Nacho Average B.R.I.S.K.E.T.




Seconds (and)





Sure… You could probably come up with at least twenty billion (or more?) foods that can be ready in next to no time AND make you want to jump in front of a bus for… But I highly doubt BRISKET* (did you catch on to my acronym) is on that list of consumables. 


Sure… If you’re NOT a vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/meat-free eater… BRISKET* (and it’s undeniably delicious aroma) PROBABLY brainwashes you into wanting to risk your life in a busy intersection for it… But DOLEFULLY, it takes far more than seconds to prepare. More like hours. Seven to eight long and painful hours to be exact.


Talk about being FUNGRY when it’s done. 


Ain’t nobody got time for thatAnd surely you’re friends/family/significant other don’t deserve the wrath of your funger?


Although… If you own a BBQ joint. Then yes, yes you do have the time. 


However… What if I told you… US Wellness Meats enlisted David Blaine‘s services and he contrived, for them, a MAGICAL BRISKET that all you need to do is heat up for mere seconds and devour like the animal that you are. 


Okay… Only half of the above statement is true and you’re in luck because I speak the truth about the MAGICAL BRISKET. David Blaine had no part in its creation. 


I actually have a feeling Illusionist Blaine himself would be captivated by the feat that US Wellness Meats was able to conquer! 


So who’s ready to add BRISKET* to the list of B.R.I.S.K.E.T. foods! 


Check out the MAGICAL MEAT (along with something else that’s ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL) in the latest GiGi Eats (featuring Abby Austin of ALA Fitness… Not David Blaine, my apologies… However, Abby is WAY better and HOTTER!


Made with Brisket


Holy Cow… These are nacho hard to make!

  • Slice sweet potato and place in air fryer… And “fry” for 15 minutes at 380 degrees. 
  • If you don’t have an air fryer… Well, you need to add it to your Christmas list… But until you do, you can pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees and roast your sliced sweet potato in there if you’d like. Since I don’t know your oven, I cannot tell you how long the cooking process will take. 
  • When your sweet potatoes have about 2 – 3 minutes left to cook, warm up the brisket by placing it in a skillet and simply turning the burner on to medium heat. No need to add any oil as the brisket’s fat is good enough. 
  • When you plate this creation… Lay the chips on the plate first, then some spinach (or other green, or none at all) and then sprinkle diced brisket on top! If you want to get REALLY meaty… You can add some BBQ sauce to the pile of awesome! 
  • Devour. 

So Tell Me…

  • If you eat meat, have you ever attempted to make brisket?
  • Your favorite BBQ joint in the world… GO!
  • Do you care about how the red meat you eat was raised (i.e. grass-fed/finished)?
  • Have you ever been sucked into an AIR FRYER infomercial? 
  • If you’re married… What was the weirdest thing you requested on your registry? 
  • Tell me a story about a time you were FUNGRY…  

*Grass-fed/finished beef is always best! 


  1. Brisket is a favorite around our home. I actually don’t mind making this delicious meal. Like spoiling my family.

  2. HaHa! No I’ve never made brisket, but my mom used to. Sonny’s BBQ is a Gainesville tradition and has the original location. Most of their waitresses are OLD and have worked there for 30 years! They don’t take no sass!

    I was invited by a female friend for diner. Arriving hungry, she showed me the BBQ grill and told me she had never BBQ’d before but not to worry, she knew how. Two hours later I was ready to pass out from hunger and still waiting!

    • OH GOSH! I won’t lie – I sometimes HATE going to people’s houses for dinner… I always get a little scared. Luckily, people who DO typically invite me over, know my ways, so they cater to me 😉 I mean, everyone in my life knows that I am the FOOD GIRL… ha ha ah! That being said, I generally like to eat out if I want to be social during meal time – ha!

  3. Wow, that looks absolutely fantastic! I’ve never made brisket myself. I was a vegetarian and a pescatarian at different points in my life, so the past year of bringing red meat back into my diet has gotten interesting. I’ll definitely share this one with the hubs and I’m sure he will more than approve! :)

  4. Sweet potato anything are always a win in my opinion – especially as nachos! Also I have heard of hangry, but never have I ever heard of fungry. It’s going to be my new favorite word. :)

    • HE HE HE! It is definitely one of my favorite words, that’s for sure – hahaha! Because it describes me just OH SO WELL… 😉 Well except AFTER I eat this recipe!! hehe!

  5. haha, this looks delicious!! This brisket looks awesome.

  6. I love brisket havent had it in awhile. After seeing this I have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh you totally do!! Get on over to US Wellness Meats and check it out… And then after you order it, go out for BBQ tonight – haha! Cause I mean, US Wellness Meats will take a day or two to get to you!

  7. This sounds yummy! Kansas City has sooo many good BBQ places- Burnt Ends and Jack Stack are some of my faves. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Connie Tillman says:

    My husband just got an air fryer during black friday. I am going to have to make this. It looks so yummy. My tummy is grumbling.

    • OMG YOUR HUSBAND IS VERY VERY VERY SMART for getting the air fryer! It’s the friggin’ best thing ever! You’re going to be using it ALL the time! ALL THE TIME I TELL YOU!!!

  9. I love Brisket nachos. A restaurant near me has them and they are awesome and probably not an idea I would have thought of. Thanks now I think I’ll make them at home.

  10. I definitely need an air fryer!

  11. Jessica Joy says:

    Holy schmoly, this is so crazy man-friendly, and so fast. That brisket looks and apparently smells, like something Chad would rave over. Me? I’m all about that AIR FRYER!!! WHAT?! Thank you so much for sharing that…I am on the lookout for one of those ASAP. GIGI, I miss you, Gorgeous! Thanks for being here every Tuesday, you make-a-me so happy!

    Much love!

    • Girl, you make me so so so happy – and your FB message this morning TOTALLY put me in an awesome mood! I am so thrilled you are officially in CALI and cannot wait to hang out come 2017 :)

      BEFORE THEN THOUGH = your mission is to get an air fryer – ASAP!!!!

  12. Ready in seconds Brisket?? Nope never heard of that before. I am a pescatarian but one of the foods I crave all the time is brisket. It’s freakin delicious and has caused me to cheat a few times over the years. ahhhh look at the pig waiting… lol, I need an air-fryer in my life. That Brisket looks AMAZBALLS!!!

  13. Jacqui Odell says:

    Oh man! These look so yummy!! I wish I had some nachos now.

  14. I haven’t ever tried to cook brisket, but it’s one of my favorites. We have a ton of BBQ places in Tennessee, but my favorite place is in Alabama. Have you heard of Alabama white sauce?? oh my goshhhhh so good! It’s like a BBQ sauce. Yum!

    Weirdest thing on our registry hmm….I think it was probably the Superman, Wonder woman and Darth Vader themed stuff….I mean, you NEED a hello kitty alarm clock when you get married. 😉

    • WHATTT ON EARTH?! I have NEVER EVER heard of Alabama White Sauce but now I am super curious as to WHAT IS IN IT?!?!?!?! Don’t let me die like the cat, tell me what it is! LOL!

      AND HECK YES YOU DOOOOO need a Hello Kitty Alarm Clock. DUH! I totally put a whale drinking fountain on the registry and some how we wound up with TWO!

  15. This sounds amazing! I have a preteen son who is constantly hungry, maybe this will satisfy him!

  16. We should have had this before the game! Oh man so good!

  17. YUM! Looks amazing. My fav BBQ joint was this little place in Excelsior Springs Missouri – this tiny little town where my hubby and I went on our babymoon. It used to be a railroad station and dairy farm – lots of history – before being transformed into a BBQ place. The food was great there!

  18. I love brisket and make it a few times a year.
    Favorite BBQ joint is Carmen’s in Hayward, CA (tiny hole in the wall with the best food).
    I am intrigued by the air fryer but don’t need another kitchen gadget.
    My husband and I did not have a registry, we eloped (to our own church during a regular Saturday night service) so we asked people to donate to charity instead, does that count?
    Fungry? Every time I have tried a restrictive eating plan (eat only this, never eat that, eat only at these times, etc. )…

    I think I got all of your questions. Thanks for partying with us on #TastyTuesdays

    • Hole in the wall joints are typically the best, I swear! LOVE THEM and never ever do I knock them 😉 I gotta seek out Carmen’s for sure!

      And I loveeee what you asked people to do for you instead of a registry!! I was actually thinking about eloping too, but I am glad I went through the whole ceremony thing. It was such an amazing day. Beyond amazing actually! :)

  19. Oooh this looks so good!

    I’ve never actually had brisket ever! It’s not a common cut here in Australia, however, Jesse and his friends often order it from the butchers for their men’s barbeque and beer brewing days so perhaps I need to get some and try it when we have people over for lunch next!

    We didn’t have a gift registry when we got married, however, the weirdest gift we got was an overnight bag… for me… which I thought was weird since it was kinda like “sorry Jesse, you miss out” 😛

  20. Love the acronym! :) AND the brisket! lol Thanks for sharing :)

  21. I’ve never made brisket (and I admit, I don’t think I’ve ever even had it), but this looks great! I love using sweet potatoes as nachos. And your acronym is great!

    • The great thing about this brisket is that it’s NOT intimidating AT ALL – AT ALL, because all you have to do it HEAT IT UP and BAM, it’s ready!!!

  22. Holy cow I love brisket, sign me up! Also, that photo of the pig standing in front of the oven had me cracking up!!

  23. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had brisket before. I feel like it need to try it!

  24. The air fryer got me that looks cool !! The question is what can’t you put in it ? The pre cooked is a major time saver cricket can be tricky to cook I know from experience.

    • Ok not cricket brisket although air fried cricket’s might be good. Gremlins in the key board today.

      • YOU NEED AN AIR FRYER! It’s the coolest invention on the face of the planet and you can seriously put ANYTHING in it! Anything. The recipe book even says you can make PIES in it!!! How nuts is that! ha! So really… It’s pretty much an oven that gives everything a delicious crunch factor!

  25. Love brisket as well. Always love your funny posts.

  26. Good friends of ours are BBQ competitors. When we want ribs or pulled pork or brisket, Hubs drops it off in the AM on his way to work, and picks it up on the way home. Boom! When I took a nutritional anthropology class last year, we had to read an article about the beef industry. The author was documenting the life and diet of a steer he’d bought from birth to processing…let’s just say it’s enough to convince you to ONLY eat grass-fed beef. My mom and MIL are air-fryer fans, I don’t have one.

    • OMG A NUTRITIONAL ANTHROPOLOGY CLASS??!?!?!?!?! WHEREEEEE do I sign up for one of those classes!!!!! HA! That being said, I have read enough articles/etc to know that grass-fed/finished is the ONLY WAY to go! ONLY!!!!

      And um. I want friends like your friends. JUST saying!

  27. My hubs loves brisket!

  28. I have made brisket before and it was a hit!!

  29. Though I do not eat meat anymore I always make a Jewish style brisket when the kids come home and when the in-laws come I do Texas style. Brisket is always a hit.

  30. Oh wow, I love brisket, although I’ve never made it. I think I need an air fryer now too. I NEED to try your “nachos” too. They look delicious and soooooo healthy. LOVE!

    • YOU MOST CERTAINLY need to ask for an air-fryer come Christmas time, ie… RIGHT NOW! Seriously, you will be SO SO SO happy with it, I promise !!

  31. Brisket is a family favorite around. I actually don’t mind making this delicious meal. I feel like it I need to try it very soon!

  32. The piggy waiting in front of the oven is just too great!!!

    • Yeah my husband snapped a photo of me when I wasn’t paying attention. I mean, when there is something baking in the oven, I cannot focus on anything else!

  33. Any time that sweet potato nachos are involved is a GOOD DAY. I’m not a huge brisket person, but Alex lurves it. Although, I’ve had a really good Kobe brisket before. But I’m a sucker for just about anything that comes with BBQ sauce. I made zoodles last night. With BBQ sauce. It was awesome.

    • What kind of BBQ sauce do you love to suck down? I have to say, the one I used in this recipe surprised my taste buds… In a good way of course!!

  34. I do eat meat, but no I have never made brisket before, we don’t have that exact cut here in Brazil so kind of hard, but hey that seems so freaking tasty! Would love to try it.

    • If you can ever get your mouth on that cut – sink your teeth in ASAP!!! And Brazil has awesome beef – ie, healthfully raised… So dive in! haha!

  35. I am not a red meat eater now but did as a kid & my parents made some great stuff! Favorite was their pot roast after a couple days leftover – all the flavors get so good. Now, I am not even there.. I have no knowledge on places or anything else. :)

  36. Yup, I have made brisket. Slow-cooked in the oven (BBQ-style); on the outdoor smoker; and braised. Good stuff. Nice to be able to buy some already cooked, though. Anyway, terrific dish. And fun video — thanks.

    • I had no doubt in my mind that you had made brisket before John! You are a pro with all foods, or so I witness whenever I visit your blog!

  37. I needed a laugh. You know, I never have made brisket but hubby adores it. Just absolutely loves it. In fact just ordered it out the other night!

    • WOO WOO! Brisket really does turn frowns upside down! Since you didn’t have any in person though, I am glad I could make you laugh instead!

  38. Haven’t meant a pig I didn’t want to eat. Brisket is delicious and worth the time.

  39. Looks super duper delicious! I could easily finish the whole plate.

  40. Nachos on sweet potato chips? Um, yes.

  41. I love the idea of using sweet potato ANYTHING. But sweet potatoes in nachos??? UMMMMM YES! GET INTO MY MOUTH! Great idea…now I am going to have to disappear to my kitchen for a while. Excuse me. 😉

  42. I can not slice a sweet potato very well, do you have any tips?

    • I think it truly depends on the knife you’re using! If you have a chef’s knife, you should be okay. I would cut off the ends first (because those smaller sides don’t make the best chips (you can save them for simple roasting) and then just SLOWLY slice the tater.

  43. Xylitol BBQ sauce exists…what?!? Haha! I’m a super fan of sweet potatoes and cutting them up to discs for easy dipping (or scooping) makes them the greatest starchy veg of all time 😀

  44. I have no idea what brisket is. But I do love nachos but I love the smothered in cheese with jalapenos, beans, chicken and more. They’re a weakness of mine.

  45. While I’m not a fan of brisket, I love US Wellness meats. I’ve ordered from them before and have always been happy with their product.

    • What’s your favorite product from them?! I am really into their hot dogs right now!! 😉 More for lunch for me! I mean, that’s not a bad time AT ALL!

  46. Pig is good, pig is yummy.

  47. This looks so good! I love brisket. I’ve never had brisket nachos. I don’t think I’ve ever made it myself lol I make an awesome pot roast…same thing right. I’m not married but I would love to get a wine fridge. I’ve sort of been registering each Christmas..I need new pots and pans…I want a blender…I need a new crockpot lol I was going to ask for a kitchen aid mixer this year but my mom beat me too it.

    • Give me the recipe for this pot roast ASAP because we got a slow cooker, so I need ideas for what to cook in it!! And hey, you can still ask for the mixer, WHY NOT 😉 It can be a KitchenAid Kitchen!

  48. I am a fungry poster child. Just ask my other half. We didn’t register… we just ran away. We tend to do that a lot, actually.

  49. As you know, I don’t eat meat, but the brisket looks really good. And BTW – I see a lot of infomercials and haven’t seen an air fryer before. I’m going to have to check it out. I also have never made sweet potato chips. I love the spiralizer for curly fries. Maybe that would work.

    • GIRL GET ON THE AIR FRYER!!! You could spiralize sweet potatoes or whatever you’d like, and then throw it in the air fryer to make them crispy!!!

  50. I am lawsy frungry!!!!!!!!!!!! And yum Brisket! I actually like these tcos. The usual kind are fun for 3 bites but then I am done, I could eat this whole plate.

  51. Hi GiGi,
    I’m laughing out loud at you again. I love that pig but it sure is a big porker!!!! I make beef brisket and I sure do love anything with sweet potatoes. Sound like a meal I sure would love. I like pork but usually just eat the sausage and pork chops since there pretty expensive to buy a pork brisket – we do buy a quarter of beef each year and I get brisket with that. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • I am so glad you like the picture my husband snuck of me when I was too distracted looking at the deliciousness roasting in the oven 😉

      Oh and maybe I should have specified – this is BEEF BRISKET… I do not eat pork, that’s for sure!

      • HI GiGi,
        You sure a good looking pig! LOL! Actually I was thinking about it and I don’t remember of ever hearing about Pork Brisket before – so I guess I the dummy.

        Just courteous as why you don’t eat pork? Is it a religious belief or something else. Now I being nosy and you don’t have to answer me. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day! Enjoy you nachos and briskets~

        • I don’t eat pork because I consider them “dirty eaters” – Pasture Raised and Pasture Finished Pork has not quite caught on yet… I know it exists, and I would eat that if it were more readily available, but as for pork found in grocery stores right now… Yikes, I don’t even look at it, ha ha!

          PS: My sister’s husband actually hunts for WILD BOAR – which eats berries, grasses, bugs, etc… And I will eat that meat when he sends it to me! It’s very gamey and actually a red-ish brown meat! It’s amazing!

  52. Annette Yedlin says:

    That looks so good, you’re making me fungry. Haha I really enjoy your sense of humor too Thank you for sharing. I am definitely going to try this!

  53. I’ve never heard of Brisket! Maybe it is called something different in Australia? Either way- it looks delish!

    • Actually, someone else commented saying that BRISKET is not popular over in Australia – but I promise you, now that I mentioned it, you will totally hear it a dozen + times now… Because that’s how the universe works, right?!

  54. My favorite BBQ joint is my backyard because we smoke a lot of meat over here, including brisket. BUT I’ll take a packaged high quality, grass fed brisket any day of the week! I care very deeply about how my meat is raised and what they eat so we try to buy as much of our meat as we can from local farms where they are humanely raised and grass fed. It def makes a difference and we are helping support local farmers so it’s a two-fer!! I will be checking out US Wellness Meats though to see what’s up with them and their yummy brisket :)

    BTW, I KNOW THAT PIG!!!!! No, not you…the one staring at the oven. I follow that pig on FB…again, not you. I mean the swine in the kitchen…oh, never mind. Hahahahahahahaha!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA! I totally GOOGLED that pig! I had NO IDEA it was an actual SUPER STAR, lmfao!!! Darn it, I can’t say it’s me anymore! Ah ha ha! Oh well. I will just shove my face with brisket to shut myself up! 😉

      And I love a girl after my own heart – caring PASSIONATELY about how her meat is raised before eating it!!! 😀

  55. Nachos sound like the best way to eat brisket. No gonna lie, I don’t eat a whole lot of brisket…actually I don’t know if I’ve ever officially had it! But I do know that looks delish and I would totally smash it in my mouth 😀

    • I will not lie to you now, I rarely eat brisket too and only had TINY tastes until I got this US WELLNESS MEATS Brisket because… I only eat 100% grass-fed/finished red meats, and that’s exactly what this beef brisket from US Wellness Meats is! You gotta get this stuff SMASHED in your face hole – RIGHT NOW!!

  56. Oh wow! this nachos looks delicious! I’ll definitely do this one!

  57. i think you need to visit me! Texas BBQ BRISKET is KING! just sayin…

    • I was there in February of this past year and holy hell did I eat THE MEATS. Hot damn. We went to… No, scratch that, my husband went to this place called FRANKLINS in Austin and waited in line for 4.5 hours. He got there at freaking 6:45am. Crazy man… But… I appreciate it because hot damn that meat was GOOOODDD!

  58. I def need to try some brisket!!! Never had it.. but you have me convinced it’s delicious!

  59. Brisket is not something we’d normally eat, but when you put it that way, it’s pretty hard to argue with. Will def. give it a try.

  60. ooooh, betcha knew I’d sniff this post out! Brisket, LOVE it . . .and most people are surprised to learn that the “flat half” portion of brisket is considered lean with only 6g fat and 170 cal per serving, but 28g protein (there I go beef proselytizing again)

    The first time I made brisket I was a newlywed . . . I followed directions in betty crocker cookbook and husband said it tasted like a boot. Needless to say, he didn’t eat brisket from me from a good long while. Now, I’m older and wiser and have all the beef skillzzzzzzz and make a mean brisket and teach others how to too! haha — I always tell people about the first “boot”

    • I am PRETTY SURE that if I actually made this brisket from scratch, my husband would have thought it tasted like a car tire… And would have thrown it in the alleyway for a homeless man to use as part of his shelter. HA! My husband actually made actual brisket the night before our wedding and it was on point though, so I will leave the brisket making to him… Or US Wellness Meats – because this heat and eat brisket is BOMB!

  61. Yum! I’m definitely going to try this recipe!

  62. As much as I like to cook, I have to say that I have never made Brisket. My cousin makes on heck of a brisket so I kind of let that be her glory dish and I stick to soups and chicken…lol this is a great recipe so I may give it a go and see if the family and friends won’t take me out if It is not as good as my cousin’s…lol

    • Well, the great part about this brisket is that all you have to do is HEAT IT UP – so if your family isn’t a fan of the brisket (which honestly, I doubt that won’t be – it’s amazing), you won’t be the one to blame for it! ha ha!

  63. That’s the best acronym ever. :O …and I love the phrase “slightly inconvenienced and hungry”–I’m a terrible person to be around during those times! 😛 Those nachos look awesome!

  64. I love your memes!!! I have never had brisket nachos like this before, they would be amazing to try out.

  65. christina aliperti says:

    I have been fungry many times before! These brisket nachos sound like the perfect solution.

  66. I have never tried these but would like to one day. The post made it a great read, loved it.

  67. OMG I live in a perpetual state of “Fungry” :( I’ve been trying to just eat chicken and fish but that brisket looks amazing!

    • Ah ha! Well you can certainly go a little BUCK WILD on this brisket if you’d like! 1005 Grass-fed/finished red meat = so insanely healthy! :) Lets get you out of that FUNGRY!!

  68. 7- 8 hours? Wow that takes some dedication, I have some friends who adore brisket although I don’t think they make it themselves.

    • Well the wonderful thing about this recipe is it uses a brisket from a company here in the states that MAKES the brisket for you, for you to have in your freezer, so all you need to do is heat and eat!! :D!! My appetite does not wait 7-8 hours for food, lol!

  69. I’ve never made brisket before because I’m spoiled by the amazing brisket here in NY. But goodness… brisket nachos?!? YES GIGI YES!!!

    • And all you have to do is WARM THIS BRISKET UPPPP! 😉
      And um. WHAT?! NY has good brisket?! I was just in NYC and I did not get any of that! I won’t lie – I actually didn’t really eat any great food when I ate out in NYC – WOMP WOMP!

  70. Oo yummy! I love brisket so much. I’m just too lazy to ever make it.

  71. i love brisket and I think these kind of nachos would took my cravings away.

  72. Brisket?? its not a question, I use this meat cut once in a while and my favourite is by using them on braised beef noodle soup

  73. Elizabeth O. says:

    You’re right it takes a long time and it would be nice if it were ready in seconds! I no longer eat meat though. But I’m sure a LOT of people will be happy about this!

  74. This sounds so delicious and I know I’d love it. Brisket is something that we don’t eat that often in the UK

  75. Oooh spinach is not optional. I want loads of it on all that lovely food! This would be good for lunch right now.

  76. Your post cracked me up! But these nachos do look delicious!

  77. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg deliciousness! I was just in Texas last week and they had brisket tacos everywhere!!! They were so yummy!!!

  78. Collectively Bee says:

    These sound delicious. I’m definitely going to have to try it out!

    VA | Collectively Bee

  79. I’m so superficial but from looks alone, I can tell I’ll love these brisket nachos! I’m sure once I take the time to really pay attention to the dish and what it has to offer, I’ll appreciate it inside and out and it’ll keep me coming back for more!

  80. Bwwwwwwahahahaha! i love this post so much!!!! the humor is just EPIC and the food is so mouth wateringly heavenly.

    • WELL SHIT. I friggin’ love you for expressing your love and having the same humor as me! 😉 Nice to virtually meet you Enricoh! You’re ALWAYS invited back here for a good laugh! 😛

  81. Misty Dawn Nelson says:

    This is absolutely looks yummy. the brisket was so amazing.

  82. Leigh Anne Miller Borders says:

    My family would be all over this! With a house full of men, we can’t keep them fed:)

  83. Dana Vento says:

    It looks so delicious! I’ve never since this before this post force me to try these one! I hope i can try this one.

  84. katrina gehman says:

    please, someone come and make this for me. this looks amazing! i love me some brisket,

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