREAT… But cold (as to be expected… Living in LA… I think 70 degrees is cold these days, LOL).

      Let me know what you think of the bars! Sarah is a genius in the kitchen… I made them the second I returned from my travels and… Well…. My mouth “KILLED” them! LOL!

  72. Great tips! I can’t wait to make your brownie bars.

  73. I am so behind on commenting on this post because I’m moving in 2 weeks. Would rather be in Europe vacationing but someone (aka GiGi) didn’t invite me. I love this post because I need some good healthy tips for this year. I gained about 5 pounds over the holidays and have been trying to lose it (why is it always easier to gain then lose?? #notfair). I am so happy you are engaged because it’s such an exciting time. Hope you are having fun on your engagement trip (I know you are because of your IG pics) and my advice is to have fun and live it up during this fantastic time. My favorite place to travel is Barcelona and I would take a mini giraffe any day of the week! :)

    • Moving?! Gah!!! That’s stressful, no? Where are you moving? Tell me more! I must see pics of the new place… ON the blog??

      And yep… The dreaded holiday 5 lbs… You’ll be able to lose them, no problem… But try not to focus on them when moving because that will just stress you out more.

      AND THANK YOU for being excited for me and my engagement. I am pretty SHOCKED because I have always been known to be the FOREVER SINGLE GIRL ! ha ha ha ah ha ah ahah ! 😉

      • Unfortunately, I’m not moving to LA (yet!) but instead just moving to another town in New Hampshire. The cool thing is we will be 2 minutes down the street from my Husband’s college besties and I’ll be less than 30 minutes from Boston, so it’s a win-win for me. You think I’m excited about your life now? Just wait until you two have little cutie patootie babies :) heeheeheeheeheehee

        • OOOO sounds like this move is going to be BENEFICIAL. I mean, it’s NO LA… lol… But still sounds pretty bomb! 😉 –PS: LA is not all that amazing, the people here… KINDA SUCK (minus my friends but of course, lol).

          And um… Our babies. Can I just say. Will be the cutest of the face of the PLANET… All thanks to his genes but of course! 😉

  74. Great tips! And those brownie bars sound delicious!

  75. These brownie bars look amazing! :-)

  76. Great tips. Makes sense but common sense isn’t so common these days.

    I prep my breakfasts every night. That way I just have to flip the switch when I get up. I eat it. I eat ALL THE TIME.

    Keep moving. right on! and I’d go with unicorn.

    I don’t like to give advice but I can say that I would go back and be honest about everything. The good stuff, the bad stuff and the stuff I don’t want you to find out about. I could have prevented or mitigated a lot of shit with truthfulness.

    • LMFAO! SO SO SO true — common sense … not so common 😉 Love that saying, and it’s so dang true! There are way too many “dumb” people in this world, ha ha ha ah ah!

      What was for breakfast today since you prepped it last night? I feel like if I did that… I would eat 1/2 my breakfast the night before LOL!

      • Pre-staged breakfast is generally:

        Steel-cut oats with raisins and cinnamon, vanilla and almond milk (last two are added in the am when cooking starts).

        I also generally have hard-boiled eggs on hand so I can just crack one while I’m making peanut-butter toast.

  77. I love this post, totally fun! Great tips too, and the brownie bars look yum. Can you *poof* me one? :)

  78. I love these tips – I’m going to have start prepping my meals before the next day. Especially lunch. Lately I’ve just been grabbing fruit because I don’t plan ahead. I guess that’s ok…but it would help me be a bit more balanced if I could make things ahead of time.

    • Fruit is definitely A-OK (better than a candy bar) but you’re right… You need to balance it out with a bit of protein and fat!!

  79. These are great tips! I really need to work more on meal planning & eating mindfully so this is a good reminder.
    Those chocolate bars look insane!!! I can’t wait to try them. They are going in my meal plan for the week haha!

    And congrats GiGi!!!! How exciting =) Your fiancé is very good looking – you guys make a gorgeous couple and you look so happy =D

    • I cannot wait to hear what you think about these bars! I made them the second I got home from Europe… What a wonderful welcome home bite 😉

      And thank you… I have to say, I do believe I lucked out with this stud muffin, 😉

  80. I couldn’t agree more! A healthy diet and lifestyle takes a lot of planning. I am so delighted that you shared Top 10 Daily Tips to have a Fit and Healthy 2016 with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! Pinning and sharing! All the best, Deborah

  81. Great list! I love the tip of STOPPING work. One of the hardest things for me has been learning how to turn off blogging in my head. Soooooooo…for the past 2 weeks I’ve taken a seriously scented bubble bath, like, pretty much every day. It really does help to turn it off! The problem: not always being a good little blogger and getting my homework done. ;op But hey, it’s a journey, right? HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN EUROPE!!! And have a latte for me, k?

    • Stopping work? Uh, that’s pretty much UNHEARD OF these days!!! But we have to pay attention to it, or else we will all go CRAZY!

      As a full time blogger, it is so so so hard to separate work from play – I mean, when traveling, I was always trying to find WIFI! LMFAO! Even when drinking that latte for you! 😉

  82. What a fun post! Congratulations Gigi on your engagement and Sarah, I’ll have to head over and check out your blog! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!

  83. Awesome tips! You crazy pretty girls!

  84. I believe in the importance of illness prevention and the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle so I am so delighted that you shared Top 10 Daily Tips to have a Fit and Healthy 2016 with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party! I plan to check this out. Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! I’m Pinning and sharing All the best, Deborah

  85. You know… I don’t 100% agree with the tips. BUT, I do agree that we need to get together when I am in LA next! 😉

  86. Love your 10 tips, and those bars look uh-mazing! Thank you both for sharing them with us at Savoring Saturdays! :) And congrats on your engagement, GiGi! Marriage is awesome. 😉

  87. EAT breakfast/ keep moving outside of the GYM…these suggestions are really great in my opinion. 2016 will be the year of changing and I will starting to follow GiGi’s blog and become your regular :)
    Thank you and yeah I HAVE COMING OVER GIGI’s blog and that will change my life :)

  88. Congrats Mrs Gigi!! How wonderful!! So to answer your questions, you have inspired me to share how we got married! And by the way, I am SO EXCITED for you! If you are touring around Europe together right now, you are obviously already doing things RIGHT!! xox

    Me and the Hubs just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve. We eloped 5 years ago, got married in the cutest cheesiest oldest chapel in Reno on NYE, ate dinner in Winnemucca at the 100+ year old Basque Restaurant, “The Martin Hotel” family style with people who weren’t are family for our “wedding dinner” so fun! Went to a midnight rodeo in Elko, NV that night, and then jetted off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and a snowmobile trip around Yellowstone for our honeymoon. My wedding advice, is do what the fuck YOU want and have a blast doing it!! Instead of a big fancy wedding we put the money down on our dream house, a woodsy cabin on some acreage in the Oregon Coast Range. But if you want a big fancy wedding then go all out and do it! Just post lots of pictures!!

    I am just so thankful I married my dream guy and best friend all in one. The rest is just a bonus. ♥

    Looking forward to your photos of your European Vacation!! And for details on your wedding plans too!!

    And your protein bars look super delish!!


    • OMFG STOP. JUST STOP. Everything you just said =10000000% ON POINT! I feel like right now, I feel kind of pressured into doing the “traditional” wedding thing… But uhhhhhhh DO I LOOK FUCKING TRADITIONAL?! AW HELL NO. All I wanna do is go travel to some far off destination and get randomly married and have a ton of fun with my sexy fiance and then… THEN we can have a PARTY back here in Los Angeles with everyone. I don’t want anything crazy… Or… I wouldn’t mind having my wedding on TV? LMFAO! One extreme or the other, right?!

      PS: I am from Jackson, WY – so… GOOD FRIGGIN’ CHOICE!! ha ha ha ah ah aha ha!!!

      PSS: Can you make me a PALEO, AMAZING WEDDING CAKE?!? Cause you kick ass at recipe creation! Just saying!

      • If I lived near by I would totally show up with a little Paleo Sugar Free Wedding Cake for you and your hubby to enjoy! And ahh, that reminds me of our little wedding cake! It was the cutest little red velvet cake my sister made covered in little faux plastic deer and little trees and a winter snow storm. It even survived the whole road trip in the back of the Jeep to eat on our wedding night.

        I and LOVE Jackson Hole!! I told my husband we are going to retire there! And seeing as I want to retire at 45, that is just 8 years away.

        Happy Wedding Bliss!!

        • OMG that does sound like the cutest cake ever!! I have never had RED VELVET cake before so I wouldn’t even have one little iota of a clue as to how it tastes though! 😮

          But… I think that’s a sign that it survived the entire trip in the back of the JEEP! Just saying!

          PS: JH = retirement capital of the US, for sure! 😉

  89. Awesome tips and a fun read. :)

  90. thank you so much for giving such a grate post
    i really have grate use of this post and appreciated for your work thanking you.

  91. I LOVE this recipe. It’s so easy and looks delicious. To answer your question – about Gigi and advice – I remember when planning our wedding, it could be stressful. So, I would grab a bottle of wine and my binder and my now husband and I would talk shop and enjoy a pseudo date night with it all.

  92. Very helpful tips for me….You really cook delicious like me….hahahha