YOU TOTALLY WANT THIS STUFF… Don’t Lie! A Bizarrely Awesome Gift Guide!

When you cross out the ST from the word STUFF… You are left with the letters: UFF.

And UFF is the noise I make when I feel like I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF.



I mean… Is…






This? UFF.

What about…


These? UFF.

I may, however, be a rare breed because TYPICALLY people will take the word STUFF… Cross out the U-F-F, move the T before the S and add PRSEN to it.



Because who DOES NOT like (physical) presents!?

Oh, that’s right… I just finished expressing how… I don’t.

That being said… Since a majority of you and your family/friends do love ripping Jolly Olly Santa off a huge box or ten… I have come up with some gift ideas that might be so lucky as to make it into one or two of those boxes…

crazy gigi

Naughty… Or NiceYou might be getting one of these this holiday season: 


A gift that says: HERE… If you’re going to eat enough meat for the meat sweats, you might as well do it with grass-fed/finished meats


A gift that says: Throw up the bird to deep fryers!


A gift that says: I DO NOT KNOW WTF to get you… So you pick something out. And if you decided to go on one of those all-inclusive trips… You better invite me!


A gift that says: I don’t want to verbally tell you that your home is messier than a chimpanzee’s cage after 3 weeks of not being cleaned… So here… Just take this!


A gift that says: Ladies, I want you to head into the new year with a brand new perspective on the male psyche because they’re not as complicated as you think… And gents, if you think you’re the only one who’s made a complete ass of themselves in the dating world… This book will hysterically remind you that you’re not alone. 


A gift that says: I would totally get that pillowcase, thong, baseball cap, and/or bumper sticker with my face on it… For myself, but… That seems inappropriate.

GiGi licking Sizzlefish Salmon

A gift that says: GiGi would be jealous as FFFFFF!


A gift that says: Here is a far cheaper way to make you booty look bigger… Without having to get ass implants like… THOSE WOMEN. However, you should really just be doing squats.  


A gift that says: Seriously. With this… Being single for the rest of your life looks a bit more comfortable, right?


A gift that says: You have a serious problem (which will only be confirmed if you wear this hat year-round). However, you’re hysterical when you’re a complete shit show… Cheers!


A gift that says: No more late night puddle slipping.


A gift that says: I really want to make out with YOUR food, so please… Get all up in it.


A gift that says: Who doesn’t want to always have a buddy to “hang out” with while sipping some tea?


A gift that says: I give you full permission to GO AVO-CONTROL!


A gift that says: Sure… Watches probably seem like a “been there, done that” kind of gift… But JORD Watches (made for both the ladies and gents!) are wooden wrist candies… Without the sugar! 


A gift that says: Hold on to your butts! 


A gift that says: Quit shoving money, IDs, gum, breath mints, condoms, and the like in your cleavage… It ain’t classy. 


A gift that says: Just don’t wear this at work. (Or perhaps, you’re welcome?)

  • Poop Emoji Plunger


A gift that says: Go on. Eat some fiber.


A gift that says: I think you look great in glasses. 

  • Gravity Defying Drinkware


A gift that says: Suck it, David Blaine


A gift that says: Quit it with the political rants on Facebook… Take it out on this guy (don’t worry, there is a Hillary one as well… And Hillary TP too) instead… Maybe film it… And then post THAT on Facebook.  

  • Garbage Can BBQ Grill


A gift that says: Your cooking tastes like garbage anyways…


A gift that says: A ray of sunshine you won’t want to punch in the face. 


A gift that says: The food you eat might actually hate your guts. Get rid of the haters! (To receive $60 off your food intolerance test, use the code: GIGIEATS)


A gift that says: I effin’ love you. (Or maybe… I effin’ hate you?)

Oh shit. Now I kind of… Maybe… Sort of… TotallyWant some of these things

So Tell Me…

  • From the above list… What would you ask for and why?
  • What is actually on your holiday gift list this year?
  • When you think of the word STUFF… Do you have the same reaction as me?
  • Do you recall the best holiday gift you’ve ever received?
  • What are your holiday plans?**
  • How many of you are going to download my husband’s hysterical/pee in your pants $2 e-book?! 

GiGi-Uh Oh

**Speaking of holiday plans… THIS will be my LAST blog post until 2017. Do follow me on Instagram though… As I can’t stop, and won’t stop posting photos showcasing my whereabouts… Seriously, you’re going to want to follow along because… I am off to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Asia (yep… MORE TRAVEL FOR ME)! 


  1. The poop emoji plunger and the Trump pinata are my faves.

  2. I can’t decide! I wouldn’t mind having the solar charger. I like getting stuff that I would actually use. Unfortunately a ticket to Australia is out of the question…haha. But I will settle for all the other things I like, but I agree, I like the useful items that I can use. Not just items I will never touch again or use once, unless it only has a one time use. Then I completely understand.

  3. How did you find out all those awesome stuff? I love those slotflops!

  4. Hahaha I love that sloth tea infuser! And I definitely need that Trump Pinata….

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  5. It is a toss up between the garbage can bbq and the toilet bowl. However the pinnertest looks pretty cool!

  6. I live in a house with 3 males. The toilet light could be a life saver.

  7. Woah! This is a HUGE but most useful gift guide. Actually I love most of them, so I can’t decide what would I want for myself. :)

  8. The flip flops with a stash area are genius! Have fun on your trip. What an awesome experience!

  9. Jacqui Odell says:

    Those are weird gifts. I have never heard of slot flip flops!

  10. HaHaHa!! That’s some amazing list!!

    One year my staff got me the cleaning service for my home :)

    I know several people who would like the Trump pinata.

    Happy Holidays, GiGi!! You have had one amazing year!!

    • I would welcome the cleaning service gift with OPEN ARMS! I just had a HANDY… (lol)… And they are seriously THE BEST!!!

      And you’re right Dr. J… This year has been EPIC for me! I hope it’s been that way for you as well :)

  11. The Flex Tilt thing for cameras actually looks super interesting to me!

    Have fun traveling!!

  12. You know that I need the unicorn slippers. Plus… THEY LIGHT UP #suzicorn

  13. That giant body pillow is just wild. The air fryer is the best gift though.

    • Ah ha ha, isn’t it slightly ridiculous?! 😉 However the air fryer is far from being stupid – it’s actually PHENOMENAL! My husband said I officially make the BEST French Fries he has ever had (thanks to the air fryer!)

  14. those are some wacked out gifts you have gathered here to show us. Very strange some of them.

  15. This was perfect, I have a few people that are so hard to shop for! I am sure to find something fun on this list!

    • Apparently I am ONE OF THOSE – Someone who is REALLY HARD to get something for 😉 Whoops! Perhaps this list will help them, just like it hopefully will help you!

  16. Let’s see, the head hammock + inertia looks dangerous but I love the poop plunger. The plunger combined with my custom imprinted toilet paper can’t say who’s on it use your imagination :) would be epic. My realistic pick would be the air fryer than I can make chipkins ! My unrealistic dream gift is an authentic Ironman suit fully functional of course :)

    • NOTHING in unrealistic 😉 I say… If you want that IRON MAN COSTUME – YOU GET IT!!!! I mean, perhaps I can make a few calls to Tony, he is a close personal friend? hahaha!

  17. I want the air fryer and the Giant Body Pillow! And I really want those flashing unicron slippers, I mean HELLO where have you been all my life?

    • RIGHT?!?!?!??!?! I feel like those slippers are going to be the SHOES of 2017! And the AIR FRYER is also going to be the COOKING APPLIANCE of the year as well… I mean, it truly is the most magical thing on the face of the planet. If no one gives it to you this holiday, GIFT YOURSELF with it!!

  18. I would totally give up coffee and drink tea exclusively if I had that sloth tea infuser. Of course, I would probably feel like a sloth without my injection of caffeine, but hey! it is adorable!

    Thanks for sharing on #TastyTuesdays

    • Ah ha ha ha ah ha ha!! Oh totally. I am sorry but Green Tea and Black Tea have NOTHING on Coffee – NOTHING AT ALL! HAHAHAH! Could you … Just put coffee grounds in the sloth? LOL! (Clearly I am no coffee drinker!)

  19. So much good stuff here. Dare I hope I’ve been good enough for a big old box o’ meat?

    • RIGHT?!?!?! All I really asked for (or gave as a suggestion to my friends and family) is a whole bunch of SALMON! ha ha! Because I am the most obsessed with that fish! I hope you get ALL the meat this year!

  20. Oh my gosh, I’m so far behind on visiting all my fabulous blogger friends. I love this gift list and I’m going to order a dozen Trump pinatas for all my American cousins! lol
    Enjoy your holiday, married lady! I’m taking time off too. Time to enjoy some real time life :)
    Merry Christmas xoox

    • Do not smack yourself for being BEHIND – this month and November are typically the busiest and the time when you need and should spend the most time with family! I am actually totally stoked to put my computer totally away come Saturday – 😉 So go. GOOOOOOOOOOO enjoy the holidays!

  21. WOW! The Solar Phone Charger looks like it could def come in handy!!

  22. cristinaleau says:

    I want so many from this list, like the awesome unicorn slippers or the amazing Flex Tilt and let’s not forget the most awesome bottle opener I ever saw. Thanks for sharing this.

  23. This has got to be the best post of all times. Haha. Interesting read. I particularly want the Garbage can BBQ grill and the toes with the Adidas Sandals :-)

    wonderful post.


    • WOO WOO! You just dubbed this post the BEST OF ALL TIME – WOW. I am truly friggin’ honored!! What’s your address, I should send you that BBQ because you just made my day! 😉 I would send you the toes… But then I would have a hard time balancing – LOL!

  24. I seriously need that tripod! It looks amazing. Have a super festive season :)

  25. I wants that Mountie Side clip like yesterday, please pretty please Santa. These Uffs…hmmmm I am not saying more GiGi Girl :)

  26. Girl, this is one crazy gift guide! I wouldn’t mind some unicorn slippers though and that tripod is pretty cool!

  27. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    I am all about the weird. I totally want everything on this list. I am sending it to my hubby right now.

  28. Some interesting ideas for sure! I would take the house cleaning but could do without the piñata and plunger. Funny stuff!

  29. Those slot flops are hilarious!!! Where in the world do you find this stuff GiGi?

  30. I love the Donald pinata! The poop emoji plunger has my heart! I hope you have a blast traveling. I’m kind of jealous you get to take the rest of the year off! Is it weird saying “Husband,” now? I’m going to spend time this Christmas with the Fam! Super excited have been since July I think and my big sis just bought a house.

    • It is beyond weird to say HUSBAND now! BEYOND WEIRD!!! Ah ha ha! I have to keep saying it just so I can try and get used to it, but it is definitely going to take some time.

      HAVE the best holiday ever !! Do remember to take some time for you!

  31. Oh, my goodness. That was so funny! The plunger is classic. That camera tool is pretty darn cool!

  32. Oooh, that flextilt camera thingy is really, really, REALLY cool!! Would be nice to have a steady picture of some food. Or maybe I just need to eat BEFORE I take food photos……

  33. There’s something for everyone on that list! And some things I’d never, ever have thought of. Or knew existed. For me? Well, we have way too much stuff, so anything that’s food is always welcome. :-) BTW, I’m taking off the rest of the year, so I’d like to wish you happy holidays!

    • FOOD GIFTS = The ONLY thing that I ever want, ha ha ah ha!!

      And good for you taking the rest of the year off – I am right there with you!

  34. I LOVE THIS! Wish I’d checked in earlier, doh, but went back and re-edited my gift list blog post to include yours. So that sometime in 2031 when some robot is googling (robots have endless patience and will search back decades and even centuries for good gift ideas) they will come across both my list and yours.

    Have a wonderful trip! I want to go all those places too! (And for those of holdouts who refuse to get sucked into instagram, fearing another huge timesuck, hope some of your pics make their way back to your blog.

    • Ah ha ha ha ah! Well ain’t that nice of you!! 😉 I am beyond honored that you thought my list was good enough to be included in your list – ha ha!

      Watch me on Instagram and it will be as if you’re in the places I am traveling to !! 😉 PROMISE!

  35. LMAO! How did you even find this stuff, it’s hilarious!!

  36. I totally need that flex tilt!!!! Great UFF!!
    I have the manatee tea thing and kind of love it. Got it as a present. :-)

  37. Oh my gosh I am cracking up hahahaha thanks for this post I really enjoyed reading it and these are such good ideas!


  38. I would LOVE a body pillow. Great way to get my snuggle on when my bf is out of town haha

  39. Haha definitely the craziest gift guide I’ve seen so far! I love the toilet night light, would also look great at parties haha

  40. The unicorn slippers are too cute!!!!

  41. First of all LMAO! You are crazy and so are these finds! I actually am proud to say I just recently got my air fryer and now I have it to occupy an otherwise needed space on my counter. But that wearable santa hat flask and toilet bowl nightlight are hilarious! I actually think that flexible tripod would be a great thing to get or give. GREAT POST!

    • THE AIR FRYER IS THE BEST THING EVER! My husband, who is pickier than picky…… And only likes VERY SPECIFIC French Fries… JUST SAID that my French Fries are BETTER THAN IN N OUT BURGER’S !!! UMMMMMMM TALK ABOUT A COMPLIMENT! LOL!

      And um, yes… I know for a fact, I am getting that damn toilet bowl light… How about you? 😉

  42. You are so cute GiGi and your guide is hilarious but have some very nice things.

  43. hahaha, what!?! A memory foam wallet!? :O Such a cost-effective way around butt implants! ;P

    Forreals though, I want those unicorn slippers. Those tea infusers are adorable too!

    • The tea infusers may be my favorite – I want all of them, but I guess I don’t need that many because I only drink one cup at a time -ha! 😉

  44. LOOOOL!!! This is awesome, a gift that puts a smile on someones face is the best kind!

  45. Haha! “uff” I like the sound of that! I definitely end up with some Uff every year!

  46. Please tell me you ACTUALLY have a pillow with your face on it?!?! Haha!

  47. I LOVE my air fryer, and I’ve got to say I really want the moving cat tail!
    Not sure about the pillows with my own face, but maybe some of my art work would be cool? XD

    • LOL! WHEN would you wear the cat tail? I am not going to lie to you – I DID buy it… Not for me though! For my niece!
      AND YES!! Your artwork on pillows and aprons, etc… THAT would be awesome!

  48. Your gift guide = GENIUS
    Haha, I seriously wouldn’t mind it if someone gifted me that head hammock though! I haven’t been getting the best sleep lately and I’ve even been dozing on the train. Really gets to the neck after a while, haha!

    • I WANT THE HEAD HAMMOCK so so so so so so badly – It would have been so useful this year with all the travel I got into… However, watch the second I get one, I barely travel LOL!

  49. Not going to lie, i dig those slippers.

  50. I laughed all the way through this post. So many of these gifts are so perfect. LOVE this!

    • Right?! I mean, I am not going to lie – I find myself wanting at least 7 of these things! And as I wrote in the beginning of this post – I don’t even like stuff!

  51. Are they Unicorn slippers under the chicken at the top GiGi?

    Cause seriously if they are, I NEED THEM. Lynne would love them!

    Ha ha! 😀

  52. Some of this stuff would just go in the trash at my house unless I let the dog tear it up first.

  53. That body hug pillow is hilarious!

  54. Nicole Escat says:

    I can’t help to grin! Some are really weird stuffs hmm hmm HAHA! But I like the solar charger. It would really be helpful.

  55. Love the air fryer! I didn’t know what I was missing. My hub bought another one as backup. UFF

  56. Oh my goodness, I love the arm pillow. I would get the toilet bowl nightlight for my 6-year-old son. Not sure why a memory foam wallet is necessary, but who knows. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • You’re not a man, so… Perhaps you wouldn’t understand because they put their wallets in their back pockets and that’s not always the most comfortable for sitting down 😉

  57. I may have to get the poo emoji plunger for my daughter, that is hilarious. The head hammock looks terrifying and I would probably hang myself on it.

    • No way!!! Do you travel a lot, because if so, it’s a heaven sent! 😉
      And oh man, if you do get the plunger, take a pic and tag me in it!

  58. I just can’t make up my mind! The solar charger perhaps? Maybe the JORD watch or the head hammock (for when we do road trips). Maybe I should just pick all? LOL. Thanks for this list!

  59. This is so hilarious – I think I actually will get one or two things from the list as a gag Christmas present. That Donald Trump pinata is the hit but that Poo Emoji plunger is the best. And err I am a photographer and I drooled over the FlexiTilt!

  60. These are some great gift ideas! I personally loved it!

  61. Oh my word those Unicorn slippers need to be mine LOL! So fun and cute! I love the idea of those Air fryers, so much healthier now that I have to be super-careful what I eat!

  62. There are so many useful gifts listed here. I have had my eye on the air fryer now for some time. Would love to have one!

  63. Gigi. Seriously you are cutest most bonkers funny girl I know!!! I absolutely love it. First off, those unicorn house shoes are friggen adorable. Those can stay. But that garbage can grill is toooooo awesome. If you wanted to get your fave salmon a gift (hint, hint) that might be it =p

  64. Wait.. what’s wrong with unicorn blinking slippers? 😛 Those slippers are just perfect! They keep you warm, and in same time they can serve as defence equipment… you can poke someone’s eye with one sweep of the leg. And they blink blink! 😀 Unicorn slippers are my fav.

  65. You are so fun and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No gifts here except for the grandkids & can’t afford that with 9 of them. PLUS bdays this month & January for hubby, grandkids & others – crazy!

    I will take that Trump Pinata & beat the hell out of it!!!! We are screwed! Sorry -0 I had to! :)

    Happy holidays & Merry Christmas MRS. !!!!!! :)

  66. What a wonderful list. I laughed at a number of them. I think I would want the poo emoji plunger since that is the most fitting.

  67. Hahahaha oh my gosh I need ALL of these things. Especially the Donald Trump piñata and the Santa flask though

  68. I so want that poop 💩 plunger just because…. 😂 Far too much crap is given out at Christmas I’m with you let’s cut it out! Enjoy your travels 😀

    • Ha Ha! Yes! I hate when people just give others STUFF because they feel like they have to. Useful gifts = THE BEST gifts and the only ones I want. So that poop emoji plunger = necessary.

  69. Where do you find these STUFF?! I could use a bottle opener though…come to think of it.

  70. Grats on all that travel! I’ll be paying attention for sure. Especially now that I know you made it through O’Hare.

    I’d go for the avocado and the dinosaur bottle opener. My root beer needs more muscle!

  71. katrina gehman says:

    i love gifts like this. sometimes the stranger the better.

  72. Elizabeth O. says:

    These are all hilarious! I would really like that Solar Charger though, it’s really handy! It’s fun to give people stuff like these! Especially this Christmas!

    • I think that one is VERY handy as well, I mean… Even if it’s not super sunny outside, it would still be able to work to some degree! And it can work on car windows too!

  73. I want that garbage can grill so my neighbors would wonder why our rubbish smells nice

  74. That pillow is seriously cool! Even though I am not single I would totally still love to have one when I am traveling lol

  75. Too funny! Definitely weird!

  76. A really good suggestions!
    Happy Holidays!

  77. I want sooooo many of these gifts. I can’t pick just one but I will…the pillow with you on it because I wouldn’t be your #1 stalker without it. FYI, I plan on retaining my title all throughout 2017 too. Damn right!
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, your Giraffe, and y’alls families :)

    • Ummmmmmm sooooo who did you ask to get you the pillow 😉 tee he he he he!!!

      And um, let me quiz you – where am I going TOMORROW?! If you do not know this then… You are no longer my # one stalker – LOL!

  78. Oh my gosh I actually looooove so many of those things! That poop plunger and toilet seat night light are awesome!

    • The toilet seat night light… I seriously WISH I knew about it before I celebrated XMAS (we did this morning)!!! WOMP WOMP. Guess I will just have to buy it for myself 😉

  79. Oh. My. Gawd. I’m buying Evie that Trump piñata right NOW!

  80. So many amazing ideas here. Seriously, I am going to buy the avocado grower. I think the toilet bowl night light might be a good idea, too. :) Happy holidays. Enjoy your first holiday season as a newlywed.

  81. I assumed the ebook “how to blow it” was about something else….. :)

  82. My dad bought Hillay TP. I died. HAA, your dad would appreciate that I’m sure. I need that body pillow, will give me a nice break from snuggling with my cat. #fakemanbodysnuggles

    • OMG I should just randomly send my dad some of the TP without a return address or letter in it 😉 I am pretty sure he would gladly accept it regardless and get to wiping his ass! LMFAO!!

  83. I totally love so many of these gift ideas. I bet a lot of folks want the Donald Trump Pinata (Ha Ha)
    Thank you for sharing these whimsical gift ideas with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing. Happy 2017!

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