Foods Fit Foodies Favor

While you could certainly head on over to GOOGLE and search inspirational, thought-provoking or pants-peeing hysterical MEMES to post on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest


This collage makes me more nauseated than the thought of eating raw pelican carcass.

I personally believe that your best bet when it comes to finding social media ammunition… Would be to click PLAY on the video below that Sarah Grace of Fresh, Fit & Healthy and I made a few weeks back when she came to visit Los Angeles!


I swear our video is essentially a meme generator… And to prove this… I will leave you with a few of the many quotes that you will gather throughout the video… In which we actually discuss our TOP 10 FAVORITE FIT FOODS... So as to entice you to watch our collaboration!


By the way: this video is a “twofer” in two different respects…

Not only do you get both Sarah and myself acting like baboons… But you may also get some material for your social media channels and… A healthy grocery shopping list filled with FIT FOODS thanks to Sarah and I letting you in on our favorite munchies!


Hopefully the poorly executed photoshopped monstrosity of a photo above… Didn’t scare you away!  

I apologize, I had my 2 month old niece take the reigns on that one?

Any who… Moving on right along… 

“Forks. Knives. Who does that. I use these chompers are my knives and my fingers as forks!”


“I don’t think I did. I did.


“Girl, I’ve got meat in my purse. Lets be real.


“I grab it with my hand. Squirt it with [sugar free] ketchup and shove it in my face.” 


I like breast. And I definitely like some skin every so often.” 


Oh the things that come out of our mouths… But if you want to also know what goes IN OUR MOUTHS (IE: our top ten fit foods) click PLAY! 

Oh and if came here simply because you want to know what our favorite FIT FOODS are… Well… I will clue you in on a few… But you have to watch the video for all ten!


  • Salmon – This fatty swimmer and my mouth’s best friend, is full of omega-3 fatty acids as well as high quality protein, as long as you consume the wild variety! Also, salmon is one of the few FOOD SOURCES of vitamin D… And vitamin D is one super hero of a vitamin

  • Nori – Seaweed may gross you out when it touches your leg in the ocean, but don’t shy away from putting it on your plate for seaweed’s chemical composition is so close to that of human blood plasma, that sea vegetables are excellent at regulating and purifying our blood. Also… Shockingly enough, seaweed contains up to 10 times more calcium than cow’s milk!

Sarah’s Top 2 FIT FOODS:

  • Turkey – Sure you think about snug pants and a full stomach, when you see the word turkey, but turkey is truly an excellent source of low-calorie protein, and is loaded with energy-revving B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and zinc! Plus it’s rich in selenium, an antioxidant necessary for boosting immunity your immunity. It’s time to GOBBLE (har har) up this poultry on the regular, if you don’t already!

This ain’t food porn, it’s just straight up porn! #thanksgiving

A photo posted by Geneviève (GiGi) (@gigieats) on

  • Pumpkin – You might currently be dreaming of slurping down pumpkin spice lattes as you inhale the aroma of pumpkin spice candles… Fall couldn’t come soon enough. But segregating pumpkin to your fall diet is about as smart as saying 1 + 1 = 5. Pumpkin contains loads of beta-caratene, which may play a huge role in cancer prevention and keeping your skin wrinkle-free! This gourd also contains more potassium than bananas and has the ability to reduce your cholesterol levels! However, sugar-laden pumpkin drinks and desserts will NOT do such things! 

PS: Sarah actually created the ABOVE recipe for me… After I challenged her to make a GiGi-Approved DESSERT recipe! I blame Sarah for introducing me to the world of GiGi-Approved treats! Worth every little calorie… Check out the recipe!

So tell us…

  • What are your favorite healthy/fit foods? Tell us your top 10!
  • Are you shocked by some of the “genius” that comes out of your mouth?
  • Tell me a funny story about when you met a fellow blogger!
  • Do you disagree with any of the foods Sarah and I adore?
  • What’s your favorite type of sushi roll?
  • Have you ever played baseball with a squash and a can of pumpkin?
  • Do you think Sarah should move to LA so she and I can make many more videos (PS: I have another video with her for my channel coming your way within the next month! We certainly put some interesting things in our mouths!)?

Hey look! It’s the first time Sarah & I ever met!

*Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday


  1. I don’t THINK Sarah should move out there..I KNOW SARAH NEEDS TO MOVE OUT THERE <\3


  2. Now that title is a mouthful! Salmon and avocado are my 2 favourite foods ever. Even if they were not super healthy, I still think they would be my favourite. Gimme all the healthy fats!

    • Ha Ha! That title took me a hot minute to come up with, love me some alliteration! ha ha.

      Mmm avocado! Totally failed to mention that one, but that’s cause I don’t eat it every day… But hot damn it’s tasty! 😀

      AND you are just a girl after my own heart – HEALTHY FATS yo!

  3. You guys make a great team so yes, Sarah needs to move out there. I want to move there too – can I do videos with you?
    I’m not a coffee fan and can you believe I’ve never even had a sip of it? ha! The first time I put the cup up to my nose, I almost choked – can’t stand the smell of it.
    I’m with you on salmon, GiGi. I put it in my smoothies or I add fruit and a touch of raw honey and walnuts. Green veggies like Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and kale are big for me. Carrots, too. Turkey is heavenly and I make it in lots of different ways.
    Loved this video and you guys are kooky! lol

    • OF COURSE you can come do videos with me Robyn!!! I loveeee making videos with others – I feel like I can be totally boring in the kitchen by myself, ha ha ah – I just talk to myself like a crazy person. 😉

      And mmmm SALMON SMOOTHIES! BAHH HA HA HA HA AH AH! 😉 I think when you come to do a video with me, that is what we will make!

    • yesss, I think I do too! :)

  4. LOL…I meant to say “I put Greek yogurt in my smoothies” not salmon!

    • LOL you can’t deny it now – you crave salmon smoothies and we are making it on a future video together… Or perhaps I WILL make it and dedicate it to you! 😉 I wonder how I would be able to take a PRETTY photo of that. LOL!

  5. I could go for some of those pumpkin donuts! So funny- I’ve been getting in the mood for pumpkin everything!

  6. What a great team you guys are!

  7. I guessed Salmon for you, so I win at life. And really obvious things, haha.
    Can I pick carrots and chocolate?

    • Girl, of COURSE you win at life! And I glad you know me so well to know I would pick SALMON! BAH AH AH! I mean, I scream to the world my love for the fish!

      And of course you can pick carrots and chocolate. Do you eat them together? lol!

  8. Sooooo…no green tea? No bluebberies? Bummer.
    Loved the video tho, you guys are super cute and funny! 😉

    • Well I mean, those are very healthy fit foods too – but we just don’t eat them on the daily. Do you??

      And thanks MIKE :) I would LOVE to make a video with your foodie genius self one day!

  9. Omg you guys are so much fun to watch. MORE, PLEASE. I like berries, nut butter, and….can I just add ice cream? The sugar, creamy, fatty kind? It’s all about balance, right? 😛

    • Girl, MORE IS COMING! I have a video I am posting on my blog very soon! 😉 Just wait til you see what we put in our mouths, bah ha ha!!!!

      BAHHH HA HA HA AH! Oh yes, ICE CREAM- “totally” a fit food….. 😉

    • haha, so you agree I need to move out to LA?! :)

  10. Yeah, I agree you two rock together!

    Salmon of course. Then Cauliflower, sweet potato, spinach, red cabbage. nuts.

    I have a question. What’s the scoop on keta salmon? It doesn’t seem as tasty as Sammy the salmon, but what about the nutritional stuff?

    • I hate Keta Salmon, just like I hate Sockeye salmon! LOL!!!!! I love KING SALMON and KING SALMON only … Ohhh Sammy. Keta salmon has fewer calories than King Salmon, and less fat as well, that’s probably why I do NOT like it as much, I am a fat-loving girl! 😉

  11. This video…Wow…there are no words. Good food choices though! I agree with most of them!

    • Bah ha ha ha! I am going to take that as a “I loved this video…And I love how calm and cool you two are” – HA HA HA!

  12. You two really play off each others energy– love! it was really fun to watch, I’ll be sure to pick up some salmon flavored coffee for you! 😉 xo

  13. seaweeeeed!! absolutely the best snack and/or dinner (trust me, you can eat enough seaweed to make it a dinner). i’ve never met a fellow blogger before, but i saw one walking down the street in Toronto and was star struck so i just watched her from afar like a creep. I regret every day not saying something

    • BAHHHH HA HA HA AHA HA HA HA AH AH AH AH! You are like a blogger paparazzi! LMFAO! THAT IS JUST TOOOOOOO FUNNY! Do you dare reveal who this blogger was???

      Oh and trust me, I can out eat you in the NORI department!

  14. You two are awesome! My six-year-old is enjoying the video.
    I definitely love salmon although I can’t always afford it. :-(
    I love avocado anything, maybe even avocado coffee.
    I do love Greek yogurt – with a bit of honey.
    I like squash but never did until adulthood!
    I LOVE pumpkin.
    I love cold cuts with mustard!

  15. Lol! I loved the video. Great job, ladies. Because you both look fantastically fit and healthy, I will include more of your fit foods in my diet.

  16. Two of my fav bloggers! Pumpkin and coffee are the best. Also delicious when combined. I’ve got fall on the brain…

    • Well guess what Liz, you’re one of my favorites TOO so the love is mutual!!! 😀

      And FALL is ALWAYS on the brain. The second I eat Thanksgiving dinner… I want it alllll OVER AGAIN!

    • hehe you’re definitely one of my faves! And YESSS, fall foods allll year round!

  17. I agree with coffee, pumpkin and spinach! Also on my list: beets, oatmeal, cottage cheese, salsa, açai…

  18. I finally bought chia seeds after 2 years of reading chia seed recipes in the internet. And I DO love these slimey bastards!! But they can be a little annoying too, sticking on the sponge all the time…

    • OMG I STILL HAVEN’T purchased them!!!! AH AHA HA HA! Perhaps I will like those bastards TOO! 😉
      And I happen to like sticky sponges too so that only motivates me more? LOL!

  19. Hahaha, so fun!

  20. Salmon is by far one of my top foods. I make salmon burgers legit every week!

  21. I’ve got to say, I still can’t wrap my head or my mouth around seaweed. I just don’t like the taste. I’ll put spirulina in my shakes though, that’s as close as I’ll get. I do love my chia and hemp seeds!

  22. It sure looks like y’all had a great time! I’m totally going to check out Sarah’s site because I can use some healthy in my life. I love pumpkin and eat it all year long. I never wait for fall except for being seasonal with beer brewing. Seriously? Genius never comes out of my mouth and sea weed is not on my list of faves. I’ve not yet met a fellow food blogger, but I would totally love to come hang out in LA with you!

  23. You girls are adorable!! Can’t wait for all things pumpkin, those donuts look legit!

  24. Mmm, avocado. So thankful that it is good for me. It makes a veggie sandwich delicious, adds a healthy fat to a salad, and tastes sooooo good.

  25. I love eating Nori. It is so delicious and makes for a great on-the-go snack. Chicken is also delicious.

  26. Tonight I wrapped half a chicken breast in a napkin and snacked on it while driving to an event. Does that count as a fit food? :)

  27. LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee, sushi and greek yogurt! I swapped the fruity flavored yogurt and instead, get the plain and either add honey or fruit. I’m still looking for the perfect, healthy iced coffee haha!

    Um….spinach and ketchup? I’ll have to pass 😛

    Enjoyed watching your video, ladies! 😀

    – Andrijana

    • I AM SO PUMPED that you switched from the fruity flavored yogurts to plain and sweetening it yourself! Just as good, right?
      As for iced coffee, you can make your own! If you like flavored… Just brew it yourself and put it on ice and sweeten it with a little stevia, monk fruit extract or xylitol! – You could even add a little protein powder in there to give it a “creamy” flavor!

      And don’t knock the ketchup/spinach combo – ha ha!

    • I LOVE adding vegan protein powder to my coffee to add some extra flavaaa. Vegan stirs in the best (whey clumps, boo). You should try it! Or barleans chocolate greens :p

      • BARLEANS! OMG totally forgot about their magic products! I have so many in my fridge, how on earth COULD I forget!?!

  28. We are eating salmon every week this summer – so easy to cook on the grill. I try to get enough to have leftovers but my son likes it too much! Coffee, chocolate, eggs and salad are on my daily menu.

    • Mmmmmmmmmmm I would look forward to that salmon meal every week for sure! 😉 It truly is one of the best things to throw on the grill! And yeah, if I were attending your salmon meals, there would FOR SURE be no leftovers… In fact, do you think I can score an invite to your next SALMON MEAL? ha ha!

  29. This is so fun and hilarious I was totally laughing out loud! Love that you’re introducing me to even more fit foods!

  30. Salmon, nori, pumpkin – these are a few of my favorite things (not necessarily in that order or at the same time)!!

  31. Salmon is my FAVE! Pumpkin, avocado, they’re so good, too. Love these fit food finds!

  32. What a great list of healthy fit foods! I love salmon and just picked up some wild caught sockeye at the store last night. Thanks for the info on Nori.

    • Yum! What store did you get the sockeye from? I could definitely go for some salmon right now 😉
      And you’re welcome about the nori details, I hope you incorporate it more into your diet, it’s so very nutritious!

  33. Before I share something, promise you won’t hate me & we can still be friends? (you said of course!).. okay well.. ever since my pregnancy I’m not too keen on fish these days. Yes that includes salmon. Why you ask? I don’t f’in know. I mean sure I can handle it some days, but the thought actually makes me wanna gag.

    • That is so weird to me, but this is not at all uncommon!! And you know what? I think this only makes us BETTER friends because I don’t have to worry about you snatching my beloved seafood off my plate, ha ha ah!!! 😉

      I do hope you get your fish appetite back soon though because it is so very healthy for you!

  34. I’m with you guys on the pumpkin – it’s one of my fav healthy foods and I use it in a lot of cooking. You can make some pretty awesome pumpkin truffles with pumpkin, coconut flour, dark chocolate, and a few other ingredients that I know are in there but don’t remember off the top of my head. :)

    • OMG I NEED IN on this recipe! Where on earth can I find such a delicious sounding creation?! Is this your recipe?

  35. haha this was such a fun read – I LOVE pumpkin and so ready for fall as well! I’m also obsessed with beets, artichokes, dark chocolate, cucumbers, carrots and berries.

    stop by and chat with me ♥

  36. Really fun — and educational!! — video. I gotta work on my nori consumption, but otherwise I eat all of your fave foods on a regular basis. Really super — and educational!! — post. Thanks.

  37. You girls are TOO cute! You guys hit on many of my favorites but I have NEVER tried nori – it’s now on my list!

  38. haha most of the things that come out of my mouth are not fit for a public forum! I eat with my fingers all the time – no shame!

    • HA! Um, can I just say it sometimes takes me QUITE SOME TIME to edit my videos because… All of the things I say are slightly X Rated. I have TRAINED myself to be a GOOD GIRL and clean out my mouth when the cameras are rolling, but stilllllllll….. Hi, I am GiGi and I have a dirty mouth. LOL!

  39. YES ! Pumpkin and salmon… but NEVER together!

  40. haha that was fun to watch! great job!

  41. I think mid-air crunches can be a thing now. Thank you for not taking away my coffee!!!…because I would have to hurt you. In the best way possible… :-)

  42. Gah – seaweed has more calcium than milk??? I need to figure out some way I can eat it and not taste it!
    My top fit food is the humble beetroot (no surprise there huh?)!

    • Just sprinkle some nori on a salad or something, you won’t be able to taste it. Or better yet, GET some of those SEASNAX that I talk about in the video – SOOOOOOOOO addictive!

      And um, you did NOT have to tell me your top food 😉 Dude, I already knew…

  43. I have so many favorite foods….some are potatoes, chocolate, bell peppers, cinnamon, pizza, pasta!! I could go on! I don’t eat any salmon or meat anymore, but I love nearly all types of veggies! I do like pumpkin, but it has to be a small amount and baked into a dessert! :) Y’all are both adorable too!

  44. Ok will watch at home to see the whooollleeeee list 😀 But like the ones mentioned. Ever hard of dulse? it is the New Brunswick seaweed of choice brought back from my trip. I have a STACK at home.

  45. You are just too cute! Sushi and salmon are my go to healthy foods – can’t get enough of that.

  46. Looks like you gals have a lot of fun! GO Blonde power

  47. I would love to try those pumpkin donuts. those sound perfect for fall.

    I need me any and all things FALLPUMPKINSPICE.

    • Oh I hear you! LA has been pretty dang hot, but I doubt it’s anything compared to TX. When does it start getting cooler there?

  49. Some of these pictures are hysterical! Our fave foods esp healthy ones are quinoa and sushi-sep inari sushi!!! Nom nom!

    • Yesterday I filmed a recipe video with a friend and he brought quinoa to cook. I have never had it before or cooked with it before! It shocked me! It absorbed everything! ha! And it’s so very healthy so YAY! Dig in! :)

  50. It’s so refreshing to hear you guys talking about coffee so positively, so many people don’t! I mean I love my Grande Americano in the morning, no cream , no sugar, just as it is. It’s only 17 calories and it like gets you “fired up” for the day doesn’t it?

    Totally there with you in all the other foods to eat on a daily basis too. Canned pumpkin is only available in some places though, but I managed to get the Libby’s one recently. Funnily enough in the “American” section of a food aisle. Loved it! :-)

    • Oh no! I don’t think I would survive if canned pumpkin was only avail in some places! It’s available year-round here THANK GOODNESS!!!

      And yes yes yes to coffee, you just have to order smart, much like you have to order smart when you dine out for anything!

    • I THRIVE off my coffee, never let anyone tell you a cup or two is terrible for ya!

  51. You have inspired me you make some Pumpkin Loaf ASAP!!

  52. You and Sarah are so cute together! Yeah, Sarah should move to LA so that you guys can do more videos together. 😉 I love the list of fit foods. Great news about the coffee! Yay! 😀

  53. “Have you ever played baseball with a squash and a can of pumpkin?” No but I really want to now!

    Fav fit foods? Almonds, avocado, kale & eggs.

  54. Love this post, Gigi!! Avocado is definitely my favourite healthy food to eat! Or maybe almonds… I love them both!

  55. You two are so cute!!!!!!!!

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, I LOVE FLAVORED COFFEE & that was my fave stevia!!!!

    I am sort of a plain & picky eater….. but I love my extra lean turkey & white meat chicken & sweet potatoes & nuts & man, a lot of things.

    Are cookies on that list!!! :)

  56. Blueberries, Bananas, Pumpkin, Salmon, Tuna, Kale, Tomatoes, Oatmeal, Almonds, and Sweet Potatoes. Boom.

  57. I LOVE this!! So hilarious and catchy at the same time! Nice work! And great tips on the fit foods!

    • 😉 Thanks Elizabeth. Sometimes I make no sense… As you will notice if you decide to come back and visit me, LOL!

  58. Pumpkin is definitely one of my favorites! Avocado, sweet potatoes, love them love them!

    • Have you made anything mixing avocado and pumpkin together?! I see this as being the latest and greatest creation…!

  59. of course I’m shocked by the genius that comes out of my mouth! LOL or maybe out my fingers.

    I want donuts, specifically THOSE PUMPKIN ONES!! nomnom

    • Bah ha ha ha! I mean, from what I know about you —- YOU ALWAYS have genius coming out of your mouth, You should be: Brooklyn Active Sage 😉

  60. I am a flavored coffee lover as well! I love the archer farms flavored coffees from Target- the Dark Chocolate Truffle flavor has been my go-to flavor as of late. I just bought nori from the store tonight for the first time to make homemade sushi- did not know that the calcium content was that high- woo!

    • OMG I could spend HOURS upon HOURS smelling the Archer Coffees at Target – Only making my trip to Target last 5 hours as opposed to 3. LOL!!!

      AND YES TO YOUR SUSHI MAKING!! Where are your pictures because I KNOW you documented this experience! 😉

  61. I actually knew that bout nori… impressed?

    My super foods: apple cider vinegar, spinach, acai, gelatin, and wine. #foreveryoung

    • I knew out of anyone Laura, YOU WOULD KNOW because I mean, you’re the QUEEN of “strange but good” – DUH!

      And your next recipe: mixing ALL of your super food ingredients together….. Yep! Wine Gelatin spiked with spinach… And acai berries, LOL! Sounds…. Mouthwatering?

  62. Great video, agreed on flavored coffee. You two are awesome! My every day super foods: plant based protein powder, kale, carrots, banana, tempeh, broccoli, coffee, chia seeds, and flax seeds.

  63. You guys are great team! Awesome video. Pumpkins and avocado are my 2 favorite foods.

  64. Looks that you had a great time! Great team, guys!

  65. Looks like you had fun! Salmon is the best – so delicious and full of omega 3s! My favourite healthy food is avocados – sure they’re full of fat, but it’s GOOD fat, and you can put them in anything! Chocolate pudding, salads… scoop it out with a spoon right from the peel… anything and they’ll make it taste better!

  66. Double the foodie fun !! :) Late again but super busy now, well I won’t eat sushi and I never judge your foods I trust they are healthy and what you like. On moving to LA it takes a special person to make it not for the faint of heart. I never met anyone I have corresponded with online, maybe someday. Well off to run test in AZ next month so have to get better. I enjoyed the post :)

  67. I can’t wait to watch the video. How fun that you two did a collab together. So, to first answer your question of my favorite fit foods. I LOVE avocados. I use them on salads, in smoothies and pretty much in every meal. I also love nori, but honestly don’t really eat it as often as I should. When I eat salad, I often go for arugula. I think legumes are awesome. Lentils make me feel great. I toss them in a little EVOO, salt, pepper, garlic and chopped kale and other veggies. Medjool dates chopped/pureed sweeten everything. I love talking clean eating.

    • Well then you came to the right place because I TOO love talking CLEAN EATING, could talk about it FOR DAYS!!! And lentils are amazing and under appreciated super foods for sure! I cannot eat them, but I definitely recommend them to everyone looking for something a little different to add to their diet!

      And avocado… SWOON 😉

  68. You two are TWO ARE TOO FREAKIN CUTE!!! I eat all those foods on the reg. I’d have to add to that oatmeal. And PUMPKIN! I’m waiting for the GiGi Eats approved PSL. You know I’m all about that pumpkin :)

  69. Your video is awesome, fun and healthy.
    Thanks for amusing and helping the healthy cause.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party #20

  70. Ooh, I love salmon and nori and turkey and pumpkin. You two and your face expressions are pretty priceless. <3


  72. Haha I love your blog so far! Have been following FreshFitnHealthy and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog too :)

    • YAY! I am sooo glad you stumbled upon me too… I hope you totally didn’t completely fall over though 😉 LOL – oh wait, am I the only one who got that??

  73. BAHAHAHA you crack me up!!! Seriously! I can’t live without kale, almonds, cashews, carrots, chicken and booze. Oh ummmm, I mean blueberries, not booze. 😉

  74. So fun and adorable! My two favorite foods are lemon and mango :)

  75. Those pumpkin donuts look so good. I can just imagine having it with my morning cup of coffee.

  76. I love everything you mentioned – minus the greek yogurt. I love to cook with it and use it in things, but I can’t eat it on it’s own. I gag at the smell and just can’t do it. I’ve tried for so many years to eat it – and have, but I’d gag the whole time! I could (and frequently do) eat salmon on a daily basis! Looooooove it!

    • Hey, you don’t have to eat ALL of these foods if you don’t want to – eating a majority is good enough! And honestly, greek yogurt, I am totally on the fence about anyways! If it’s 100% grass-fed then YES, go for it if you like dairy… Otherwise, nope. Not really on board!

  77. Mmmm salmon :) I love dry seaweed which reminds me I need to buy some… It’s a great snack. I also love avocados I can eat it erry’day, along with eggs. My favorite type of sushi is straight avocado maki – it’s so awesome and so simple. Otherwise, salmon skin rolls or eel.. Eel is good even though I wouldn’t want to see the process of getting it IN my roll. Lol. Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

  78. I am CONSTANTLY amazed by the brilliant things that come out of my mouth 😉 And my regular sushi order is wild salmon sashimi with tako sunomono and avocado rolls. Thanks for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, Gigi, I’m pinning it :)

  79. People are really surprised by my one liners haha.

    I always just order nigiri because obvi I don’t want any of that dumb rice filler… #protein

    • HA HA! I love when I am “on my game” and my one liners just keep coming out like MONEY BALLS.
      Okay, what the fu** did I just say? LOL!

      Wait. Nigiri is the salmon over the rice… So you still get the rice in there. Did you mean to say Sashimi?

  80. You guys are certainly hilarious, and you have stellar choices in healthy foods! 😉 You’ve definitely inspired me to eat more salmon! 😀

  81. Seriously.. YOU GALS ROCKED IT THIS WEEK! Thank you for linking up at the Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays! I have pinned your post to our Tasty Tuesdays Pinterest Board!! I hope to see you again this week! xo

  82. Oh yea, I’m starting to crave pumpkin… I’m sure I’ll be obsessed all fall! And I love Greek yogurt too.

  83. I love greek yogurt! I eat FAGE everyday. Have a great weekend.

  84. I love so many of those foods! My top ten are dulse, bananas, nori, avocado, yams, kabocha, almond milk, chia, frozen mango and cinnamon:) <3

  85. I LOVE nori!!!!!! =D It makes great wraps and I like to tear it into pieces and throw it in soups & stirfries. YUM

  86. Fantastic post GiGi! I’d have to say my top food is Salmon as well. I love NORI, I like the one that you can get from COSTCO. Thanks for creating such a fun AND educational tidbit of info this morning!