Getting Rid Of Leftovers Is Cake!

If you’re currently playing TETRIS with the leftovers you’ve acquired from your holiday feasts…


Only to LOSE THE GAME… When you realize a few minutes later that the refrigerator door has popped open… Much like the button on your pants after you eat one too many servings of that marshmallow rubbed turkey, sweet potato and pomegranate casserole….

GiGi eats her turkey butternut squash kale muffins

Then you’re going to most likely come knocking on my door and kiss my feet when I reveal my latest recipe to you.

If you do try to kiss my feet, I will make sure to step barefoot in dog shit first! Just kidding….?

gigi-oopsAlthough, let me take that back…

Not the fact that you’re going to praise the ground that I walk on when you see what was concocted this week… But the fact that this is “my” recipe… I do have to give some credit to THE PANCAKE QUEEN, ahem, Natalie over at A Fit Philosophy


I’ve dubbed her the queen of the cakes that look like pans (?) because I swear… Every time I head over to her blog… The breakfast porn is strong. Strong like silver dollars (catch the pun, did ya?) being thrown in your face… Strong! Or maybe that just hurts?


So maybe now you can put two and two together?

What magic happens when a whole bunch of leftovers and a Hotcake (did I just come up with the newest and BEST nickname for Natalie?) come together in the kitchen… Oh yeah, with my bizarre brain thrown into the mix as well… Well, LEFTOVER PANCAKES. Duh.


No, these pancakes are not leftovers from breakfast… I’m talking… Mooshing ALL of your leftovers together and cooking them like you would a pancake. You may think eating horse crap mixed with pork lard and rainbow sprinkles sounds tastier, but really, who doesn’t love ALL the holiday food flavors together in ONE BITE?



Well… Then this recipe is SO NOT FOR YOU. But to all the rest of you: OPEN WIDE!

EVERYTHING in your Fridge Pancakes


For the exact measurements to this recipe… Head on over to KELAPO COCONUT OIL’S BLOG...

  • Butternut Squash
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Green Beans
  • Chestnuts
  • Coconut Flour
  • Eggs
  • Stevia
  • 1 TBS Kelapo Coconut Oil
  • Cranberry sauce, optional

Get rid of those leftovers like this…

  • Throw all the goods in a bowl…
  • Form patties, kind of like burgers
  • Throw the patties into a pan that’s heating on the stove over medium high heat, with a TBS of coconut oil in it.
  • Cook each patty for 5-7 minutes per side.
  • Plate and drizzle with cranberry sauce, or xylitol sweetened maple syrup (because now that the holidays are almost over you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake, RIGHT?)
  • Scarf away!
  • Kiss my feet.


Now what are you going to fill your fridge with?! Maybe some POWER SUPPLY? Wink, wink… Oh that’s it… You can load it up with Wink Frozen Desserts! ha!


  • Do you typically have so many leftovers that you could fill a pool and dive in head first?
  • What’s your favorite leftover to have?
  • How do you use your leftovers?
  • What would you like to leave in 2015?
  • Who here has made some of Natalie’s pancake recipes?!

BY THE WAY… I AM GOING TO BE taking a 2-3 week blog break as I will be traveling to England, Scotland, and maybe even France… Or really, who knows! I may even be headed to the MOON as well… Yep, I found an awesome Groupon deal for a trip to the MOON!…

That being said, there will be no updates on the blog, but that doesn’t mean you cannot say hello to my old posts… And follow my travels on Instagram!


  1. This looks interesting “whatcha got ” recipe, works for me :) I think I’ll go old school GiGi for some vids I do have some favorites. The trip sounds like fun very happy for you and the tiger. Travel safe and leave no food un tested !!

    • Oh you better believe I will be trying ALL THE FOODS… ALL… Even pork, and I don’t eat pork! My life’s book is heading into a new chapter so I am all about even more adventures!! 😉

      I promise to bring 94282347823 more videos in the new year… Perhaps with Captain Tiger 😉 He can produce and film them all fancy pants too, ha ha!

  2. These were SO GOOD and I had such a blast making this video with you! CONGRATS again on your engagement and I’m excited to catch up when you get back from all of your traveling!!! WOOOP WOOOPPPP 2016 looks like it’s going to be an incredible year for you!!!! Thanks again for having me as your co-host :) So fun!

    • We should catch up with sushi and then make these for dessert … Or combine sushi into these?! Okay. That would be…. GROSS. HAHAHA!

  3. We rarely have leftovers 😀 We consume all the things lol. But this is very much the way that I cook–find a use for everything RIGHT NOW

  4. Leftovers are my jam. I’ll make food just to have the leftovers the next day. My favorite is roast beef or corned beef so I can make hash for breakfast. I love hash. Also love the fact you are mega resourceful and used the broken egg. F U broken egg! Yours and Mrs. Claus’s pancake recipe sounds delicious and I’m trying it next time I have leftovers (which will probably be tonight since I’m doing a roast chicken with lots of veggies). Her Fit Philosophy website is awesome too.

    • So funny that you make food specifically for leftovers the next day! I am a part of the CLEAN PLATE CLUB so that NEVER EVER happens for me! 😉

      Happy New Years Karrie!

  5. I do this except in a frittata — the everything but the kitchen sink dish. Or make a fried rice

  6. ummm, I LOVE MY LEFTOVERS. You aren’t kidding when you say EVERYTHING in your fridge…but I’m so down.

  7. I just usually eat my leftovers till they are all gone (am currently on day 5 of roasted chicken and veggies) but darn lady – these leftover hot cakes sound absolutely delicious! And such a fantastic idea! Not to mention all that “mooshing” is a great tension tamer! :)
    In case I am MIA these next couple of days – Happy New Year to you and yours GiGi and congrats on the engagement! xx

    • THANK YOU!!! I figure everyone will be pretty MIA until Jan 4th or 5th!
      But you better be MOOSHING during this holiday time, or else you might angrily lash out at someone because you weren’t able to get your tension out! LOL!

  8. All my favorite things packed in a pancake? Sign me up! Sign me up for that awesome European extravaganza trip too. Congrats on the engagement friend! xoxo

    • Ha Ha! Right?! So much signing up to do! 😉
      And THANK YOU! I am pretty excited and happy and in love and… Well, you get it! LOL!

  9. Genius as usual! We are currently vacationing in Aruba so no leftovers but lots of eating. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Look forward to hearing all about it

    • Oh my…. Don’t call me a genius… My ego might fly through the roof, 😉

      Ohhh Aruba huh?! What kind of food is served there?

  10. I am so bad with leftovers, cause well, I eat everything at once…..hmm. Ok, now that I am at Laura’s, I keep it a little more moderate. So we might throw the leftovers together – especially all the Swiss Cheese I brouhgt! Haha, yummm.
    I am not going to kiss your feet. But I am sendind you a wet kiss to wherever you are.

    • This girl ain’t no leftover girl either – cause there NEVER ARE ANY… HELOOOOO PIGGY! LOL!
      Wait, why won’t you kiss my feet? LOL!!

  11. what a freaking brilliant idea!!!!! Gigi your a genius!!! Congrats on your engagement :)

  12. This is a super creative way to use leftovers!

  13. clever way to use leftovers, but not sure I want all the flavors in a pancake lol

  14. We rarely have leftovers, but I love these “everything but the kitchen sink” type recipes!

  15. GIGI!!!!!

    I keep forgetting to come to your blog now that one of our old link ups ended. I KNEW something was missing in my life, but couldn’t put my finger on it :/ I’m glad I found it again :)

    LOVE this idea and will have to try it out for sure. We’re visiting family for most holidays these days and they’re too far away for us to safely bring much more than cookies home, but definitely like the idea. I already mix my mashed potatoes and peas together.

    Have a wonderful trip to Europe, the moon, and back!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ah! YES! I am glad you finally put your finger on what was missing in your life LOL!

      You need to cook your potato/pea mash into pancake form… And pour gravy over top of them… Savory pancakes lady! :)

      Happy New Year!!

  16. Have so much fun on your European adventure!

    • Thanks Julia! It’s been pretty incredible thus far… Especially because I have a rather studly companion with me! 😉

  17. wow that looks interesting. luckily for me the only left overs i have right now are are turkey, potato casserole and apple pie. turkey & potato casserole go great together but i won’t be adding the apple pie into the mix

    • OMG you should try adding the apple pie! That would be freaking funny… Could taste pretty interesting and dare I say… GOOD?!

  18. Love leftovers so just may make this Jan 01 after my NYE party. Well i am leaving a big thing behind next year: my olg blog name and moving over to a new blog name! Have a awegigantmazing trip! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  19. Holy crap, I hope you have a fun time on your trip, and if you go to the moon (har har), pics or it didn’t happen! 😛

    Leftovers are wonderful! I usually just heat em’ up again and bam! Another meal! Those pancakes sound wonderful though! *-*

  20. I am horrible at leftovers, however I hate wasting. It is a mix between being clever or just tossing out. Have fun on your travels, will for sure be following along via Instagram :)

    • Oh man, I never ever throw them out – I must eat them! ha ha! But honestly, I never ever really have left overs. I would rather fill my stomach up like it’s Thanksgiving all over again then have anything left! 😉

  21. We actually did really good about not having a lot of holiday leftovers this year…except for dessert, which may be good in pancake form. Who knows? lol

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  22. I friggin love leftovers!!!! Everything tastes better & all the flavors get deeper!!!! YES to leftovers!

    I am hoping 2016 looks up! It has been a tough few years! :)

    • I agree x10000 THE FLAVOR totally increases on round two!!! :)
      And I have a feeling 2016 will taste DELICIOUS for you! I am putting it into the universe Jody!

  23. Well, that’s one way to get rid of leftovers! I’m making soup. Bon voyage!

  24. Getting rid of leftovers is cake.. and you MADE A LEFTOVER CAKE?!?! WHAAAAAT?!?! –

  25. Sub something for the eggs but then these pancakes would be on point for me. Brussels sprouts, chestnuts, green beans and cranberry sauce all in one ‘cake? Yess, please. And tell me where you got that sweater from ;).
    What I’d like to NOT leave in 2015: Leftovers. Because you don’t want to eat past years’ leftovers in the new year, right ;)? Unless it’s frozen fruit from don’t-know-when – that never gets old.
    Also, I’m devastated Germany is not on your travel agenda. Not sure we can be friends anymore …

    • Chia seeds or flaxseeds – or just use some water… The coconut flour is dense enough that I feel like they could totally stay together thanks to the stickiness!!

      I wish I were going to Germany, but honestly, I am KINDA ready to go home now, lol!! Currently in Scotland! 😛

  26. Love, Love, LOVE this recipe! Anytime I can use up the ingredients in my fridge I’m happy. These look so delicious. Sometimes I’m more creative than others but some of my best recipes have come from leftovers. Soups, salads, meatloaves – anything that can take some kind of shape on my plate, lol.
    Congrats on your engagement, GiGi – such a good looking couple you guys are!!
    I got photography props for Xmas – they’re fabulous! Happy New Year :)

    • Thank you Robyn!!! Perhaps at the reception…. I will just have some chefs make ALL of the recipes I have created on the blog – LOL!! And let everyone finally taste test EVERYTHING created! 😛

  27. I love your blog and I love those fun photos. I’m famous for making strange concoctions with leftovers that my husband usually won’t eat.

    • Girl, you and are are twins! I am known for making WEIRD STUFF as well, lol! My taste buds LOVE IT but……… Some people think it sounds gross… #closeminded

  28. Great idea!!

    I had leftover sweet potato and squash! I added to that the leftover grilled salmon and shrimp and had a serious feast the next day, lol

    Hope your voyage is tres bon!!

    • I would kill to shovel squash and sweet potatoes in my face LOL!! With grilled salmon but of course! 😉 Wow, your left overs sound like my favorite meal on the face of the planet

  29. First of all, congrats on the engagement. I’m thrilled for you and excited to hear about your plans. Regarding leftovers – I get all proud when we are low on groceries and I can throw a bunch of beans, veggies and vinegars into a bowl and create a salad meal. Happy New Year. xoxo

    • I actually get excited about that too! I love USING the foods I already have… Whether they’re perishable or not! Cleaning out the pantry is the absolute BEST! 😉

      And thank you for the congrats! 😛 Happy New Year!

  30. First of all have a wonderful and safe trip, sounds like so much fun. I usually don’t have many leftover because I don’t cook a lot so we usually have just enough food. As far as the sweets and cakes I usually rampage through the house throwing everything with sugar in the garbage the kids don’t like that very much lol.

    • I never ever know how to cook for “just enough food” because I eat so much that I am never sure there will be enough for others, LOL!! Ridiculous yet true 😉

      Happy New Year! I hope you threw out all the sweets by now!

  31. Have a great time on your travels and congrats again on your engagement!!! It looks like so many exciting things are happening for you right now :)

    Can’t wait to hear all about it when we meet up next 😀

    • This is only the beginning of awesome, FOR ALL OF US!!! I’ll be back on the 12th! :) Lets grub! I misssssssssssss Spitz ha ha!

  32. Hmm, generally not THAT many left overs, but as Dad I am required to finish them off. We eat really healthy so it’s not a dreadful task. I made cochinita pibil again for Christmas so we had a few days worth of extra food. My favorite leftover: probably borscht.

    I got a couple of books: Killing Reagan, The Verdant Passage (DnD book), a handmade painting by my oldest daughter, socks, a buff, and my younger daughter gifted the family with a box of love (hand-colored paper hearts with our names on them).

    Enjoy your trip!

    • Borscht huh?! Never had that before in my life… Perhaps I need to change that. Got a recipe handy?

      • This is the borscht recipe we are using. It’s Ayurvedic.

        2 Medium red beets
        a cub cabbage (green or red) shredded
        1 onion, diced
        2-3 cups water
        Lemon to taste
        Salt to taste
        Avocado (to garnish)

        1. Chop the beets, add beets, cabbage and onion to saucepan.
        2. Cover with water and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer on low 20-30 minutes or until tender.
        3. Puree the soup, add lemon juice and salt to taste. Garnish with avocado slices.

  33. I continue to slack on planning a trip with you, thus you venture without me because my balls are still tucked safely between my legs. I must drop this in the new year. TBH the $1500 medical bill I got this month somewhat opened my eyes to the magic that is spending money…if I have it..I must use it!! What good is growing a bank account if you don’t ever use some of that work!? OK I’m done haha.

    This is my kind of recipe, use up ALL THE FOOD!

    • Britt – I fucking miss you. MISS YOU! We have been disconnected for WAY TOO LONG!! One more week and then your phone is going to blowwwwwwwwww up!

      And 2016 = we will have some epic adventures, I just know it!

  34. Wishing you all the best for 2016 – Happy New Year!


  35. What a unique way to make sure your leftovers get eaten, for sure. We had just the right amount this year, no leftovers in this house.

  36. HA! That’s hilarious! I definitely make some weird combinations, so that’d be right up my alley! 😉

    • YES it would be! You should have seen all the weird faces I got when I told them about this recipe and showed them pictures, lol!

  37. It s food to eat leftover withour wasting them.. Enjoyed ur post

  38. I wanted to do this but my boyfriend refused! He’s one of those weird people who doesn’t want their food touching.

  39. OMG I love leftovers – it’s what holidays were built for but all smushed together might be over the top. I’m willing to give it a go anyway!

    Happy New Year, Lovey!

    • I bet…. YOUR holiday left overs kicked some SERIOUS BUTT on day two. However, I am kind of shocked you had any because your food looks soooooo good!! 😛

  40. Oh have fun! I’m an expat living in England. Let me know if you need any Recs

  41. These actually sound so good! I just made mashed potato pancakes recently so I love the idea of mushing up all the rest of the leftovers in there too, haha. My fav leftover to eat though is any kind of dessert – though I try not to keep those leftovers in the house! 😉

    • Actually huh!? Are you alluding to the fact that my other recipes sound gross? LOL! Jk 😉

      Happy New Year Chrissy! Here’s to hoping those left over desserts are GONE!

  42. I’m intrigued for sure. We have so many leftovers right now that the pancakes would be interesting.. and maybe even GiGi-approved. Maybe.


      Did you ever get around to making some left over pancakes?! 😉

  43. I don’t usually have lots of leftovers. We try and divvy them up between everyone. Fave leftover is stuffing and I usually eat my leftovers as is. I mean, I only had them at one meal, so I don’t need to change it up.
    Have so much fun traveling around! It’s the best. And send me a link to the Moon Groupon. I’d love to join ya! See ya back here in a few weeks :)

    • You could EASILY make a stuffing pancake!! BOOM 😉 We even called these pancakes stuffing pancakes for a hot minute!

      Currently about to board my space shuttle! Wish me luck! 😛

  44. HAHAHAHH! Gigi! What a nice idea for leftovers! I’ll try to do the same with mine!:D
    Have a Happy New Year!

  45. Fun post of what to do with all of the food we always have leftover and on hand! Thanks for sharing!

  46. I’m always looking for ways to use up the leftovers, and these look fabulous!!! I seriously feel a sense of accomplishment when I don’t throw out leftovers and actually USE them. 😉

  47. These are all such great ideas! I always have SO many leftovers!

  48. Definitely we have heaps of leftovers during this period, a time to be really creative in reusing them in different dishes.
    Have a Prosperous and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  49. I have a lot of left overs right now! I will defintely find a way to use them though ♥

  50. I have tons of leftovers after New Years Eve! Why don’t you just pop over and help me do something with these?

  51. These pancakes sound insane!
    I don’t usually have a ton of leftovers these days as I just make enough food that I think will be eaten. But I’m still excited about trying leftover pancakes.
    Have fun traveling GiGi! Can’t wait to hear all about it =)

    • I never have left overs if it’s just me… And honestly, I don’t really have all that many left overs if it’s more than me, because I am the QUEEN of the clean plate club! LOL!!

      Happy New Year Kimmy :)

  52. I totally love making veggie pancakes! They’re awesome, and make a wonderful dinner. Should try them for breakfast, too, sometime. :-) Have a great trip! And bring back some green cheese from the moon!

  53. I admit it, this odd sounding recipe has got me curious! We’ll see what happens now with leftovers at Easter.

    • OMG Easter – that’s the next holiday we have to look forward to, how weird is that! XMAS and NEW YEARS just flew by!!

  54. Gigi! This is awesome! I’ve made zucchini pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, potato pancakes…but why not throw everything together for an extra punch of nutrition!? I’m having a major “duh” moment right now. Great post. :)

  55. Happy New Year lady! Cute Christmas sweater. Since I always travel to the east coast for the holidays, I pretty much never holiday season leftovers at home… but I definitely got some sweet gifts for Christmas this year! My hubby got me a mountain bike that I can’t wait to try out.

    • OMG YES! That sounds completely kick ass!! A little too cold to try out right now perhaps but before you know it… Spring will be here! 😀

  56. Favorite leftover: mashed potatoes. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Favorite gift: A cutting board from MadeLocal that has a slot for my iPad in it. I’m in love with it. And I will definitely be using it to chop up leftovers to make these genius pancakes.

  57. GiGi, your posts crack me up so much! First of all, I love the Tetris comparison to leftovers. That TOTALLY describes our fridge. And second, those pancakes? Yes, please. I will take one ginormous pancake to go please. Also, tacos are great for leftovers, too. Anything can go into a taco!

    • OMG wait… A taco pancake… Do I smell…. Some MEXICAN GENIUS in my kitchen, and yours?! Perhaps! Perhaps… 😛

  58. That is such a great idea, and everyone goes through the same issue, so everyone should do this recipe.

  59. I’m always eyeing up the leftovers in my fridge and trying to think what to do with them. Hadn’t ever thought of turning them into pancakes, but may well do now. I used to make courgette and corn pancakes a while ago.

  60. I hate leftovers. I try to make small servings, just enough for me and my boyfriend, but I love when we have left over sweet potatoes, can throw those babies into anything!

  61. I love the way you wrote this. I don’t normally laugh when reading recipes but this was a treat, and not just the part you eat. Your left over pancakes remind of something they used to make here in Australia in the good old days – bubble and squeak. Cute name isn’t it? Basically it’s your left over pancakes. I seem to remember there was always corn involved in making them. They were super yummy!

    • Bubble and Squeak?! OMG I am in love that that name… ha ha ha!! And I cannot believe that it’s essentially my leftover pancakes, and here I was thinking I was all original and crap! Goes to show that nothing is really original anymore, lol!

      PS: I am so happy you stopped by! I have a new recipe/post coming tomorrow 😀 First of the new year! WOO WOO! Hope to see you again! <3

  62. I’m amazed at how many comments you have. Guess it shows how many leftovers people have! This sounds a fun way to play around in the kitchen. Thank you. #Blog Share Learn

  63. I will not kiss your feet, GiGi, but I will send you a virtual high five for cooking such awesome grub, keeping it healthy, and making me laugh in the process! Thanks! I’ll be back :)

    • Ah ha ha ha! I would never ever ask anyone to kiss my feet…. I mean, they walk around Hollywood all the live long day and who knows what the heck is on the ground over here, LOL! But THANK YOU :) I try to think outside of the box when it comes to cooking, especially since I have so many food intolerances and allergies… Despite them though, I’m always laughing 😀

      Glad to hear you’ll be BACK!! Like the terminator!

  64. This is a really fun way to “package” leftovers for my kids. They get incredibly suspicious whenever leftovers are mentioned but with this recipe – it’s like an extra special treat I whipped up just for them! Thanks for the fun idea!

    • Perfect right?!?!? Mashing all the leftovers together = brand new meal :) And I mean, all kids LOVE pancakes, right? ha ha! Hope they love it!