You should CARROT About This Cake Cookies!

If we had it our way… We would live in UTOPIAA world in which everything is perfect.


Sure, the word PERFECT is a relative term… But in general… I’d hope we’d all want (aside from the above)…

  • For someone to invent a bed that makes itself
  • A mute button for THAT person who just won’t STFU!
  • That “special” someone in your life to offer up his/her back massage “services” and not ask for anything in return
  • Bottles to not be shaped in a way in which you cannot get the entire contents of the [food, lotion, shampoo] out.
  • The Kardashians TO STOP POSTING NAKED PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The person, who cuts the line because they have a “quick question,” to get DONKEY PUNCHED.
  • For several thousand studies to determine that ALL crispity yet moist cookies, luscious, frosting thick cakes, pillowy soft bagels, and the like, to be deemed HEALTH SUPERSTARS!

(THAT list could go on for… DAYS!)


But since… No such la-la land exists… Would you at least settle for: ZOOTOPIA?


Disney PixarUnderstands our qualms and every year or two tries its best to let us escape our realities… With their utter genius.

Their latest gem… ZOOTOPIA


While I am pretty sure you’ve all heard about this movie… Thanks to Disney‘s marketing team being on it like a car bonnet


Just to further ingrain the premise of this movie into ALL of your brains… The animated flick is all about a cute little bunny, named Judy Hopps, joining the police force in the animal metropolis Zootopia and trying to prove that despite her small stature, she can take down a crime of ANY SIZE!


Totally virtually high-fiving Disney Pixar right now… For reminding everyone that short people… Or I guess animals (wait, we are animals…? This just got a little too technical)… Are just as capable as anyone else!


Okay, I will stop blowing smoke up Disney‘s… I’d say ass, but I don’t think Disney has one?

But seriously… Why am I frosting them like one might a carrot cake… I mean, what do I want…? To be hired as a voice actor in one of their next blockbuster hits…



Whoops! The carrot cake cookies I made inspired by the movie Zootopia, went down the wrong pipe… Probably because I was shoveling them in faster than bunnies… Multiply? 



Thankfully I had my FOXY FRIEND Kiyra in the kitchen with me this week to help me HOP ONTO ALL of these sugar, dairy & gluten-free cookies! 

To see how they’re made… Do the Bunny Hop? I wonder if Nick Wilde would think our cookies are good enough to sell (if you saw the movie already, you’ll know what I mean!)

Zootopia Inspired: CARROT CAKE COOKIES 



Carrot about how they’re made…

  1. Preheat your oven to 360 degrees. 
  2. Comine all above ingredients into a bowl and stir together. 
  3. Flatten batter out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  4. Cut bunny shapes with cookie cutters (or try your hand at forming your own bunnies).
  5. Bake your cookies for roughly 10 – 15 minutes. 
  6. Let cool… And HOP ON EM… With your mouth? 


So Tell Me…

  • What sorts of things would YOUR Utopia/”perfect world” include? Do you agree with the list I provided above? 
  • Have you seen the movie Zootopia yet? Thoughts!?
  • Who would you DONKEY PUNCH if you could… Right this very second?
  • Do you think Disney/Pixar should consider using me as a voice actor in an upcoming animated feature?
  • Does your mouth want to marry carrot cake?
  • Raw or cooked cake/cookie batter?



  1. Carrot cake is my fav! Your utopia looks pretty legit. In light of today’s storms, I might add umbrellas that actually work.

    • BAH HA HA HA OMG FOR SERIOUS! I never really have to deal with rain (thank goodness) but when I do… My umbrella is either MIA or a POS. Honestly, I’d rather it be MIA – LOL!

  2. The rabbits in my yard have the perfect life!

    I’ve certainly had a carrot cake or two!

    I definitely think Pixar is missing out not having you on board, not only as a voice actor, but as the model for a new cartoon character! Onesie-woman!

    • Rabbits <--- PLURAL but of course! 😉 AND OMG OMG OMG! ONSIE-WOMAN... Uh............ That should be my SUPERHERO NAME!! Dr. J, you, you are a genius. But we kinda already knew that!

  3. I have been dairy free for a few years now and I miss carrot cake so much! I am so excited to try these out, and just in time for Easter!!

    • Right?! Easter is just around the corner! 😉 So glad I could fill your carrot cake void! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  4. You crack me up. The bunny ears put you over the top. Cookies I might give them a go. Wish someone would make my bed every morning.

    • RIGHT?! I need a professional bed maker? Hmmm I thought I was marry one? LOL jk jk! I would never make him make my bed.

      As for the ears – if you want a pair, I got them at…. WALGREENS – he he he!

  5. fun fact, I never EVER make my bed . . . I find it a useless waste of time. Plus, it looks more inviting unmade . . .the UTOPIA factor here would be kick insomnia, middle age night sweats and the such to actually get a good night’s sleep . . . oh, and the cookies . .. cute! I like the protein powder in there :-)

    • Right?! These are protein packed cookies – so really, you cannot GO WRONG AT ALL…. I think you could sprinkle some valerian root in there too….. And eat them before bed and see what happens 😉

  6. Hahaha…so funny. Love your podcats!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  7. Totally taking my kids to see Zootopia and totally making these carrot cake cookies! YUM!

  8. These look so fun!:)

  9. Valerie Robinson says:

    You are too adorable! I really want to see Zootopia!

    • Aw thank yuo Valerie!! :) Your comment just made my day!! And I cannot wait for you to see Zootopia, I know you’re going to love it!

  10. I really do not like carrots – I avoid them at all costs, except in a really good carrot cake!!! If these cookies are as good as the cake, I’m all for it.

    • It’s funny Claudette – NEITHER DO I! AT ALL… But in this recipe, oh wow… I ADORE THEM! So it’s definitely a must-try… From one carrot hater to the other 😉

  11. In my perfect world, Indian food, nut butters and chocolate would be calorie free! Also, I love a good carrot cake with lots of zucchini and sweetness. YUM!

    • Carrot cake has zucchini in it too??? I MISSED THAT MEMO! ha ha! I need to make Zucchini Cake in the future – YOU SHOULD HELP ME WITH IT! OMG come over and be on an episode will ya?!?!

      • Some of them do, and it’s awesome!! Definitely do it–and I WOULD LOVE to be in an episode YAASSSSS!!!

        • We should DEFINITELY arrange that! We can discuss making a zucchini cake or…. Sushi…. or… I dunno! The world is out oyster!

  12. In Utopia, The Kardashians wouldn’t exist, or they would be made of carrots so that I could chomp their heads off. Like Goldfish.

  13. I love healthy cookies. I love that these are orange without the use of artificial dyes.

  14. This post was so cute! Such a cute idea for Easter!

  15. You always make me laugh, Gigi! And these cookies look great–and healthy!

  16. Ha you two look like you are having to much fun!

    Healthy cookies (and food is general) are way better because….they are better you you…and taste good.

    We haven’t seen Zootopia yet but with the girls we’ll see it sooner rather than later. We’re working through The Hobbit films right now.

    You do know what a Donkey Punch is right? While I might like to brag…..I don’t really think I’m going to go there.


      Yes. I DO know what a Donkey Punch is… I am pretty “in the know” when it comes to THAT KIND OF STUFF because… No, I have not experienced it but… I have a DIRTY DIRTY MIND – LOL! But um… I am giving you the SLOW CLAP over here for…. Donkey Punching in the past – LMFAO!

      • Haha no. Never done anything even remotely close. Not going there, remember? It doesn’t sound like fun for anyone involved really.

        Just what kind of guy am I giving you the impression that I am?

        • BAH HA HA HA HA HA! okay, okay – DONT go there 😉

          The impression I have of you: That’ you’re KINDA (just kinda) AWESOME! ha aha!

          • Ha! You are too kind. I will exhaust myself living up to your expectations (<== Labyrinth movie reference).

            Let's leave this awkward exchange behind us and move forward happily into a future of voice acting and delicious food sans donkey punch. Oh God why did I bring that up? We just agreed to stop talking about it! OK OK maybe she didn’t notice….nope she did …..Oh just walk away. Not too fast.

  17. I’ve never heard of Zootopia, but I’ll be looking into it now. Sounds fun! :)

    • Shut up, seriously?! HA! I cannot believe you’ve never heard of it – but I actually kind of COMMEND YOU for not paying attention to advertising and what not.
      That being said – go see it … NOW 😉

  18. OHMEGAWSH I literally just thought of “A mute button for THAT person who just won’t STFU!” 3 minutes before I read your post! And bet you can guess who I wanna DONKEY PUNCH! GAH! I need to calm down – and for that I need food – like these cookies! After watching Kiyra eat that raw dough like I’d eat chocolate – Im thinking if I broke up with chocolate and married THESE carrot cake bunny cookies, life wouldn’t be so bad!

    • NEVER EVER EVER would I tell you to CALM DOWN… HA! I would be such a hypocrite if I did – LOL!!!! Perhaps I bring the HYPE out of you?!?!?!

      And um… Were you able to find that MUTE BUTTON???

  19. We’ll be seeing Zootopia soon!

    And yes, the Kardashians need to stop being naked. I’m all for free expression and all that, but they take it to a whole new level..

  20. Awesome post! Yes, I’ve heard of Zootopia and planning to go watch it. I like carrot cake but haven’t tried carrot cookies. Would be a nice snack for Easter.

  21. Yummmmm!! I love carrot cake, going to make these pronto!!

    • YES! And the best part is, you can really make them PRONTO, because they’re SOOOO easy and quick to make 😉

  22. Yes, you should be in Zootopia 2! Scarlet and Cassidy saw it over the weekend. We all wanted to see it, but Des had a fever. So maybe next weekend.
    I’m intrigued by your carrot cake cookies. I want about 12.
    I’d donkey punch Trump, I should think.

    • Ugh! :( Well Zootopia is TOTALLY a movie you can see 2x or 3x or 10100010101x – ha ha ha! So… You will see it, I am not too worried 😉

      How’s Des now??

      And UM… I WISH you were in the kitchen with me because you would have helped me EAT ALL THE BATTER – cause seriously. I DID. BAH HA HA HA!!! They’re INSANELY easy to make though, so they will be happening again, NO JOKE!

  23. I adore anything that can be tasty, but made healthy, so these cookies are on my bake list for sure! I’ve been planning to see Zootopia, but adult life has gotten in the way! But I loved your video, and am excited to try these! :)

    • Stupid ADULTING – ALWAYS getting in the way!! 😉
      Make these cookies and then bring them to the movie with you – forget that stale popcorn!

  24. Dear Gigi, what an adorable idea and just in time for Easter. xo, Catherine

    • Right Catherine? I was PRETTY impressed with myself when I came up with this tasty idea – ha ha! :) I hope you enjoy!

  25. The movie is on our to see list! It looks really cute. I love your blog, so much fun! Those cookies sound and look awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Pixar needs you AND all short people!!! I can train them! :) Ellen keeps showing the part with the Sloth & how the rabbit wants tickets to Finding Dory!!!! :)

    Ummmmmmmmmmm, will you bringing those Thursday to ExpoWest????

    I am in agreement with ALL your points above! F*uck her for dissing Bette Midler when she called Kim K out on that naked picture., Honestly, what is wrong with this world! I really despise that whole clan & the K & her stupid husband.. I know it sounds mean but COME ON! It is like this Trump thing – stupid has taken over the world! OK, I sound like an old broad now! :)

    • LMFAO!!!!! YOU SAID IT JODY – YOU SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. Ehhhh what’s up, Doc?! I’ll take a carrot cake cookie stat!

  28. Carrot cake is my absolute fav and I literally can eat it on buckets full…Your Recipe sound snot only Hilarious it sounds Deliciousooooo :)

  29. lol that first photo is TOO ON POINT with what I wish would be…not to mention your desire of wanting bottles shaped in another way. #firstworldproblems
    You and your creativity never cease to amaze me!

    miss ya<33

    • I MISS YOU TOO – let me just start my comment out with that first! I wish you were in LA cause we were TOTALLY be going to the Natural Food Expo together!! 😀 😀 😀

      And right? When I saw that photo I posted up there about “perfect world” I was like UM – MUST POST THIS!!!

      LMFAO – I am glad you are with me on those bottles! SO STUPID! I waste so much GOOD STUFF because I cannot reach it, DAMMIT!!

  30. ooh how cute are those!

  31. omg yes to a bed that makes itself! hehe.

  32. Hah hah! Love your list at the beginning. Especially the Kardashian’s comment! :)

    And these cookies sound perfect! I’m going to be making some SOON! Printing your recipe now…

  33. super cute post and the cookies look delicious! love everything disney!

  34. Well what’s the chance I would be eating a bag of carrots when I opened this ?? I was. Bunny’s !!! I have a little experience with them to :) I’m not a baker but would fry some mini cakes fried up in coconut oil as a side. I like everyone you have on maybe someday you will have a grand reunion cook off with all your guests. This should be a Brittany approved treat for sure. How’s Cpt. Amore’ ?

    • I had a feeling this recipe might “hit home” with you.
      And OMG frying these babies up on the stove would be AMAZING!!! ABSOLUTELY amazing, in fact, I really think I am going to try that out NEXT :)
      And Capt. Amore is A-OK… He helped TARA and I film the video coming next week and he will certainly be one in the very near future! Hope you’re doing well!

  35. I do 100% agree with your list–except for the person that cuts in line to ask a quick question, because sometimes I am that person! Give me some grace, will ya 😉

    I think my #1 would be being able to eat whatever I wanted and however much of it I wanted without getting fat. Yep, that would be awesome.

    And I love carrot cake. Can’t wait to try your recipe.

    • NOT GOING TO LIE – I can be that person too some times, tee he he he! So I guess, I want to donkey-punch myself?

      And I agree with you – eating WHATEVER and not gaining weight or having to worry about whether or not it’s healthy would be pretty awesome!!

  36. These are so cute! I’d love one, eek! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I love the ears!

  37. who knew a cookie recipe could be so much fun.

  38. Cute video! I freakin’ love carrots, especially raw. I drink carrot juice almost every day and my perfect utopia would include carrot juice for everyone 24/7. I would definitely eat half this recipe raw and cook the other half.
    So…I’ve heard of a donkey punch but couldn’t remember what it was, so googled it for specifics. Luckily, lovely Wikipedia was there for me; however, it also referred me to similar acts like “The Pirate” (or The Angry Pirate) and a “Hot Karl”. Just want you to know that I am now severely physiologically damaged and will probably never fully recover. You should send me some carrot cake cookies as a piece offering.
    ps Disney/Pixar would be lucky to have you & need to hire you ASAP….ANNNDDDD I could be your assistant!
    pss I laughed my ass off about The Pirate.

    • And after you cook the other 1/2…. You chow down, right? Cause um, definitely ate this whole recipe with Kiyra, NO JOKE ha ha ha ha ha! Hey, it was a tasty “lunch”??

      BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA HA HA HA AH! I AM THRILLED I used the term DONKEY PUNCH because only a FEW people know what it is/means… Thus I can get away with it. But some of the few smary pants… Decide to scar themselves for life! Tis why I did NOT link to it, ha ha ha ha h ah aha h!

      And when Disney calls me up, because you and I BOTH KNOW that’s on their TO DO list this week… I will definitely go to you first thing for your “services”… NOT A DONKEY PUNCH – LMFAO! OH MAN, I just laughed so hard!

  39. A magical button to make people be quiet would be awesome. I’d use it about a million times a day. Zootopia sounds amazing and I definitely want to watch it!

    • I have a feeling, if you knew me, you’d try and use it on me! LOL!
      Although….. I might come off as loud but… I actually ADORE silence!

  40. I didn’t know there was such a thing as coconut flour! Probably much better for you than traditional flour.
    This recipe looks really good!

  41. Carrot cake cookies count as a veggie, right? This recipe sounds absolutely delicious!

  42. i’d totally want to live in utopia you just described because…i want a mute button sometimes on people..and seriously, they need to figure out the shampoo/lotion/toothpaste situation.

  43. I saw the movie on Saturday and absolutely loved it. Nick Wilde is a definitely a clever fox, haha.

  44. Great post. I’ve heard of carrot cake but not carrot cake cookies. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing :)

  45. I haven’t seen the show yet, but we’ll probably take my little sister to see it soon. I could definitely agree with the idea of a self-making bed in utopia.

  46. Super cute post and those cookies need to seriously hop into my life :-)

  47. Ooooh I’d love a bed that made itself–especially because nothing makes me feel more single than trying to get a clean fitted sheet onto the mattress by myself.
    I also want clothes, sheets and towels to automatically wash themselves.
    And my mouth absolutely would be married to carrot cake!!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA AH!!! Even though I am not single, I still make my bed myself – LOL! It’s almost WORSE having to make a bed that’s been slept in by 2 people cause the sheets always wind up… ON THE FLOOR. BAH HA! Oh that sounds like some kinky fun happens on the nightly 😉

  48. Actually, I choked on a donut once, but I have never choked on a carrot. I guess I am the exception to the rule.

  49. Melissa Bernardo says:

    What a fun post! Those cookies look amazing!

  50. I only like petite carrots & a few at a time. My utopia would include no politics, no debates, no taxes, free college education, no starving people, no homelessness, no welfare, no earthquakes, storms, tornadoes or Tsunamis, and nice clothes.

    • Hey, liking little carrots isn’t a bad thing 😉 So chow down!! And I like your Utopia, I am going to have to agree with you, 100% :)

  51. I haven’t seen Zootoptia yet but my partner really wants to go see it. I love carrot cake (tbf I love any cake!) and these look delicious!

  52. Haven’t seen the movie yet, although it sure sounds like fun. Maybe wait until I can stream it, so I can make these great carrot cookies and munch on them while I watch? That’d definitely be utopia! :-)

  53. These are so cute! Zootopia looks like it’s going to be a really cute movie!

    <a href="http:/"Southern Soul

  54. I saw the trailer on zootopia, can’t wait to watch it! These carrot cake cookies look so fun to make, especially since Easter is coming!

  55. That sounds interesting. I might try it.

  56. Those cookies turned out too cute!

  57. I haven’t seen Zootopia yet, but it looks really cute!

  58. Carrot cake was my wedding cake, and totally my favorite cake. I will absolutely have to try you rec. Went to see Zootopia with my girls this weekend. Loved Mr. Big. You are so funny. keep it up.

    • THANKS LORI and I adored the movie so so much too (obviously) – ha ha! Mr. Big was pretty great, kind knew it was coming though too 😉 Pixar never ever ceases to amaze me!
      And um, your wedding cake sounds PHENOMENAL! I think we are having a cupcake bar at our wedding – ha ha!

  59. This movie looks so so good! I can’t wait to go see it! And carrot cake- yummmm

  60. Will these help me catch the rabbits in my yard, so I can be free to watch Zootopia and not worry about them eating my flowers and driving my dog crazy?

  61. I love this and can’t wait to see the movie! Great recipe, tempted to try veganizing it! Your list is legit, except I’d add an app the makes other people’s phone melt when they’re hogging gym machines on Facebook!

    • Oh veganize the crap out of this recipe, I promise you it is JUST AS GOOD as the egg based recipe! Also… If you veganize it – you definitely DO NOT need to bake it!!!

  62. Alyssiarose says:

    I love carrot cake but I literally never would have thought to make carrot cookies, bet they tasted amazing!

    • Oh they certainly did! 😉 I didn’t feel like making a HUGE CAKE – so cookies it is! You can make all cakes into cookies!

  63. I was planning to take Lynne to see Zootopia.

    I’ll need to go on my own now as it’ll remind me of your video, and I’ll just sit there giggling. And Lynne would then divorce me as she loves Disney. :-)

    You crack me up.

    • Ah ha ha ha ah! You need to simply put duck tape over your mouth 😉

      That could come in handy after you and Lynne see the movie too? BAH AH HA!

  64. These cookies look so cute and delicious. I love the bunny shape, how apropriate. My Utopia would include no calories and a money tree, wait it might die, lets go with endless supply of cash, lol. Take care.

  65. My carrot-cake loving husband wants to thank you from the bottom of his heart for this recipe. Which he expects me to make any day now.

  66. I would ‘donkey punch’ Donald Trump all day long, lol.
    What a great recipe, GiGi! Is there really such thing as flax eggs? lol
    I like the pic, too. Your recipes are always so creative!

  67. I can always rely on you to keep me up to date with animation movies, had not heard of Zootopia yet. Cannot wait for ‘the secret lives of pets’ though. LOVE the bunny cookies, so cute and healthy. Raw cookie batter duh! Heads up you can eat my recipe this week with only 1 modification (I think)!

    • YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF ZOOTOPIA?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! OMFG! HA HA HA HA HA AH AHA! I AM BEYOND SHOCKED! I am slapping Pixar on the wrists right now! lol. And you’re right – me and animated movies = LIKE THIS (I am crossing my fingers, lol).


  68. I cannot wait to see Zootopia. There is a billboard for it on the highway near our house and my son has been asking for weeks when we can finally go see it. Those cookies look yummy!

    • YOU MUST ACQUIESCE and go see this movie with your little boy! :) He and YOU will love it… Pixar caters to ALL ages!

  69. Love your sense of humor and it is exactly what I needed for a good chuckle on a Friday evening. Loving this delicious carrot Easter cookies

  70. I just love your sense of humor and your fun unique recipes. Keep them coming!

  71. I would just love to marry carrot cake!

    Great post, very entertaining. I wish it was acceptable to donkey punch people on the bus who play music out loud on their phones. Why do they do it?! So rude.

    The ears are very cute!

    • OH MY GOODNESS I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!!! That happens so much in NEW ZEALAND MELISSA!!! Um, did we ASK to listen to your music – NO! HEADPHONES EXIST FOR A REASON! Grrrrrrr!!!!

  72. You two are a great team! And your carrot cake cookies are so fun and delicious.
    Have a terrific weekend!

    • I love Kiyra and I cannot wait to make more videos with her 😉 We certainly have fun together – and make tasty treats, he he!

  73. Your post and the little carrot bunnies made my day. Thanks for the fun and good stuff too.
    Bloggers Pit Stop

  74. Gigi…Love your title and laughed hard about your movie review. It’s so healthy to joke. Thanks for brightening my day. Nancy A.

  75. WOW! I love carrot cake and can have it anytime. This is so sooo cute :-)

  76. Hi GiGi,
    You make me laugh and are so talented at coming up with such interesting and funny articles – I always look forward to reading your posts. Carrot cake is my husband favorite cake and I always make him one for his birthday but a carrot cookie might be a better choice and a good idea for Easter. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & twitted!

    • Aw thank you! I don’t know where my “articles” come from – aha ha! One day I suffer from brain farts and the next BAM – Something flies out of my fingers!!!

      And now you can make your hubby carrot cake cookies ALL DAY EVERY DAY! 😀

  77. These bunny cookies are so adorable!! Love the ingredients you used! Can you pretty please hop on over to my house with a basket of these cookies for Easter!!? Pretty pretty pleeeease!!

  78. My utopia would include wine and cookies. Homemade with warm chocolate chips. And some sushi…. but maybe not WITH the cookies.

    I would donkey punch the SHIT out of Trump. WTF?! How is this happening???

    • Homemade warm chocolate chips….. Wouldn’t that just be chocolate sauce? LOL…. Drizzle THAT over sushi instead of eel sauce…. BAH HA HA!

      As for politics – Yeah, I keep my opinions to myself. LOL! The most I will say about it is…. That I would like a rug of his hair?

  79. I think my utopia might be made out of pie filling. I would not punch anyone, but if I had the power to make the few stubborn hairs clinging to Trumps head fall out, I would. My mouth only wants to have a long-term affair with carrot cake. Raw batter or dough: absolutely.

    • What kind of pie filling? I am intrigued!

      • Such a hard question, because I like them all. My utopia would have to have neighborhoods with different fillings: lemon merengue, cherry, blueberry, apple, pumpkin with Cool Whip (would be one of the larger neighborhoods), peach, chocolate cream, strawberry, raisin – yes raisin pie is a thing, coconut cream, bacon and egg, chicken pot, beef pot, custard, key lime – although would I honestly care if it were made with regular limes? No.

        • AH HA HA HA HA! Neighborhoods, that’s too friggin’ funny…. But for serious, you DO need neighborhoods because mashing ALL THAT TOGETHER….. I am not so sure would be a good time! LOL!

  80. Hi GiGi,
    Carrot cake is my absolute favorite cake, so Zootopia Inspired: CARROT CAKE COOKIES are right up there with my favorite cake! Hooray for creating such an easy way to make yummy carrot cake cookies. They are on my “to make soon” list, of course. Thanks for sharing them with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

    • OH THEY ARE TOO GOOD! I finished off the batch today… DEF need to make more! Or do it?! They’re insanely addicting!

  81. I’m laughing so hard right now because I’m reading this while at Disneyland! If you want I can check to see if Disney has one… lol
    Will have to whip some of these up when we get back home!

  82. Great idea for the cookies! I am a big Disney/Pixar fan but have not seen the movie yet. I may have to after this post!

  83. I’m a huge fan of carrot cake and anything flavor like it so hey why not! You were made to be a voice actor in a Disney movie!! I hope they discover you ASAP haha

  84. I will go for the cooked cookie batter, raw is good but not for large consumption

  85. The cookie recipe sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  86. These sound super delicious and are so cute! You did a really good job shaping them!
    I haven’t seen Zootopia yet, it looks fun though – it’s on my list =)
    “Who would you DONKEY PUNCH if you could”
    Donald Trump 😉

    And I think you would make a fab voice actress for a Disney movie!!!!

    • These are actually TOO GOOD – I put the leftovers (yes there was some! THANKS WILLPOWER) in the freezer….. But then they started CALLING TO ME…. So um, yeah, finished those puppies off within like 2 days! 😉


      • Haha. At least they lasted 2 days!!! Good job =)
        Ok, will go see the movie!

        Thanks for sharing this at Healthy Vegan Fridays – I’m featuring your cute little cookies this week. Pinning & sharing!

  87. We loooooooooove carrot cake!! And these are so cute :)

  88. Your Zootopia Carrot Cake Cookies look good enough to nibble so I was immediately attracted to your delectable dessert. Thank you for sharing it with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  89. The little carrot cookies looks incredible. I never had an idea of carrot in cookies. Got engrossed into your writing. Keep rocking dear

    • I had some of this cookie dough left over in my freezer. I microwaved it, and ate the crap out of it, only reminding me of HOW GOOD IT IS! 😀 😀 😀