Worth The Brain Freeze

Remember when Uma Thurman reportedly lost weight for the movie Kill Bill by only stuffing globs of ice cream in her mouth morning, noon, and night?

Yeah, what a nincompoop. 

Now if Uma noshed all day long on Wink Frozen Desserts, I would be giving her a high-five for her efforts because Wink Frozen Desserts are the polar opposite of Ben and Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs and all those other sugary pints of cream…

What exactly is Wink Frozen Desserts? Check out the latest GiGi Eats Groceries episode to find out… You will definitely want to risk brain freeze for this!

If your taste buds are now jonesing for some these SCRUMPTIOUS treats, I have some WONDERFUL NEWS FOR YOU!

If you place and order BEFORE FEBRUARY 28th and use the COUPON CODE: GIGIEATS when you check out… You will get 20% off your order!!! How DELICIOUS IS THAT!

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities (or I guess Groceries today)!

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GiGi Eating Peas


  1. PEEEAS Vote for GiGi :) Online hmm I’ll try it, how do they pack it? Sounds good to curb a craving. :)

    • :) OMG this stuff is amazing!! They pack it in DRY ICE and ship it to your front door. I am obsessed – it’s so sinless too!

  2. Oooh, thanks for the info! Looks great — I’ve been craving ice cream as I go sugar/dairy/wheat/etc free. This could be good!

    • You’re very very welcome! I swear this stuff is amazing :) It’s perfect for ANYONE who loves ice cream yet needs or wants to rid those not so good ingredients from their lives!

  3. But what if I like eating frozen peas! You going to have that stocked up for me too when I land?

    • Ha Ha! I will see what I can do. My current stash is almost gone (sorry, my mouth cannot control itself)… So I very well may need to make an order PRONTO!

  4. How cute are you???? I have to confess, I usually skip over vlogs because I’m ADD, and I can’t make it through a whole one, but you were cracking me up lady! In fact, I’m actually not surprised at all based on the way you write. I have to admit, I’m a litttttle skeptical about this Wink stuff, but you definitely got me interested :)

    • OMG ARI! This comment literally made my day! I am so glad I can keep your ADD self focused, LMFAO! Perhaps it’s because I am so ADD myself?? All those jump cuts help to make you think, “what on earth is going to come next” – LOL!

      But seriously, this stuff is delicious. My friend said it has a sorbet consistency, but it’s good – coming from a person who LOVES HER ICE CREAM – lol! :)

  5. I think I could live on ice cream-like desserts. With toppings, of course.

    • Ha Ha! Well, you could get this stuff and then throw WHATEVER you wanted on top, because at 30 calories per serving, you’re ALLOWED to top it off with calorie laden treats, LOL!! 😉

  6. OMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFGGGGGG So when you first started talking about this stuff, I was like yeah cool…prob not vegan. Then I saw the magic..VEGAN BITCH!! I am so contacting these people STAT!! YUM!! would eat the whole thing..and then another one…AND THEN ANOTHER ONE!! YUMMM!

    • I TOLD YOU!!!!! I am looking out FOR YOU!!! Yes, contact them, do it! It’s seriously BOMB!!! I never knew I would like something that’s VEGAN! WHAT UP!!! We can have movie night and chowwwwww down!!!! 😉

  7. LOLOLLL. You are way too awesome. Love the “touch of peas.”

  8. You have done a wonderful service for all those recently heart-broken folks who look to the standard half-gallon ice cream treatment a night to mend them while they ponder strangling whoever said, “Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all!”

    I really liked all the martial arts in Kill-Bill!

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha! Look at that, I have performed an act of service! Never felt so good about making a kooky video before in my life, LOL!!! :) Your welcome broken hearted folks!!

  9. Haha love the video! You should be Wink’s spokesperson. How did you find out about Wink? This sounds amazing! I totally want to try this, especially cake batter!

    • No kidding right! I would LOVE TO BE! They are pleased with this video, so that’s a good start, lol! 😉 I actually googled wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, nut free desserts because that is what I am… And they popped up! LOL! I really think they need to become more widely known though too considering I feel like everyone had food allergies these days, or they’re just trying to get healthier!

      PS: Cake batter is the best! 😉

  10. Haha. That’s too funny about Uma Thurman. If I could lose weight and feel great eating ice cream all day long, I’d definitely have done that months ago :)

  11. I so want to try! Yes, they should pay you!

    • No kidding right?? If anything they can just pay me in copious amounts of their product 😉

      This is totally a must try!

  12. Cake Batter sounds amazing!

  13. What a GREAT idea! 😉

  14. Seriously, right? Amazing :)

  15. Looks yummy! But they probably don’t ship to Canada; amazing how many companies don’t or charge exorbitant fees for doing so. We’re right next door!

    • How sad :( They barely shirt around the US! Shipping to CA is super expensive, that’s why we need to SPREAD THE WORD… So then we can just go into a grocery store and pick it up! :)

  16. Very cute & funny video! Wink sounds yummy!

  17. I’m totally going to check out Wink! Sounds amazing!

  18. OMG wink sounds amazing!!

  19. Totally sold me on it. It sounds amazing!

    You know I love your videos, super fun.

  20. You are so stinkin’ cute (and funny)! Thanks for sharing a new product- I’ve got lots of friends with allergies who will appreciate this dessert!

    • Aw why thank you! :) Yeah, isn’t this product almost TOO GOOD to be true? LOL! It seriously rocks my life because I do have innumerable food allergies… I was about to make a :) but then I realized, having food allergies isn’t always a good time, lol

  21. Omg you’re awesome. lol

    I want me some WINKS!!!!

    • I WILL WINK at you as much as you want, however, I have a feeling you would rather EAT wink frozen desserts! OMG I just realized, I never WINKED in my video! LOL!

  22. HI Gi GI! Just making it to your site to visit and you are so pretty! I bet your channel will surely keep me entertained and informed. I think that you will for sure end up where you desire & hopefully I will be able to say…she was my blog buddy:) I have never heard of WINK. You make it sound irresistible! I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the post and for killing my eat cheat day for the Superbowl party with your recent post:) Have a great rest of the weekend.

    • Aw thank you Joi!!! 😀 I really hope I do entertain you, I have so many video ideas up my sleeves (even when I am not wearing sleeves, LOL!!!)

      And if you do try WINK let me know what you think! Clearly I am obsessed, AHH HA HA HA! I think I said “OMG” about 20 times in that video 😉

  23. [email protected] says:

    Omg as a vegan I have got to get my hands on this! Sounds like frozen Sunwarrior protein but yummier!

  24. Well that is very interesting. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of pea protein before! (Enjoyed the vlog too!)


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